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Hello Everyone, My name is Melanie and I'm looking forward to getting started building my first online business. I am a ready to get out





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Any information on social media marketing plugins?

Any information on social media marketing plugins?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Would like to know what plugins others are using and reviews....also I'm not a social media user and would appreciate any basic step by step instructions. I'm not a social medi

It really depends on what your strategy is. If you have a visual site, then Pinterest is the way to go. If you have a "news" site with frequent updates, twitter is better.

My two bits of general advice are these

1. Pick 1-3 social media platforms to focus on. Don't go overboard. It'll waste time and energy.
2. A plugin is not a social media solution. You still have to actively engage. "Auto sharing" and other automated systems look great, but still need a human element to make a social media strategy effective.

Hello there,
I only share on social media 3 ways:

1) I'll post new posts to my own (as in I own them) groups and my timelines.

2) I'll refer to my posts when replying to someone's questions or comments in other groups. (i.e. If someone asks what they should do first before flying their drone, I'll respond with, make sure you read the manual first and check out this link for more first steps... and then I'll post the link to my what you should do first post).

3) I have a plugin that will allow my visitors to share my posts to their timelines and groups if they so choose.

I hope this helps you.

What's the point of the fb share button?

What's the point of the fb share button?

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WA Affiliate Program

Bootcamp training suggests sharing WA content. However, when you use the FB like button to share content on FB it gives a FB error. FB thinks I have malware and locks me out

Thanks for share guys I was thing it was just me.

Hi Melanie,

In the first couple lessons Kyle said to share WA in 3 different places. I was concerned about getting locked out for spam, so I reached out to Kyle and shared my concern with him. He informed me that we don't need to do that step. He told me to skip on.

He also said we can share it to Facebook, but, a lot of people have "spammed" WA just about everywhere so it ruins it for others.

He usually just leverages Facebook with anything he wants to share and adds it directly to his status update with support text.

He is actually going to be stripping that step out with an upcoming update.


Thanks for sharing Josh.

The point about others 'spamming' WA all over fb is true as well, and I have posted sparingly (if I do, due to the massive malware warning that pops up deterring anyone's initial interest) to avoid being that "spammer".

Glad Kyle plans to remove the step.


Hi! Thanks for sharing Josh! It's good to know!

Hi Josh,

Thanks for the information however I need a little clarification as social media is definitely not my strong suit so can you tell me exactly how I am supposed to share it on FB.

I created a new FB account just for my website....as I didn't want it mixed in with my personal account. I have tried to share in two different ways and was locked out with both attempts.

1) Hit the like button at the top of a page here in WA
2) Created a blog on my website and posted it on my FB

Both ways gave me the same result....Spam Notice locked out!

So what are my other options?


Thanks for sharing that Melanie, because it happen to me.

Hello James, Appreciate you leaving a comment so Kyle and Carson can at least see if there is anyway around it. I wish you luck here and I'm now following you.


Melanie, I thank you for your comment, when it happens to someone else, that is one thing, but when it happens to you, it can be quite another. I had to say something, but you gave me the voice.
Thank you again...

FaceBook and Twitter want to get paid for businesses advertising. When a lot of people are posting on their timelines for an online business opportunity FaceBook & Twitter will start blocking the post considering it SPAM. When you find ways to post it anyway, that is how you get put in FaceBook jail (Locked out of your account).

I recommend

1. Set up a FaceBook business page.
2. Post WA content as the training shows us to your blog post. (useful information.is always a great asset to FaceBook & Twitter).
3. Then share that blog post on your FaceBook business page..
4. invite your FaceBook friends to you business page.

Think about it, only you are posting your blog URL, as opposed to everybody posting a Wealthy Affiliate link.

If you have the budget you can run a campaign to build up you likes, by getting you page shown in the news feeds.
You can boost a post for as little as $5.00.

FaceBook makes changes all the time. Perhaps things have changed since the training about sharing was published.

Hope this is helpful.

