I Didn't Authorise WA to charge my account excuse

Last Update: April 04, 2020

There have been a few who become Premium Members here at Wealthy Affilaite then for whatever reason they what out.

Which is fine, that is your choice to do so

Yes there are some who constantly complain that WA deducted moneys from their Credit Card or PayPal account without their permission

To that I say a BIG BS

You joined as a Premium member gave your card or PayPal details and are told when you next billing date is this is your agreement with WA there and then.

So if you wanted out then simple logic and common sense would state cancell before your due date arrives not after.

Premium Membership are deducted automatically on the date due which you can easily see in your account settings

So don't give that crap you did not know or that WA deducted from you without permission.

That is just a loser excuse because you can't hack it in working online.

Where are my billing details

To do so go to your profile image then at the bottom you will see Account Settings, Click that then click Memberships on the right hand side you will see your three things,

Here is how yours will look

Currently on Monthly,
Half-Yearly or Yearly Billing ($$$$) this is the amount you will be paying according to the cycle you selected either monthly, half-yearly or yearly

Next Billing Date: this date represents when you joined as a premium member and is the date your next payment will be deducted

Next Billing Amount: $$$$ this amount is what you are paying as per your billing

So as it is clearly stated in your account setting there is no excuse for stating you didn't know the date it is to be deducted on or complain you have been deducted without your permission.

Further to the without permission part some have claimed here is part of the Terms and Conditions relating to payment and at the bottom of this the full Wealthy Affilaite Terms and Conditions

Regardless if you are thinking of leaving, complaining or just what the infor read, copy and save the full T & C the link is below

One final note if you want to quit here is a link from Marion on what to do


Also note as stated early above you do this before you due date preferable a few days before and it has to be done manually by you.

This means no sending emails to say I want to cancel, no complaints on being charged without your permission.

Wealthy Affilaite is giving you a chance to become successful with your own website online it is up to you to put in the effort. YOU have all the necessary resource in place given to you and more with the added training not only from WA, But from Jay's Weekly webinars, along with added training and help and support from your fellow members.

For Starter members reading this use the opportunity you are given as a free member with the training courses given to you there are two the

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC)

and/or if you want to promote WA you have with the getting starter Bootcamp course also free for you to work on.


This gives a total of 20 free lessons along with a free SiteRibix website at no cost to you.

For the starter this gives you the best opportunity to try it out and see if Affilaite Marketing is for you and the best thins is you didn't pay for anything along the way.

Terms and Conditions

Referring to the part about billing and renewals

4.3 Auto-renewal and Cancellation. Wealthy Affiliate Premium purchases and Paid Services are for subscriptions that renew automatically, such as monthly or annually (depending on the option chosen when you purchased Services). You agree that Wealthy Affiliate may process your credit card or PayPal account on each monthly, annual, or other renewal term (based on the applicable billing cycle), on the calendar day corresponding to the first day you subscribed to a paid subscription. If your paid subscription to Wealthy Affiliate Premium or other Paid Services began on a day not contained in a subsequent month (e.g., your service began on January 30 and there is no February 30), Wealthy Affiliate will process your payment on the last day of such month. You may elect to cancel your Wealthy Affiliate Premium account at any time by following the steps outlined within your Account Settings. If you subscribed to a yearly plan, any cancellation will only be effective at the end of the then-current annual billing period and no credits or refunds will be issued to you for prepaid fees.

For the full Terms and Conditions of Wealthy Affilaite here is the link and I strongly urge you to save it either here inn My Favorites or download it on your computer for futer reference

If you are not sure how to save it here I have a training you can work with


I do hope you continue and go forward and become the success you wanted when you first started.

Remember Affilaite Marketinig is not a quick money making scheme but one that you are building a solid foundation to your online business via a website this is not much different to any other business be in online or even a brick and mortar business.

You need to make and put in the effort to make it successful.

The main ecception here is you are giving all the tools and resources to you without paying thousands others would charge you

The only cost is

Free starters membership

No Cost and all just your work ethics to be successful

Premium members

You pay the payment as Premium according to your cyle selected which is recurring and you have agreeded to as per the terms and conditions with Wealthy Affilaite.

Also note WA gives you added features that would cost you additional money elsewhere but as Premium all the extras are part of your Premium membership so this and really realise just how fortunate you are being a Premium member here.

Wishing you all well and may we hear more success from members here.


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Recent messages
Lately (past year or so) I have been engaging in non-profitable campaigns. One might ask therefore, "Why are you in WA?"

My answer is: Wealthy Affiliate is an outstanding business platform that covers all of my needs, even if what I am presently doing isn't monetary. Having these tools is well-worth the price I pay each year for it. My avatar is old. It has remained unchanged since I joined here. Even by that time, the photograph predates it by five years. Today I am grey and having balded. I am aging.

My monetary campaigns are on hold right now. Time is fleeting and my days on the earth are on the wane. There are things I want to accomplish during the next 20 years - if I'm allowed to live that long. I have all of my needs and living comfortably. Money isn't on the top of my list right now.

Wealthy Affiliate has provided me the only online income that I have earnt over the years. As a member, I can easily pick that up again and resume those campaigns. Now, onto the topic before us...

I have learnt tremendously, not only about the income potential that is here, but being with online entrepreneurs, the values that are not readily found in the world of the consumer. One of these is a given...


The entrepreneur accepts responsibility and owns up to those he has failed to do so and does not resort to blaming others for his own missteps. This does happen to everyone at one point or another in time. However, not all people see things this way...

Consumers (in general, not true to all) place the blame on other people and things that they won't own up to. The end results are:

1. Making a public scene which usually makes them look foolish.
2. Unwittingly show that they have not read the stipulations.
3. Accomplish nothing except having sounded off.

