How to Use Social Media Marketing for your Website Business

Last Update: November 21, 2016

As much as many of you would like to avoid using social media for the marketing of your niche websites, it is a highly recommended course of action for success. Knowing how to use social media marketing for your website business is not a difficult or annoying task.


Many people who have yet to start doing social media marketing with their niche websites, have the wrong view of what their social media experience will be like. I often see people saying things like they do not want to get involved in stupid discussions or viewing silly videos and pictures.

Well guess what? Social media marketing has nothing to do with that. If you are procrastinating in using social media to market your website because you think you will have to deal with the annoying distractions, stop!

All you are doing is posting a couple of sentences about your link, a relevant photo, and/or the link. You do not have to interact with any political, religious, or any other kind of posts that people put up on social media networks.


If social media was not an important aspect in the success of your website, Kyle would not have devoted an entire certification course (Level 4). Yes it will be your exposure in the Google search results that will bring you organic traffic for the long haul, but social media can bring faster results.

That being said it is important to know how to go about it. Though there are several ways to utilize social media marketing, I am going to touch on one way that has been the most successful for me on both Facebook and Google+.

Both Twitter and Pinterest are a bit more unique in their use and if you would like to know more about using them, you can check out my training tutorials below.

How to Use Twitter for Social Media Marketing Part 1

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How to Use Pinterest for Social Media Marketing


I see many people creating Facebook pages to market their niche websites, and then sending out requests for people to “Like” their pages. Though this is a popular way to showcase your niche, I personally think that it requires too much work and sales results are slow.

I have seen better and quicker results by seeking out my target audience. As shown in the above image of Facebook, all I did was type in the niche of “Weight Loss” in the Facebook Search Bar. The results given show me 4 Public Groups having to do with weight loss.

Though you can join a Closed Group if invited in, you mainly want to join Public Groups. Once you ask to join the group you will need to be accepted. It is best if you read the rules (Description) of the group before you start sharing the links to your website.

The same can be accomplished by typing in your niche within the Google+ search bar, as seen in the above image. In Google+ you will be looking for “Communities” and they are represented by a circle icon with 3 dots.

Just like the Facebook Groups you will need to ask the Google+ Community administrator if you can join the community. Also remember to read what the community is about because most will not allow you to post your links more than once per day.


It does not take a lot of work to ask someone to join their group or community and then once you are a member, sharing your links to a targeted audience. Yes it is true that you will be competing with others sharing their links, but people looking for that niche will be viewing those communities/groups.

Instead of waiting for people to notice your Facebook page or finding your website content within the Google search results, joining communities/groups will get you noticed quicker. Not only will it gain you a boost in traffic, it will help a little bit with your rankings because Google does pay attention to social sharing.

This approach in how to use social media marketing for your website business works best when using Facebook and Google+. When using Twitter and Pinterest you will have to do a bit more work and create a following of people more interested in your particular niche.

And remember that Pinterest is a social media network where the majority of its members are women. So if your niche is focused more so on a female audience, Pinterest would be the more desired network than Twitter.
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TaraEJH Premium
Thanks so much for this valuable information. I didn't even know this was a possibility. Will be trying this in the morning. Tara
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Tara. As far as Facebook and Google+, yes, you can have access to a target audience by searching for your niche in groups or communities.
MPollock Premium
Love this one and use social groups with them, Thanks,
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Mike.
PrBaker Premium
Thank you for a great post with a lot of good info!
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome. Happy you liked it.
TomasB Premium
Really great post Boomer, I've been using Facebook,G+.Pinterest AND Twitter because of the reasons you just mentioned, but I was not aware of the group options with FB and G+.
Unrelated question-when I was in the US Navy we called a kind of submarine a boomer.Is that where you got your nickname?
If you don't want to answer, no worries.
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you.

Yes I know what a Boomer is as far as submarines, and if I was a submariner in the US Navy, that would be a cool name to take. However my choice is a character name from one of my favorite TV series, which happens to be like a battleship in space.
StepChook Premium
Thanks Rob. It just feels like there are too many social media profiles to keep up-to-date.

Is it better to give a little attention to more social media profiles, or is it better to give a lot of attention to fewer social media profiles?
boomergp08 Premium
Though it can be difficult to manage so many different social media profiles it is best to start out managing one or two and then build up to more later.

This is yet another reason why I do not recommend having a personal profile and a business profile on the same social media network. Seeing how your website business is your own, there needs no separation between the two.

I started with Google+ because it is the only one that has a slightly bigger impact on your website rankings. I then did Twwitter, which is now partnered with Google.

Even though I had a Facebook account, it was the last one I built up, mainly because it was the only network I used to keep up with family and friend connections. Pinterest was the third network I developed.