Hello Cassandra,

Thank you for your comment and yes I agree with all you've said and the intention with this is to let Kyle and Carson know there is an issue with the like button so we can get it taken care of otherwise it's kind of useless and just creates issues. Maybe the training needs to be updated in some way. I see you're new to the community I wish you great success and welcome!


Thanks for the warm welcome. I just love the WA community. This community platform is a dynamic platform. We all get to grow together. Thank you for starting this conversation. I agree that it will let Kyle & Carson know the need for updating that area of training. I wish you continued success, as well. I am tickled pink to have found you and all the WA like-minded entrepreneurs to interact with.

Hi Melanie! Thank you for sharing! It happened the same to me! But I've found a way to share it on FB. But till now I couldn't share it in Twitter. Do you know how to share a linked image on Twitter? Thanks

Here are 5 ways to do it :


Hope that helps ! Nancy

Hi Alex,

Sorry I have not done anything with Twitter yet as I have a very old account that I never use. I'm not much into social media so just taking one at a time. I'm sure someone within the community will be able to assist you if you haven't worked through it yet. I appreciate you leaving your comments here and Welcome to WA. I'm now following you and wish you the best of luck!


Hi Melanie! Thank you for your answer. I'm going to ask to the community. And thank you for the follow!

Hi Nancy! Thank you for the link! I'm going to try it right away! thank you!

Hey everyone I had the same problem I had to get on a pc or laptop and I had to do some security stuff

Hi Tim thanks for sharing. What security issues did you have to do? Select pics etc?

Yes because if your on your phone Facebook reads you as a robot device and to get beyond that you have to answer the security questions

Ok thanks Tim but at least in my case this is occurring from a laptop not a phone.

I'm having the same exact issue when I tried to like a post on here for it to appear on my facebook. I hope this issue is resolved soon.

Thanks I hope you can at least get the work around I suggested to work. However, I'm very hesitant to like any other content to FB

Thank you. If I understood everything, the cleanup should still be running but I was given a login button option. Facebook says they will notify me once the cleanup is done. So, I used my affiliate link for one of the videos that Kyle recommended and again FB found it to be an unsafe link. I was asked to choose pictures of lions and when I did, my post was published and the link works. Only thing is, there are no pictures. I had no idea what to say to draw anybody to the link, so I typed "success is having the answers to the right questions #wealthcreation #timefreedom. .........HOPEFULLY some people get curious as to what I'm talking about and click :) Maybe, eventually, facebook won't be happy with me posting the wealthaffiliate link. But I'm not much of an FB fan anyway so meh. I'm taking the risk.

I think FB has hidden the post. I've shared another post and saw it on my timeline but not the one on wealthyaffiliate. That's just on my homepage. So it didn't work :(

Thanks for re-posting Jean! I've decided not to attempt to like anything else until we can see if this can get resolved.

I've been here a bit and I'm encountering problems sharing my post at Facebook and Google+. With the help of this community, I was able to solve my problems. Just be patient and take a small step at a time.

Thank you very much I have to be honest I'm a little afraid to try and share anything else to FB. I'm moving on to the next training so hopefully this one will be a little smoother!

Thank you for your calm words, it helps..

It is not necessarily WA that is having the glitches. Usually it is the plugin you are using or the theme you are using that have the glitches. Facebook is famous for having issues like you have pointed out. I have only been here for a month and I have not had any issues with the facebook share option, get rid of the like button. I had issues with it so I removed it and replaced it with the share button, which to me is better than just liking anyway.

You have to be careful which plugins you are using for options like that because not all of them work properly, they are not maintained by WA they are built by other companies.

I know it can be frustrating and my advice is to take a break, step back, take a deep breath, and come back to it.

We are all here if you ever need assistance and can help with just about anything you come across.

As far as not being able to work on your content, that is what you should be focusing on, not the little extra things to have on your site. Work on your content and worry about the facebook and other little things later.

If you need anything just ask, I am always willing to help.

