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How to promote an affiliate link using an image in a Text widget.

I start with an image of the product I want to promote.

The image should be a maximum width of 300 px and it can be any height.

On your website create a new Post. I gave this the title HTML. You can call it anything you like because you're not going to publish it but WordPress behaves better if you have a title.

Add Media and select the image you're going to use. For the Title and Alt Text you can use the name of the product but don't use a caption.

Alignment - Center (it will appear flush left in your widget but this will make more sense in your dummy post).

Link To - Custom URL (insert your Affiliate Link URL or your PrettyLink).

Size - Full size.

Then click 'Insert into post'.

Add your caption text underneath the image. e.g. The product's name. Highlight and 'add link'. Type or paste in the URL then select Open link in a new window/tab. Update.

Click on the image and 'insert link'. Your URL should be there but you'll want to select Open link in a new window/tab. Update.

Center the caption.

Now open the Text tab. Highlight and copy all the HTML.

Next go to your website's Appearance=> Widgets and add a new Text widget in the place you want your ad to appear.

Paste your HTML into the Text widget, give it a title and 'Save'.

Visit your website to make sure that the ad is just what you want and the affiliate links work.

Cool! You now have your own image ad on every page and post in your website.

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LornaAllen Premium
So easy - thanks Marion! ;-)
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You're welcome Lorna.
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Thanks so much. Shirley
MarionBlack Premium
My pleasure to share Shirley.
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Thank you ,so helpful training .
MarionBlack Premium
Always happy to help.
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Great lesson Marion, why didn't I think of that?:)
MarionBlack Premium
More coming in the next few days. :-)
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love it!
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Thanks Marion, really useful training and well presented, I've bookmarked it for future reference.
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Thanks for bookmarking Harry. :-)