Joined the 10K Per Month Club. January Earnings $13,481.39


One of my last posts sharing income was in October of 2016. You can see that here:

It was a post about how much your website/business can change in a year. At that time I'd went from an income of $300 to about $4,000 a month in a year.

Now it's the end of January 2018 (I know it's been a few months over a year) and I wanted to share my progress and how much your traffic and income can change if you work your ass off in for one year!

Starting in November 2017 I've been making over $10,000 a month and in January I had my highest month ever: $13,481.39

You can see the breakdown of my income here:

There are affiliate links all over that page. If you'd like to promote a site just Google it and find it yourself.

If you're in the "make money online" niche you should be able to find some new companies, sites, apps to promote or at least review.

Hopefully this inspires you to keep going. If you follow the training, work hard, and give it time to work you will make money and if you continue to work hard you can grow a huge monthly passive income!

Feel free to ask questions about sites on the page if you'd like to learn how I promote them!

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Hi Brok,

Thanks for your update!! This is great to see and love that you are continuing your journey. For awhile, I was wondering what's going on with you and now I know. :)

I appreciate the details on your site and find it fascinating your results! May I ask how much traffic you get a month these days to get those numbers?

I can't imagine earning that much in Swagbucks! I've only made 723 swagbucks from my referrals there so far which is only $7.23 which I don't even count! Lol

Looks like I have a ways to go for 5 figures but so happy for you!!

Thanks for sharing your stats with us,

Hey Grace,

Average traffic for the month was around 6,000 a day. But unfortunately, 3 out of 5 of my top posts are sites/jobs that don't have an affiliate program. Meaning that I need to get readers the info they're looking for but really need to send them to a "money making" page after to really earn much.

Last month I was able to make over $10,000 with around 5,100 visitors a day.

I'd say you can 100% make more than what I am with that amount of traffic if your main pages bringing in traffic are "money making" pages.

Hope this helps,


Also in regards to Swagbucks. I don't use the referral program. I used to use Panthera Network to promote Swagbucks where you earn around $3.25 per email confirmation.

I now work with Swagbucks directly and have a similar compensation plan.

As long as you have some traffic you should be able to get approved for Panthera Network and promote swagbucks and other similar sites. I've found the CPA offer to be much more lucrative than the basic earn 10% of your referrals earnings.


Thanks so much Brok for your replies! Wow that's a lot of traffic you have!! I knew you would have a lot but that's A LOT! Lol

I'm only hovering 500-600 visits/day, can't wait til my traffic is that much.

I really appreciate you telling me about the Panthera Network, I knew there must be another way, now I'll make way more with it. I use Maxbounty for Fusion Cash but sounds like Swagbucks will be more lucrative for me.

MaxBounty will most likely have a Swagbucks offer too that's around the same payout. I just checked Panthera and they've changed the payouts since I worked with them. $1.20 for mobile and $3.60 for desktop sign ups

I will check what I have for MaxBounty then, no idea why I didn't check that earlier.

How much content do you publish a week or month?

I've went through several different schedules since I started.

At one time I was just publishing once a week. I've done spurts where I published 5 times a week for a few months.

Last year, my most consistent year, I did 3 posts a week all year long.

In 2018 I've hired a writer and have published 5 times a week and plan on continuing that the rest of the year.

That's great Brok, good to know. :)

MaxBounty had the same Swagbucks payout for desktop and mobile so that's cool, I updated my links... gosh, how much money I gave up already! Better late than never. Lol

How about Dosh app, is that through a network too?

Good deal!

Dosh is not through a network. You can just join the app and get a referral link inside it.

Currently offering $10 per referral instead of $5

Sounds great, thanks Brok for all your help! Ahh, MaxBounty only allows 25/day for Swagbucks, I guess I'll use Panthera if that doesn't have a limit and I can actually hit the limit at MB. I may bug you more later. :)

Hmm ya Panthera has monthly caps and the last few days of the month they might end an offer because they've hit the monthly limit but no daily limits that I've ever seen.

And that's fine just send me a PM

Congrats to you. I hope one day to be in this club. Thanks for sharing your progress.

Do you think thats applicable to any niche?

100% applying what is taught here works in any niche. Once you earn your first dollar it's just about scaling. More content, more traffic, and more income.

What niche are you currently in?

Mine is a little odd but I'm in the Home Theater niche

You put the Damn into Damn! Good for you man, keep it up, don't settle for 5 digits a month push big for the big 6!! You definitely help light my fire!!

Awesome news, Brok, congrats!! :)

Congratulations, this is very inspiring for me to keep working on my sites! Thanks for sharing a very happy success!

That is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing this.


Impressive and inspiring! I'm honored to be under your wings. Keep up the good work.


Thanks for reading, Esther!

Feel free to reach out to me via PM if you have any questions, just like you did earlier today!



I am just a few years behind you...better watch your back lol.

Thank you, Kevin!

Keep working like you are and you'll see some great results and always up for some more competition!

Send me a PM if you need any help!


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