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Hi my name is Beatriz and I'm ready to learn and do!! looking forward to interact and help each other in this journey to create





How can I see my webpage trafic?

How can I see my webpage trafic?

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Website Development & Programming

Hi fellow WA I have one webpage with some post on it, and I wondering how can I see my performance so far. can anyone advise please?

I won't go into installing Google Analytics, as it's already been covered in other replies.

But once you've done that, search for a WP plugin called Monster Insights.

It connects to Google Analytics and allows you to see your traffic in your WP back office, which is much more convenient than having to switch to GA itself.

It shows you a graph of traffic day by day, which pages are being visited, geographic source, bounce rate and so on.

And it's free!

Looks like Zed to the rescue below. (As usual).

Much success to you in 2019!


There is also a Stats Counter but you have to pay for that after a 14 day trial. So as the other person said set up a Google Analytics Account which is free.

You'll need to setup Google Analytics. If you haven't gotten to that part in the training just keep going. You'll get there.

Thank You I guess I just need to continue learning and as you said I'll get there thanks so much :-)

You have to get to grips with Google analytics it's really important to understand where people are arriving and leaving.

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As a new affiliate do you recomend me to start promoting wa?

As a new affiliate do you recomend me to start promoting wa?

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WA Affiliate Program

Hi is anyone as new member start promoting WA right away? or wait until you are more familiar with the system? also could anyone share their results please Thank You.

I think becoming more familiar with WA before promoting it, and having success with the WA learning platform will allow you to promote WA more ethically, and with passion.

For me, it is hard to promote something I don't believe in or have not had success with.

Just my two cents worth!

Thank You for your feedback!!

I recommend you start by choosing your own niche first and completing the Get Started Here Certification Course - 5 modules.

I agree with (boomergp08) - Robert's - take on this. It might help you to read his post: You can find Success Stories under the Success Tab in the activity dashboard.


Hey Beatriz, if you're new to affiliate marketing, I would suggest you complete the Certification Courses first. Then you can start thinking about your niche and what to promote ;)

Probably not the answer you were looking for...but the courses are really important and will give you the big picture as well as a step by step plan ;)

Thanks so much !!ok I will continue with the training !!.. I would love to fly but first I need to walk :-)

Hi Beatriz,

I would also suggest you to start with the certification course - it is a great way to build a good foundation. And if you at some point want to promote WA it is also easier, if you have more experience with it yourself.

All the best,

You know - it really depends... if you have a STRONG desire that you can create a NICHE around - then I would really suggest that you go the Green Course route. If you are still not sure, you can't go wrong with your Affiliate Bootcamp.

Thank You I will

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