Niche Site Case Study Update 3 27th January 2017

Last Update: January 26, 2017

Figured its due time I updated this case study

For those looking for my other updates you can find them here:


Here are the results so far:

The above graph shows that 68.75% of my main target keywords are page 1 with 37.5% being in the top 3.

Pretty happy with that but still room to improve.

Bounce rate is still low and there are a good amount of pages per sessions and people are staying on page for a decent duration. Can be improved.

This image shows what my average CTR and POSITION across my site. As you can see my main preforming pages are higher. Site ranking for over 350 queries.

My goal conversion rate is good. I have set Google analytics to track the amount of people who click through to from my site. You can see a major dip in this image. That was because I broke my site tweaking too much LOL. It's back on track now :)

This MISTAKE pretty much cost me my January earnings hahaha. Lesson learned. It has bounced back stronger now and has actually improved all round so not all is lost.

560% ROI

Key Successes:

  • Changes made to the URL structure of my posts has my ranking for more competitive terms
  • 1 Article per week
  • Captured some featured snippets allowing me to dominate more of the page
  • Used heatmaps to improve conversion rate
  • Fixed what I broke and sales are coming in strong!

Key Failures

  • Broke my site changing the URL structure of my posts LOL
  • Failed to write my Ebook
  • Earnings for Jan have been pathetic due to me breaking my site :P

Future Tasks

  • Keep up posting schedule
  • Write my ebook (delegate)
  • Start building a list
  • Add some top 10 posts
  • Add some vs posts
  • Optimize my ranking posts for more terms
  • Optimize my money pages to earn more $$$$$
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Jimmyk16 Premium
You are taking it to the next level. Good post thank, Beau.
BeauAndNik Premium
Thanks Jimmy.. Always have to keep pushing the bar!
WilliamBH Premium
Thank you so much for this Post .. and congratulations. Cheers, William.
BeauAndNik Premium
Thanks William. this case study has definitely opened my eyes to new goals for 2017
VeronicasLuv Premium
I'm amazed at not only your knowledge, but what you do to implement what you know. Utterly amazed B-Giddy!
BeauAndNik Premium
Thank you my wonderful friend! We can have all the knowledge in the world but if we fail to implement it, it's worthless!

I'ma fake it till ya make it lad too so if I don't know something then I hustle till I find the answer...... or break something LOL..

Thanks for stopping by :)
scorpwealth Premium
Thanks, cheers!
BeauAndNik Premium
Cheers mate!
KMeyer Premium
Thanks for sharing this information.