Here Lies SiteComments! May It Rest In Peace!

Last Update: Aug 14, 2018

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SiteComments Is Not Yet Dead. But, It Is Experiencing Death Throes.

And, I, for one, am sad – very sad.

SiteComments was a good friend – offering a reliable and trustworthy way to give and receive comments for our pages and posts.

SiteComments didn’t ask for much. Just provide two worthy comments to someone else – and, receive one comment in return. A perfect “pay it forward” attitude.

SiteComments was not just a fair weather friend – but, one who would be there – for you – through thick and thin – for better or worse.

Then Along Came “Need website comments? The give and take comment thread”

And, SiteComments got sick.

Little by little, SiteComments got weaker and weaker. Fewer and fewer WA members utilized SiteComments.

Everyone gravitated towards “the give and take comment thread.”

Initially, I saw the “give and take” thread as another excellent way to give and receive comments – that would, in no way threaten SiteComments.

But, after many months, almost 2,500 likes, and almost 250,000 comments (That’s a quarter million, folks!). I would venture to say that this has become the most popular blog that Kyle has ever posted.

Is It Fair?

The “give and take” thread started out to be an equitable and well meaning alternative to solicit comments for our websites.

The rules, which are still part of the thread, are:

Step 1: Comment on at least 3 websites

Step 2: Post a link to your page or post that you need comments on at the very top of this discussion (as a new comment)

The Problem?

The problem is that it is a virtual impossibility to monitor and ensure that the rules are followed.

It has become glaringly obvious that these rules are being ignored by the majority of commenters.

There are still a few who painstakingly complete “Step 1” – as directed – before moving to “Step 2” but, the rest of the folks just post their webpage links and promise reciprocal comments – i.e. "payment for services rendered" – to those who make comments on their posts.

In other words, “Step 2” becomes step #1 and “Step 1” becomes step #2.

Additionally, the majority of paraticipants have morphed the “give and take” thread into a one-for-one commenting area.

“First you give me one comment. Then, I’ll give you one comment.”

This is exactly what caused SiteComments to fall ill – slowly suffering a most painful demise.

Maybe, a revamping of SiteComments is in order? Possibly changing it to a one-for-one proposition – so it more closely matches the way that the "give and take" thread has evolved.

A Toast!

So now – I raise my glass to SiteComments – in memory of the great times we had together. But, I am still apprehensive – knowing that soon – SiteComments will probably pass on – to an eternity of peace. I will dearly miss it.





14 August, 2018

"SiteComments is being updated with a brand new interface, much improved UI, better algorithms, much much better notifications, and some exciting new elements that'll get comments being offered faster, with more enthusiasm and thoroughness. We've been hard at work on this in the background - stay tuned."

Yay! Carson! Great News! Coming To The Rescue!

Now, That's What I'm Talkin' 'Bout!

Can't wait for the new SiteComments rollout!

SiteComments Is Going To Live !!!

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Recent Comments


The give and take comment thread was started a long time before Site Comments, Jim.


I don't remember seeing the "give and take" thread until sometime during the summer of 2017. If I'm mistaken, let me know when it was started.

And, the SiteComments platform has been around longer than that.

Either way, the "give and take" thread is not working as it should because there is no way to police it.


I've been here for 4 years and the give and take was there before I started. That's how come it's got so many Comments and Likes.

Either way - I think it's time to retire the "give and take" thread and concentrate on SiteComments.

That would make a lot of us very happy.


I have always loved the site comment feature. For one I think its great for SEO. I have had pages that ranked quite high just because of the huge number of comments on it. Its also a trigger for non WA members to comment. People read what other people are saying before they can chime in.

I don't know what happened but it takes forever to get a comment back. Hope Carson can look into because I don't want to eulogise it.

Welcome to the club, Leonard!


I have seen the site comments platform slow down over the last year also.
I am still persisting with it though.
When it works (that is when people contribute) I still find the quality of the comments better than the thread.

Key point there is that the platform itself still appears the same, just the levels of contribution change.

I think the quality (from the sitecomments platform) arises from the fact that you are not obliged to comment on a topic outside your field of interest, you can move onto another topic and still contribute just the same.

My thoughts, exactly, Remy!


You inspired me to jump into site comments and leave a two comments James.
Leaving comments was the most productive thing I could think of doing to help out.
Wouldn't it be nice if your inspired fifty other people to do the same.

Here's hoping! Got my fingers crossed!

And, I, too, left a couple comments in SiteComments just a little while ago.

Hoping maybe someone will reciprocate and make a quality comment on a post I've had sitting out there for about 2 weeks!


I hate to see the slow death of SiteComments - as you mentioned it is more structured and in my opinion much better system of "paying it forward".

The "Give and Take" thread overall is somewhat disorganized and yes, most do not abide by the rules.
One possible solution - structure the comments so you must complete Step 1 before moving on to Step 2 (that seems obvious and has probably already been mentioned somewhere in this thread!)

Through SiteComments I received the most valuable feedback regarding my site layout, content, etc. and the individual comments I received were true comments appropriate for a website.