Thanks Kristena, I do understand that all the glitches are not necessarily with WA as you know I had an issue with gravatar yesterday in which you helped me with.....again THANK YOU for that!

Unfortunately, I was completely frustrated with that issue and was not in the frame of mind to write content at that point. So I thought at the very least I would just like an article or two to FB only to run into the FB issue. So spent another hour or so on figuring out a temporary work around on that. So I'm sure you can see what spurred this question/comment.

Appreciate your help and comment!

Oops forgot to mention I have not added any plugins to my site that Kyle has not directed me to through training.

I completely understand. I currently have an issue that I am struggling with myself.

Well Kristena I assume you are farther along than I am so I will likely not be able to help you....but if you get it resolved hopefully you'll be able to share the fix. :-)

Good luck!

Yea I can't seem to find anyone that can help me with this fix. I am even searching on google and it isn't giving me an answer either. Not sure I am ever going to figure it out. My issue has to do with search console's structured data giving me an error missing:fn and no one seems to know the answer to this one.

Unfortunately, as I figured that's beyond my skill set Kristena. I hope you're able to get some help on this!

Thank you Kristena, I am going to take your advice.

You are very welcome. You ever need any help just ask. I am always willing to help if I can.

That is good to know, thanks again! I will just wait and when the scan is complete, go from there.

Hello Melanie. The like button of Facebook is just to 'like' the page you are on, not to share it. That is the 'share' button. I would love to help you out, that is what I am here for. I have had many glitches already and the clue is to ask questions at the time you are experiencing problems. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to be and the trainings are awesome. Facebook can act up sometimes, believe me I have experienced the same.

Please let me know which are the problems you are facing right now, at this very time. Then we can try and solve them together, what about that. Just let me know and I will look at it with you. You are always more than welcome to get in touch with me. Anytime. I would love to hear from you.

Hello Nancy, Thank you for reaching out and of course I will accept any help you can offer....which is why I do love this community.

One thing though regarding the FB button I watched the video where Kyle explains the like button and as soon as I was done with the video I did it exactly the way he demonstrated. Maybe I didn't explain it correctly in my question or the training I watched is just too old and doesn't apply anymore....I don't know. After doing some research in google I was able to access my FB account temporarily by using "inprivate browsing" but again it's just another work around.

At this time after spending my entire week fixing most of my issues I haven't had a chance to move on to the next training lesson. So at this time I only have one issue remaining. My site has a tagline that shows when I'm logged into it but does not show up publicly and although it's not a huge issue it's something I would like, but I've had it since I started my site and no one has been able to help me get it resolved.

Appreciate your comment and offer to help!

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Frustrated.can someone help me please?

Frustrated.can someone help me please?

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Website Development & Programming

Hello Everyone,

I'm a little frustrated right now I’m trying to do what I would think would be a very easy task but I’ve run into multiple stumbling blocks.<

Thank you RaeAnne that was definitely a challenge.

I'm glad you received your answer!

Wow! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! That worked! I was like how in the world such a simple thing could take me days to figure out!

A lot of us have come across this problem. Here is the solution and if you read all the way to the bottom you will see another problem you might come across that I did and the solution.

Image on post incorrectly display, can anyone help?

Image on post incorrectly display, can anyone help?

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Everything Wordpress

I am asking a follow up question please see the following link.


Just left you another comment.

I think this might be about featured image or something similar dependent on the theme you are using. So go to editor and on the right below see which image is featured image. Remove existing and add new.

Thank you I've tried that and it does not work.

The image which appears in blog roll is defined somewhere in your theme, try to find where, I believe this is the answer. It is showing what is set up earlier.

I'm looking for it....not having much luck. I'll continue to search for it. I'm not sure if it's because my blog roll is not set up to be the front page. Since I'm new and I don't have active posts until this weekend I have it set up so my about me page comes up first. And now not really sure how to change it back but that's a task for another day I'm trying to stay on task.....lol

Would you mind taking a look at my site and provide any feedback? www.livelearnandearn.com


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