Yes, it is true that sometimes details spelled out by a business concerning user responsibilities can only be found in the "small print," in attempts to look more appealing, but this is hardly true about Wealthy Affiliate. It remains that in such cases, the responsibility to be informed, using provided disclaimers, etc, lies upon those who create accounts, not those who provide them.

The one-and-only antidote to this problem is two-fold...

1. Get familiar with the platform and its disclaimers. Yes, this does take effort! It involves exploration and NOT joining and then placing the membership on dusty shelves. This is irresponsible behavour.

2. Read! The information is dry and sometimes hard to find but it is there for both the protection of the company AND the user. If you can't find it, ask! If upon asking and you get no results, even after exploring for yourself, then you've truly been scammed. My advice to this scenario is again...Read! It could prevent you from joining an undesirable hoax. ALWAYS do your due diligence by RESEARCHING what you are about to get involved with. Given the time this expends, it is well worth the effort.

This simple protocol, when put into practice, tends to dry up such complaints. Those who do their homework and carry out their responsibilities to know the stipulations that come with any membership (in a legitimate entity) will not be surprised when suddenly they have been divorced from funds in their bank accounts.

I agree - in the case of Wealthy Affiliate, there is no excuse for this yet it does happen here more often than it should. This same scenario occurs in just about all legitimate entities. It's people who are too lazy to perform due diligence, as well-put below - in their investments, folks who suffer consumer and entitlement mentalities and a number of other non-entrepreneurial mentalities.

Wealthy Affiliate is no Big Red Easy Button. It never has been, never was intended and never will be. Wealthy Affiliate demands that all its members abide responsibly. This is reasonable.
apache1 Premium
Thanks, Daniel well put also I might add I wonder how many members have actually click their profile and just had a look at the System tours around this sight.

As there have been so many questions on simple things (which are fine to ask) but many just don't bother to look around even when it is in front of them.

Yet they say they don't know where to find things.

Enjoy your weekend and keep going forward 20 years and beyond

You are certainly a valued member and good friend to all here in WA.
jlclayton1 Premium
"So don't give that crap you did not know or that WA deducted from you without permission.

That is just a loser excuse because you can't hack it in working online."

I agree that the information is there for those who will make the effort to look. But I don't see how calling anyone out in this way is helpful to WA or this community.

I'd hate to think what any new members are thinking right now as they open up their dashboard to check new posts and see thoughts being expressed this way--especially for those who may be struggling and thinking of quitting.

I can understand your frustration, but the point could be well made without statements like the one above.
apache1 Premium
Thanks, Janelle

" So don't think about what any new members are thinking right now when they open the dashboard" let alone if they see this blog

Your negative comment back wouldn't help the issue either I have merely stated the facts and no one individual was called out no names' nothing just a general remark about what is happening and the fact WA is getting the bunt and blame.

The T&C's have been given along with how to cancel the proper way should anyone do so.

I am a member here too and I will defend WA to the end. Those that don't like it well they know what they can do.

I accept that you are entitled to your opinion as am I and entitled to state what was written on my blog.

End of story.

Enjoy your weekend.
jlclayton1 Premium
The statement I questioned in your blog was not a fact, it was your opinion, which you are definitely entitled to. I'm very happy to agree to disagree about how we should address issues here at WA.

I hope you and your family stay safe, have a good weekend as well.

apache1 Premium
Then we will agree to disagree and move forward.

Enjoy your weekend too and stay safe for you and your family as well

Take care

MurphysMom Premium
Hi Andre! I love how you are straightforward with what you have to say.
For me personally paying yearly is a blessing and I know that is not easily done for all. It took me a while to save up for that.

WA is a blessing these days ....a good focus and I remind myself God is still in charge.

apache1 Premium
Thanks for your comment Lyn much appreciated and yes going yearly is the best way but also being a WA member is also a blessing.

Chezbrown Premium
Oh dear someone got your back up on this one.

I will say though Andre, I totally agree with everything you said in this great blog as it is clearly stated for everyone. They need to take the time to just read it first before starting the process.
apache1 Premium
Thanks Cheryl it needed to be stated.

Have a great weekend and week ahead

Linda103 Premium
Well said Andrej.
Before any money is taken you always get an email to state it is coming up. I recently got one about my domain name renewal being due. It reminded me to update my card details which were new.
The site hosting alone is worth the fees.
apache1 Premium
Thanks, Linda and yes that is true regardless if it is for your website membership or even any business you are associated with online or offline.

For example, if you are a member of any organization that requires payment you enter into an agreement that the money will be taken from your account of YOUR choice at the time agreed.

I just got a notification from Mcafee that my yearly renewal has been deducted from my PayPal account as it is expiring soon.

I entered into an agreement with them and accept this will be done if I don't want to use them anymore I would let them know to cancel my account before it is due.

Just common sense

Thank you for your comment.

Linda103 Premium
Must admit I remove the payment details from my antivirus otherwise they just take the full amount early. I wait until nearer the time as you tend to get a better deal.
apache1 Premium
Yes they take it a bit earlier but it doesn't start until my current one expires.
Last year I waiting a bit longer and also removing my payment details because the funding was at a bad time but worked out well as they later offered me a discount a few weeks later after mine expired so it worked out well.
Linda103 Premium
It never starts early but I don't like it being taken up to a month early.
Exactly why I wait, to get a better price.
apache1 Premium
True this time it didn't bother me but next year when I get their renewal notice I might do the same and take my details out and see if the discount works. Ha
JeffreyBrown Premium
I agree 100% Linda!