Sunday Break! (Have Fun, Smile and Laughter) {(;-)

Last Update: October 04, 2014

Hello friends! It's weekend and specially on Sunday most of us take it as a family time or a personal break time away from our regular weekday activities. While others take it as the only days to have more time for WA courses and trainings as they are fully occupied on weekdays. For the lucky ones they can spend them as they wish as they are now eitheir retired on their regular jobs or are now their own bosses free of the 9-5 jobs. Whatever it is let us take this short moment to Have Fun, Smile and Laugther. Hopefully some break, {(;-).

My kids usually take weekends as free time to play with their computers, video games, watch TV and other things. We give them all the freedom on weekends as they are not allowed to play with the computer, video games and other gadgets during school days. Their favorite games are real-time strategy games and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games specifically a popular game this days known as LOL (Leage of Legends). Other than this they love to watch animation, action and commedy movies. They would also love to watch with their Mom AFV (Americas's Funniest Home Videos) and Magic & Illusionist videos (David Blaine, David Copperfield, Criss Angel, etc.) It is through them that I saw this 2 short videos. They are short and good for the heart :)

It has been always said that “Laughter is the Best Medicine”, "Laughter is Good for the Soul", “Laughter is Contagious” and many others. It helps us to relax, sustain good health, brings joy and happiness, in right mood, get focus at work, and sets us to have better attitude and disposition on coming days. This videos are applicable as we are in Fall or Autum and just finised Summer as the plot / setting of the videos.


Video 1: “Sun Bathing in the Beach” (1:39)


Video 2: “Biking” (2:52)

Wish you had some fun and got re-charged to be more productive this coming week.”

Thank you for reading this blog! Hope you enjoyed it and had fun. Please taken a moment to "LIKE" it and Share your comments and more smile . . . .


"Content is King"

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Indi-Em Premium
Thank you. A good laugh to start the day. ;-)
benzburg Premium
You are welcome Indiem!
Hope you got a good start of the week as well.
SoupGypsy Premium
Very entertaining. Made me laugh out loud. Really. Thank you.
benzburg Premium
You are welcome Donna!
I'm glad you had some fun. Have a good start of the week.
Bethie42 Premium
Sounds like you have a great family, Hope you also have a great weekend
benzburg Premium
Thanks Bethie!
Got it! Had a great weekend with my family.
Christabelle Premium
You have a fun and enjoyable and relaxing and blessed Sunday as well! :)
benzburg Premium
Yup indeed!
Thanks for dropping by.
Shawn Martin Premium
benzburg Premium
Thanks Shawn!