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By now most of you have probably heard about the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal. If not it's a yearly membership for $299 and I encourage you to read Kyle's post about the deal and great bonuses here: honor of the Black Friday yearly deal, I've decided to put together a post to show you how much things can change in a year when it comes to your online business.My Yearly ResultsFirst a bit of back story. I joined WA in Novemb
One of my last posts sharing income was in October of 2016. You can see that here: was a post about how much your website/business can change in a year. At that time I'd went from an income of $300 to about $4,000 a month in a year. Now it's the end of January 2018 (I know it's been a few months over a year) and I wanted to share my progress and how much your traffic and income can change if you work your ass off in for one year!Starting in November 2017 I've
Hey everyone, I'm looking to update my Wealthy Affiliate review with some testimonials and am in need of your help. If you don't mind taking a few minutes to visit the link below and leave a brief testimonial for Wealthy Affiliate. sure to put your website URL and that will be included in the testimonial!Thanks for anyone that helps in advanced!Brok
Hey Everyone, If we haven't connect here yet, my name is Brok and I run a few "Make Money Online" niche blogs with my main one being fulltimejobfromhome.comI started my site a few years back and have grown to the point of bringing on contributors (paid writers with byline and link.) I've already hired a few outside contributors and VAs to help me with my business, but wanted to reach out to the WA community because I'm looking for high quality writers that understand the process of making money
I recently had a referral ask, "is it even worth choosing this niche because there're so many HUGE websites in the niche?"And the answer I gave was simple. It's still 100% pursuing if it's something you're passionate about. I went on to talk about low hanging fruit keywords and how you don't have to target the huge traffic topics that the "big guys" target to get traffic and make money. For someone starting out if you follow the training here at WA exactly you'll find keywords that the big guys
Hey WA members. Last year I took advantage of the Black Friday yearly sale for $299 so I thought I'd share some results and inspire you how much can change in just one year with one small investment. TrafficLast year around this time I was receiving around 500 visitors a day, which I was extremely proud about. But just take a look at the screenshot below and see the difference one year can make: In just one year my website has went from 500 visitors a day to over 3,000 on most days!IncomeI'll b
October 01, 2016
Wow, it's been over a year since I've wrote a blog post here at WA, so let me first apologize for that. In the middle of 2016 I started to share my monthly income reports on my website, but didn't even think about sharing in the WA community. So today I'd like to share a link to all of my Income Reports and my Septembers Income Report of $4,116.62. I hope this helps all of you stay motivated and keep at it. Just four months ago my site was making around $1,000 a month, and had been stuck there
So by now you all probably know about the comment system here at WA. Just like most of you I follow what WA teaches very closely and usually apply anything I learn right away. Once I learned about the comment system I gave it a try and started getting comments on my last few weeks of posts. I don't usually receive comments on most of my posts so what I'm about to show you must have something to do with the extra comments I've been getting since the release of the comment system. Here are a few e
Hey WA community,Some of you may remember my last blog post that talked about telling companies that you're writing reviews about them. If not you can check it out here: I wrote a list post on 9 sites that pay you to shop, which you can see here: posting I went on Twitter and reached out to all of the companies, just letting know that they had been mentioned. You can see an ex
Hey WA, I just wanted to let you know of something I've been doing lately that is a good habit to get into. If you don't know I'm in the "make money online" niche and review those type of sites and products. I recently began reaching out to companies that I write positive reviews of on social media. Basically what I've seen is positive feedback from the company plus a share or re tweet of my link. From looking at Analytics I've received some visits to my site, some more followers & page lik