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Changing the domain name of my 6 years old website?

Changing the domain name of my 6 years old website?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hey guys I have a 6 years old site with good domain authority but I want to change the domain name.

Can you please guide me on how to do that without losing the rankings

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We actually have a "Move" feature that you will see right within the SiteManager.


You can move any domain to any domain hosted here at WA. For example, if you wanted to move your website to a new domain that you have purchased, then it is a very simple process.

The "Move" feature also handles for all proper redirects and SEO, it will transfer your site in its entirety and it is as simple as a few clicks. See attached screenshot for what I am referring to here.

If you have really good rankings in search engines, I would be somewhat careful about this as this could impact your rankings. But if you are going to do this, use the MOVE feature as this is the proper way to do this Anis.

Alternatively if you do not know what you are doing, you may ask the assistance of site support going forward and provided your websites are hosted here.

If your websites is hosted here, then you can the move feature found within site manager, it is an easy process.

You can use the move feature found within your site manager to move your siterubix subdomain to your dot com, when you are ready. It is a simple process.

You would need to wait up to 30 days (Kyle's recommendation) for 301 redirects to be completed and for the search engines. After of which you MAY delete the subdomain however you could keep it for longer if hosting space is not an issue or for testing purposes such as themes, plugins, scripts, coding etc

You can check Kyles training tutorial below

You can buy your new domain name and then ask site support to transfer your old site to your new site. Make sure you back your site up first. Since your site is 6 years old I would have Site Support do it so the redirect are set up properly. The old must needs to remain untouched for at least 30 days. I would wait 60 to make sure the search engines crawl the new address change.

Redirects will be set up to point from your old site name to your new site. This way you will not loose rankings.

However the issue will be all of the backlinks your site has. Unless those sites linking to your old site change their links I believe you will loose them. We did that to an old site and lost some back links.

Are you sure you need to change your domain name.

Great incite. I lost one of my domain names by not keeping up with payment one time. So I got a new domain name that was really close to it. When I was able to repurchase the original domain name I put it on the website. Now I have a primary and secondary domain name on the same site.

Would that be a possible alternative for him? Instead of moving his site to a new domain name for branding I would think

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My lead forgot his email address, help?

My lead forgot his email address, help?

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Getting Started

Hey there, can you please help me find the email of my lead Metrouni

To get the email address provided you can, you can check out with them or reach out to Kyle.

It is possible it cannot because of privacy concerns.

Is this the one
https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/metrouni. You can use the search bar above and find who it may be. To get someone's email you will need to check with them personally to see if they wish to give it out..

What is their WA username?

You may like to direct your question to Kyle on their profile space


Domain name suggestions? what do you think about this.

Domain name suggestions? what do you think about this.

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Getting Started

I am trying to find a cool domain name related to yoga. What do you guys think about yogaaholic.com, is it good? Also, any suggestions are welcome!
Thank You!

yogaholic.com is available however for a very high purchasing price and without the double a

You can use leandomainsearch dot com, you input a word and it gives you another

And a godaddy valuation tool to find a memorable name.

However nowadays domains are not so affected by SEO vs writing quality rich content with good choice of keywords, latter of which would rank you in the search engines.

I would always go for a dot com domain name vs dot net or dot org as people's perceptions when they start typing they would typically assume it is a dot com. And make sure it is spelled correctly as it cannot be edited once purchased.

I would not include dashes and check if the domain is copyrighted, trademarked and ' or registered to an established business.

There are given some good suggestions already, I would not go for the yogaaholic as said by George it might confuse people and moreover if they type only one a, they will go to the future competitor if sold ,as it is for sale now, which might make people also think you're no longer in business if they land on that one while it is on sale.

Hi - how about yogaholichome.com

Don’t share URL. If someone likes it they might steal it from you

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Opinions about my niche, please?

Opinions about my niche, please?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

I am thinking about creating a website about yoga, and I want to narrow it down to home yoga instructions, do you think its a good niche?
Thanks in advance.

Yes, that can be a very solid niche. Now think about the types of products you could sell

Yoga mats
Yoga clothes
Music while doing Yoga
Candles/other scented items
Yoga instruction guides
Yoga diary?

What else might you be able to use (sell) to help your readers improve their home yoga experience?

Sounds good Anis. Just make sure you have plenty of great products for it too.

At home yoga sounds like a solid one to me. Good job!

Yoga is growing in popularity .Narrowing it down to learning at home is great.

I am sure you have also thought about how to monetize it as well.

My guess is that you are very passionate about it. When you are passionate, have knowledge about it and help others you are sure to do well in growing traffic to your site. And instructions should bring a lot of traffic,

I will PM your with some niche tips.

Well, there are plenty of potential visitors, but make sure to check the competition, and also how many low-hanging fruits could you potentially choose and write. Also, having a Youtube channel together with a blog would be fantastic!

Just make sure to stay away from the health side of yoga, since it's probably YMYL (your money your life) category.

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Anyone ever bought an aged website from human proof designs?

Anyone ever bought an aged website from human proof designs?

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Website Development & Programming

Hi there, I'm thinking about buying an aged website, specifically ta HPD Authority website which costs over 5k, I'm wondering if anyone here bought one of their sites and had

It can kick start your site and help you to build an online business faster.

As stated, the guy behind it was a member here, he learned his trade here (or at least he honed his skills here).

He has turned it into and thriving business, so there must be some merit in purchasing a site from here.

The answers below are valid, just because you buy it, does not mean it will work for you.

Best of luck.

Hey Anis,

When purchasing ANY domain name, you need to remember that content is still KING.

So, if you spend thousands of dollars on a domain name that comes with authority, you COULD destroy that authority rather quickly by providing poor quality content.

In my opinion, buying an aged domain is not wise, given how easily a website can rank when providing quality unique content on a hot topic.

You may find the following article helpful in making your decision: https://builtvisible.com/buying-domains-for-seo/

Hope you find this helpful.

You have two good answers below.

You can view the sites live prior to purchasing them, so you can do full due-diligence. As Diane says, Dom who set it up used to be a member here.

Hi - no, I haven't but you may be interested to know that the person who set up that company, began his career here at WA, and is now a millionaire! Just goes to show what can be achieved.

Crikey that's impressive Diane. Millionaire wow

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