Sharing our Family Birthday! (Canadian Citizenship)


This blog is not directly related to our main goal here at WA but I just want to share some milestone events that our family celebrated. Celebrating our journey and success both in-and-out of our WA activities is essential for us to function joyfully, effectively and revitalize ourselves in order to achieve our goals. Today my family had our Canadian Citizenship Oath Taking considered as final step towards being a Canadian and as a milestone embracing our new second motherland.

As in any other country, achieving Canadian citizenship is no easy task as you have left your family, friends and homeland behind. You have met the requirements for immigration and have worked hard to get established in your second home. As many have chosen to migrate to this country for various reasons such as opportunity, sanctuary, equality, freedom, love, prosperity or adventure. The vast majority achieve their goals and more.

Today, we took our oath as a new Canadians, with all the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Hundreds of years ago, French and British pioneers partnered with the First Nations and laid the foundation of Canada. More recently, our country has been settled by immigrants and refugees from all over the world . Generations have found freedom, democracy, prosperity and security.

From our Atlantic shores, across forest and plain, lakes and mountains, to the Pacific Ocean and up to the Arctic Circle, Canadians have built a prosperous society based on ordered liberty, enterprise, hard work and fair play. Canada's history, symbols and institutions have been shaped by many events such as World Wars, and by individuals. Today, our history, symbols and tradition are ours to cherish. Our success comes from our dedication to our founding values: freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law. As Canadian citizen we will help enrich our society and strengthen our shared identity.

Amazing Facts About Canada:

  • Canada is a huge, multicultural and diverse country and the second largest country in the world and home to immigrants of about 240,000 per year from every part of the world. More than 100 different languages are identified as the mother tonge spoken at home
  • One of the richest country in the world in natural resources with tall mountains, broad prairies, fertile farmland, immense forest, pristine lakes and wild oceans. Canada has at least 3 million lakes, has the largest group of freshwater lakes in the world.
  • Rich in various natural deposits such as oil and gas deposits, gold, lead, copper, diamond, zinc, etc., agricultural products, and vast aquatic resources
  • Canada has the longest coastline of any country in the world bordered by three oceans (Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic)
  • Amazing and fascinating places. Where can you find a place known as “Land of the Midnight Sun”? - The North because at the height of summer, daylight can last up to 24 hours. In winter, the sun disappears and darkness sets in for three months.
  • Considered as the a Land of Opportunity” with “Unlimited Possibilities.”
  • Lots, lot more. . . .

Proud to be a Canadian! ! ! !

O Canada (Our National Anthem)

. . . . . .

O Canada (Our National Anthem) Video:

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Recent Comments


Lovely blog Ben and congratulations on your citizenship. :)

Thanks for the greeting Kathy!
Enjoy the weekend.

Congrats. Canada is really a place to be. Your family is blessed.

Thanks Cristopher!
God is good! All the time. . .
Blessing be upon you too and your family.

Morning Ben,
You and your family must feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment and pride in attaining Canadian citizenship. What a shining example of democracy at work!
Heartfelt congratulations!

Thank you Arthur!
A milestone day indeed. . .

Congratulations to you and your family, Benjamin! Another milestone achieved! Great photos, thanks for sharing!

Thanks Sandra!
Have a nice weekend.

Thanks, you too!

Congratulations Benjamin and all! What a wonderful accomplishment! :) God's Blessings, Christa :)

Thanks Christa!
I appreciate your feedback.
God Bless You as well. . . .

Congratulations to you. I understand it must have been quite exciting to receive the Canadian Citizenship. It happened for me in 2006. We all went through a lot to reach that day and it's really something special to be recognized as a citizen by this great nation. It was a joyful day for me and an emotional as well, that day I lost the Citizenship which I was granted when I was born. My Country don't allow dual citizenship.
Taking the good with the bad, I love this country but in my heart there will always be the country I was born.

Thanks for your comment Daniel!
I'm glad you can relate well with my post.
Sorry to hear the policy of your country on citizenship. For us, it is no problem for us retaining both citizenship.

My congrats.

Thanks Rufat!
Wish you well . . . .

Congratulations to all of you and what a wonderful post! :))

Thank you Kim!
Your well wishes and comment is appreciated.

A lovely post, and congratulations to you all.

Thank you Peter for your comment.
I'm glad you like the post.

Congratulations to your entire family! Our family is 'multi-cultural' and I well understand having more than one 'homeland' per se. I know it took much work to become a citizen of another country; one learns a whole new 'world'....again, congratulations!

Thanks Rosie!
Indeed, it requires a lot of adjustment when you migrate and go for your citizenship.
Anyway, it feels rewarding once you attain your goal.

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