It's Done And Dusted! I Eliminated Windows 7!

Last Update: July 13, 2019

Goodbye Windows 7 - Old Friend

After reading Dave Hayes post on resizing his screen in Windows 10 I had a mild panic attack. You see, I have used windows 10 before, on my PC with disastrous effects. It was so unpleasant, I removed it and went back to windows 7. Awesome system.

So Microsoft has decided to pull the plug on Windows 7 soon and I would have to change up in any case ( if change up is the correct term), so it has been bugging me since his article. Thanks Dave!

I decided to put aside my panned tasks for the entire Saturday ( because I knew it was going to take that long) and decided to tackle the installation of Windows 10 on my Laptop (My PC had an argument with our power supplier and received a huge spike and died!). I expected all sorts of issues such as Incorrect drivers, programs not working etc. and a long day trying to get everything sorted.

Well, it’s now 11:30 in the good old RSA and I am pleased to report that the entire process is complete. I started at 08:00, placed the obnoxious disc in my laptop and hit "SETUP".

My understanding wife patiently left the room, brought a never-ending supply of refreshments and kept VERY quiet. She has been through this before! I sat and waited for the inevitable blue screen and error messages in trepidation.

Well, after a hour I just knew something had to be wrong because I hadn't had to even push a button yet. there just had to be something wrong. It did not even have to download updates for 2 hours after it installed. This was never going to work.

Well, I am presently writing this blog on my old Windows 7 laptop that now runs awesomely well on Windows 10. well, it's been all of an hour now and everything I have tried works. Well, one thing has died. My grandson's Favourite game. Empire earth. I can just not revive it on Windows 10. That is going to take some explaining next week.

So, all of you out there that are anxiously avoiding the dreaded upgrade. It went well for me and I hope it goes well for you.

Now I will have to go and help my other half with the chores as she has now seen that everything is working, by my smile!

Good luck to you all and All the best to those still needing to upgrade!

PS. While writing the last paragraph, guess what? Windows needed an upgrade. I thought it would be cool give feedback from it so I saved and did the upgrade. It did take over and hour bur it went absolutely smoothly so far.

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firstlearn Premium
Personally, I prefer XP to all of them including 10.

bryanb007 Premium
It took me a while to upgrade to 7. Just shows our age....I mean our experience.
jeffschuman Premium
Congratulations Bryan, on everything except having to go up and help your wife do chores :-)
bryanb007 Premium
Thanks, Jeff, Luckily, she's a perfectionist and doesn't like how I do thigs, so I just get to look after my stuff' Good Planning helps:-)
Dave07 Premium
RIP Windows 7. Still the best version ever 🙁
bryanb007 Premium
Hey Dave, I am really sad to see it go.
MelWaller Premium Plus
I'll reluctantly get WIN 10 when I buy a new laptop early next year.


bryanb007 Premium
Hi Mel, When your machine is designed for and preinstalled with the product, it generally works well. I find that most issued come when you upgrade! Hope your laptop runs well.
CallMeNick Premium
Ah yeah I know all too well the demeanors of using Windows 10.
I realized through the years that it isn't always a good idea to update, so you need to block that functionality. Because if you find the right version that works out nicely with no prob, just stick to it.
Good post, have a great day.
bryanb007 Premium
Hi Nick, Yes, I get apprehensive when Windows wants to update. I am also cautious about not keeping windows up to date. It is a risk you take.