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Last year I rang in the new year making $775 in the first two days. It's always a cause for celebration when you are making money from your hard work!

This year I'm ringing in the new year (I know it's early, but I can't hide my excitement) celebrating selling one of my websites for...Drumroll...$12,500!

And for the record, that's more money than I've actually made in the lifetime of the website, but I'll get into the stats in a minute.

The transfer of ownership is complete and the money is getting deposited into my bank account as I write this.

Before I sold the website, I always thought to myself. Why would I want to sell a website that makes me money? Those people that do that are crazy!

But, here I am. I sold a website that was making me $500+ a month consistently.

Everyone has their reason for selling, and I have my own as well. I will just tell you a few of the reasons to help you understand.

For one, I just wasn't interested in the topic anymore. I always considered this website a temporary one, and that's exactly what happened.

I made a website in a niche I knew about (It was a topic I did for a living but would no longer be doing) and built a successful blog.

There was still huge earning potential that this blog has, but my lost interest, honestly, made it hard to keep writing on it. And it was less of an interest and more of just a way to make money. I don't plan on ever going back to the niche.

The second reason, The industry in my own opinion isn't perfectly stable. I might've been able to make more money just letting my blog die instead of selling, but because of uncertainties in the future I preferred to have the guaranteed upfront money than wondering about the stability of the affiliate program and industry as a whole.

Thirdly and lastly, I wanted funds so I could start traveling the world while I work on other more important projects (like maybe a travel blog that pays me while I travel;).

This isn't just a new year for me, this is also a new chapter in my life. I said at the beginning of 2017 I'm going to start traveling the world in 2018. Now that we have come to a close, it's time to leave my home-base and journey on an open road.

Now, into the stats of the website

I created this website in December of 2015. So it had been almost exactly two years from the start of me building the website to being sold on Flippa.

As for content, minus the privacy and other legal important pages, I created 50 pages/posts on my website.

I received about 250+ organic searches per day. Which makes the perfect example that Kyle always uses. If you only got 5 searches per page per day that you create. All traffic adds up and my website is a perfect example of that.

It's also a perfect example of gaining quality traffic vs loads of traffic that doesn't produce sales.

Over the lifetime of my website(90% coming in the last 16 months) I earned $9,752.24. Now, This number could actually go up though as one of the programs I earn money from allows people who signed up a year ago to count towards my earnings when they complete the required action. It also depends how long it takes for my affiliate links to be swapped out with the new owner's links(which means I'm technically still earning).

Now, if you add the lifetime earnings to the earnings from selling my website($12,500) that would mean I made $22,252.24 total from the inception of my website to selling it this past week.

Breaking the total down. Divide $22,252.24 by 50 articles written and I got paid $445.04 per article that I wrote. Some of them 2500 words, some 500 words.

Now, I think Most people would be pretty happy with being paid $445.04 per article written and this number would've only risen had I held onto the website longer and done more work.

I also could've most likely sold the website for more money going down other avenues, but I wanted to get a deal done and only had a small window or might've risked selling my website at a lower price. I didn't want greed to bite me in the butt.

So, How did I make a money producing website that sold for $12,500?

I like to mention this throughout the blogs I write on here because the recipe isn't a mystery.

Just follow the training that Kyle and Carson have laid out for you here. Ask questions when you need help. Be engaged. It's the perfect blueprint for someone that wants to make a few thousand dollars or someone that wants to turn this into a full-time business making 6 or 7-figures.

The latter, of course, will take longer and much more work. I'm still working towards it myself (at least I've hit the 5 figures mark). But, I get to start traveling the world in 2018 because of the teachings taught in Wealthy Affiliate. And I'm pretty Effin happy for that.

So, what are yours goals in 2018?

P.S. As I reflect back on what I just wrote, it truly is amazing that I personally thought of the business idea, built the content, and created a brand, and business with value worth enough somebody would pay me $12,500 for. And anybody, including you, can do the same and create businesses worth even more.

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This is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing that! and Congratulations on your success!

Thank you Kay!
Happy holidays!

That great! how much would you think a blog that has 400 articles, 800 visits per day in the MMO niche would be worth?

It more depends on the income when it comes to the value I believe. But traffic can be a factor too. 400 articles would probably be a pretty good website. You get more than 800 visitors a day with that much articles

I earn around $800- $700 per month, and I know my site could be better at conversions.

Good job and enjoy your travels!!

Thank you Shelley!

Rinse and repeat and do it again with another Niche. That is the beauty of Wealthy Affiliate is that once you learn what to do you can do it over and over again.

Yes indeed.
Learning here has been great and the teachings won’t disappear

Amazing, congratulations, you have all the good reasons to sell your site, good luck on your traveling on 2018! I'm sure we'll read more good news from you soon!

That's awesome! Congrats! :)

Congratulations Brandon .. awesome and inspiring!! Cheers, William.

Wow! Needed to hear this, thanks! Great Example, you don't need to explain why you are selling, but I am kind of glad you did. We all have priorities and don't need to answer to anybody for our own goals. I am just excited by the example you have set here!

Thank you Jared,
You're right, no explanation needed. But it's a good learning experience as well.
Happy Holidays,

It's a nice paycheque man. Inspiring to say the least.

Wow, this is inspiring! Good for you! I think your reasoning sounds solid and obviously it worked out for you!

Thank you Jessica,
It most certainly worked out for the best.


I am soooo happy for you!!! You are amazing! Great job! Standing ovation! :))) Applause!!!

I was thinking of you just yesterday, and was going to PM you before the holidays, which I will tomorrow.

~ Julia

Thank you Julia,
I'll look forward to hearing from you tomorrow then.
All the best,

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