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December 05, 2019
There are no pretty pictures just stating some facts with some losers within this community some who should know better seeing they have been here for a few years.However, some will apply for future whingers so take note of what is stated belowFor my friends within this awesome community just my rant many will understand the issues we face at times.There are many live events that you need to take responsibility for and WA is no different.Over the years, I have seen some members complain about b
Regardless if you are a Newbie or been here in Wealthy Affilaite for a while longer all can read and relate to this as what you do in life here in WA relates to you.Along our journey we come to a point for whatever reasons that we seem to struggle and one of the biggest causes is due to lack of money.We get to a certain stage where we start to look elsewhere for work on meeting not only to pay the bills and life activities but to the point where we are starting to seek some form of Financial Fr
September 20, 2019
Just today I received another email spam this time asking for more personal details.Those of you who already know what not to do with such spams great but there are many here who may not have seen such blantant spams and to warn you not to take further action in repling to them or opening any link.This is the full details I received today so you know what such spams message are like.Do Not respond, do not click any links and do not give any personal in fact any information back to them.Too man
It may be Sunday morning here in Australia and I know it is Saturday afternoon in Canada.However the countdown has begun and when Sunday arrives in Canada we will be celebrating a special day here in WA.As I may not be available a bit later I just wanted to take some time out and wish you a wonderful and special day for you, your family along with your WA family as well.Yes Kyle has turned it up a notch by adding another year of experience in what we call life.Happy Birthday KyleWishing you a w
July 02, 2019
Have you even thought about what are the best authoritve websites around?Well if you go and type in 5000 Best websites in Google or the other search engines you will have a list shown there.As you will see Goofball sorry meant Google are at the Number 1 sport (go figure)But will will find many well known site you are most likely already dealing with or are connected to.From the image above you can see various catagories that you just click in and it will shown their overall ranking in the top 5
June 25, 2019
Today I went to the plugin area to check out some plugins that were recommended on a couple of websites online.This is where I noticed something quite odd in that when you look for a plugin you normally are able to get some further details about what this plugin does along with reviews etc.When you go to a plugin you will see sections you can get more details relating to the plugin such as description FAQ Changalong, Screenshots and Reviews.However not matter which part you select that all are
June 20, 2019
“When things go wrong, as they sometimes will;When the road you’re trudging seems all-uphill;When the funds are low and the debts are high’And you want to smile but you have to sigh.When all is pressing you down a bit,Rest if you must, but don’t you quitSuccess is failure turned inside out;The silver tint on the clods of doubt;And you can never tell how close you are;It may be near when it seems fare.So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit,It’s when thi
This Sunday May 12th is Mother's Day here in Australia and indeed in many parts of the world.I just wanted to wish all regardless if you celebrate this on the same day or on another date as some countries do. Happy Mother's DayMay your day be full of love, Joy and filled with many blessings that you deserve and more. Take this moment to reflect with the fact you gave life and continue to give love as your children grow and even as adults they will also be your babies.There are many type of Mum
Life is a numbers game in all you do and Affiliate Marketing is no differentWhen you are born, you gain a number to your age and when you reach a certain number depending on the attitude you created in life with what you do will determine when that number stops.Depending on your personal beliefs you will return in another lifetimes with a different set of numbers but this time it is added to your numbers gained over previous lifetimes until you finally reach that perfection of pure 100% Whateve
May 05, 2019
Today is my Father's Birthday 6th May 1937 he passed away 14 years ago of a brain hermorage after suffering a Heart Attack then two days later of a massive stroke in 2005 On Boxing Day so for me the end of year is not always the happest times in celebrating the end of the year. Strange thing is I had a massive Heart Attack 3 years later also on Boxing Day. But I guess the paperwork wasn't filled in properly and they let me go to pester you guys in later years. Glad I am still here as I met some