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Google Analytics is the most powerful website analytics tool out there (and it is free). In this video I will walk you through the entire set-up process, from the initial account set-up.

To set up Google Analytics, you simply need a Google Account. You can either use an existing gmail or Google + account and connect your analytics to that (easiest) or you can create a brand new Google account within the set-up.

Here is the link to Google Analytics:

Once you have the account set-up, you will be adding the provided "code" to your websites header.php file which is found under Appearance => Editor inside of your WP-Admin area.

If you have any questions about the set-up process, please leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.
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KachinaB Premium
I actually had to add my tracking number in my All in One SEO. I did not see the "header" tab in my editor section of my website. I didn't want to break my website so I tried another method. This one works just as well. I wanted to share that to everyone who may have seen something different. Check out the link below for more info
Gerlinde Premium
You are right! I prefer this option as well! Otherwise with every theme update you have to do it again...
Thanks for the link!
WAwannab Premium
It seems okay, however, I don't see a #1 even after going on my site. I did have analytics before getting to this lesson and with the help from Jays training, I am now better able to see and understand the traffic. According to what I am seeing on Analytics, it seems to be working correctly, though.
Thanks Kyle!
Lilika84 Premium
Thanks, Kyle.
I installed this a few weeks ago; it was a bit different process (as I remember I haven't added code in the WP editor)
Anyways, wanted to ask if it is a mistake to have it installed again (this time I added the code as per your training).
Now I have two accounts for one site.
Is that ok?

Thanks you :)
MNorton Premium
Hi Kyle,
I'm so excited!! I installed Google analytics to my site, tested it and it works!! I was so nervous, when I was getting it done, but I did it!! My face hurts from smiling so much. This is the first time I have ever done something so technical before on my computer. I'm so happy, I had to stop and do my "happy dance"...Lol!!!
Have a good day.
CateR Premium
This video: you add some code that contains a "Tracking ID" to the header.php

The one below: ... you add some (different) alphanumeric to the Google Verification in the SEO

Do they both do the same thing?
Should I insert both?
Juneyo Premium
The one using the All In One SEO you just have to copy the tracking ID number. Whereas this one is the manual way which you’ve to include the script code and the tracking id as well.

Yes, they both do the same thing. So, just choose one.
CateR Premium
Okay - something odd there...
"The one using the All In One SEO you just have to copy the tracking ID number."

The Tracking ID is not the same number as the "google site verification" that Marion shows us to paste into the SEO Google Verification spot.

2 different alpha-numerics.
Juneyo Premium
Pardon me for my ignorance. I just realized you’re talking about 2 different things. I thought the All In One SEO link is talking about verifying Google Analytics with AIO SEO until I click on it.

The answer is yes, you have to do both because they are 2 different platforms. This video is about verifying your GA manually whereas Marion’s video is about verifying Google Webmaster Tools using AIO SEO

Do the GA verification first and then GWT verification.
CateR Premium
Oh cheers! You are a star.
(I really had no idea WHAT I was taking about!)

May I ask you another one?
Kyle shows us in his video - put the tracking code in header.php under <head> and above php..... mine don't look like that....

In mine, php is right at the top of the page and <head> has some other stuff under it.

So... do I put it "above php" or .... under <head>?
Juneyo Premium
You should put under <head>. Don’t worry about the stuff under it. Put your cursor at the end of > and click enter once and paste the code.

There is the easiest method using the AIO SEO. Here’s the tutorial.
CateR Premium
Hi Juneyo,
I put in the Tracker ID and the verification code....into the SEO.
But verification fails when I press "Verify" in Google.
CateR Premium
Nevermind question below - I got it to verify!
Thanx for your help! :-))