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Last Update: August 22, 2014

Not much to say today, I'm trying to add content to my website, and at the same time continue with the Premium lessons I have now access to...
Writing content's hard for me, I either don't really know what to write about or don't feel like what I'm writing is good or even interesting
Any tip or good training around on how to write content?

Thank you :)

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mrpeter Premium
Even if you don't publish straight away keep writing, because then at least you'll have something to edit. Look a what other people are saying within your subject, don't copy of course, but you might get some inspiration. (pretty much what Cookma said really, only more waffly haha)
CarlaIves Premium
I'm an article writer and have been for years. When I get stuck. . . and we all do. . . I pull up a blank page in MS Word and just start scribbling about anything. Once you're just making doodles, start thinking of your niche and write down anything that comes to mind. After a couple of pages, erase the doodles that aren't relevant and start stringing your content comments together. It doesn't work all the time, but I'd say it works about 95% of the time for me. Good Luck!
Arubinstein Premium
Thank you for your quick answers ! :)
cookma54 Premium
Just keep writing ... and reading others content ... it takes practice, and confidence! Melody
PhyllisE1 Premium
Type in "content lessons" in the top box and it will give you Kyle's lesson on quality content. He's the expert!!!