Is thee a doctor in the house who can revive SiteComments?


I'm thinking that the only way the "give and take" thread can be straightened out and organized - only allowing Step 2 AFTER completing Step 1 - would be to make it a platform - much like SiteComments.

But, hey - we already HAVE SiteComments. So, I guess that is a moot point, huh?



I use the comments and feedback quite often and have always had a great response after giving at least 4 comments and 4 feedback, then asking for 2 of each- works well for me and I enjoy this time spent helping others

I'm happy that it works for you, Vicki.

I guess I just like the more structured setting of SiteComments. And, I firmly believe that the comments are a much higher quality.


This is what I am talking about - me too - it is much better to do this Jim

Hey Buddy, you're right. Get paid for commenting

Thanks, for commenting and showing that we are on the same side!


I stopped using the give and take thread after getting a number of very generic comments on my pages, and then being obligated to return the favor on sites that I have no interest in and I'm not even sure what to write.

The other problem with the give and take feed is that yours up getting a bunch of comments all in a very short time.

On SiteComments you can pick the pages that you actually want to comment on and then spread out your reciprocal comments over time. I have always gotten higher quality comments on the SiteComments tool as well.

Great minds think alike, Kat.

I have never used the "give and take" thread. From the beginning I felt that it would elicit low quality comments.

And, like you, I prefer to pick and choose which posts I comment on. I don't want to be tied to forcing myself to comment on posts that I have absolutely no interest in.

A couple of meaningful, relevant quality "Fifth Avenue" comments will do my website more justice that a garbage pile full of low-grade "K-Mart" comments.


Completely agree with you Kat and with you Jim.
The thread has no restrictions and is free for all.

I tried it in the past and had to delete some very unrelated comments. I have left and not going back there.

Now I only request one comment at a time in Site Comment and sometimes wait over a week to get one... I even got a bunch of requests cancelled last month after being there over two weeks without getting any... Sad but true.

RIP Site Comments :(

I agree. I would rather get sincere comments and forgo the BS ones,

A thought, Denis...

Maybe we should start a "give and take thread" anonymous group. Kinda like alcoholics anonymous...with a 10-step program...or, a 10-comment program.

What do you think?



I'm with you on this, Jim.

I've enjoyed Site Comments for the past 3 years but it is now feeble, I'm sad to say.

I requested 3 comments 3 days ago and still waiting!

With the "Give and Take" thread, I absolutely agree with you. I vowed and declared never to use it again after being bullied by a member, via PM. I received a PM from him requesting a comment. Because I didn't respond promptly he gave me a really bad time. I don't pay a membership fee to take that sort of behavior from anyone.

So, it is sad that Site Comments is at a low ebb. Maybe it will rejuvenate eventually. We can only live in hope.

I've got a couple out there in SiteComments too, Valerie.

The most recent one was placed on 9 August. And, the oldest one has been out there since 29 July!

I expect to see the oldest one getting kicked back to me any day now. And, in the past, that would never - ever - have happened!


I hope you soon receive comments to each of your requests.

I'm not holding my breath!



I;m still waiting for a comment too. It has been 5 days, I guess I should not hold my breath.

Well, Virginia, comments that used to happen in a few hours slowly stretched into a few days. And, in the last couple of months, the comment time frame has ballooned to about 2 weeks!

So - no - I wouldn't advise holding your breath!



I'm still new to all of this. Just gonna take my time and build up my sites.

Now, you're thinking like an entrepreneur - on your way to success!

Neither am I Jim :)

So this explains why It takes so long to receive comments. Thank you for your post. Its a shame as this was a bit plus for me signing back up to wealthy affiliate. I find it very strange that a thread would be created to compete with a big feature that makes wealthy affiliate so unique. Very strange

I wholeheartedly concur, David.

It actually is a bit self-defeating to have a competitive thread that destroys SiteComments!


Yeah, it's unfortunate that some people just don't play by the rules and would rather give more than they take. I think we all have that mentality to a point.

I would rather work at giving and then hopefully receiving as best I can and actually doing things the right way, step by step, and see what results appear.

In the end, it just goes to show, no matter what you say, it's what you actually say and do that shows your character and everyone will start to see it no matter how you feel about it.

I think the SiteComments is a great idea. I've used it once so far and I can see the value in it. Give two comments and then post up your site with what you want feedback on. This way, you must give feedback and it may as well be useful and something you care about in order to really help someone out.

Every word said anywhere on the internet should be useful to others and/or about others. (it may be criticism or a complain or disagreement but respect should always be in what you say and do.)

Also, Eric, with SiteComments, you have to pay attention to the quality and relevancy of the comments you make - if you don't want to experience the "wrath of disapproval."

Thus, I would think that the quality of comments is much higher in SiteComments that it is with the "give and take" thread.


One would think. Quality, always, over quantity. When the reverse happens there, things will start to break down and crash in time.

Yet, so often, we tend to think, "More, more, more!", instead of, "Better, better, better!"

Think better and focus on one person and that will shine for others because you're actually providing value.

It's forgotten so often yet we all know it.

I'm with you on that, Eric!


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