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September 19, 2020
Quick post admendmentEarlier on I sent a blog post saying believing it was our ambassador Jeffrey Brown Birthday but found out from another member is was another Jeffrey B Birthday and I got it wrong.So sorry for the confusion I got it wrong and it was no test just an error.I have since taken the post down as it is wrong and not worth leaviing it on when it is not true.My error in not checking further between the two namesAndre
Hi AllJust got a bit excited so I wanted to share with you all now.I just Finished a new post over the last couple of days.Just now I submitted my URL to Both Google and Bing then thought I will enter this into Jaaxy so I know when to check how it is ranking.As I did the first image came up was below of No 1 on GoogleAs you can see from the image this was Three minutes from submitting the postSo it goes to show it can take as little as 3 minutes in the case to get ranked and of course using Jaa
Hi AllJust a quick comparision between how Gardening is much like Affiliate Marketing.Let's look at how this can be.GardeningYou select the seed to wish to grow in your garden.Affiliate marketingYou select your niche your wish to share on your website.GardeningYou prepare the soil where your seed will growAffiliate MarketingYou create a domain name relating to your niche and prepare your websiteGardeningYour nourish and nuture your seed so it can grow strong and share your gardening prowness f
August 11, 2020
Hi All Wordpress 5.5 is now available for updating that comes with some added features for your benefit.Some of these new features within WordPress 5.5 will help to improve your Sitemap, speed and security for your plugins that you already have on your website.For the Gutenberg lover's they have also added some features that will improve your work.The best way to see what they have improved on is to read what they have to offer after your have updated to the 5.5 versions. Once updated a new win
Hi AllJust recently Kyle posted a blog regarding Pinterest and it's growing nature that will be of benefit to all members here.His link to the blog is below only will this create personal followers as Kyle stated but another benefit that we can put to great use is comments.Althought there are no credits to this idea as per the sitecomments we have but there is an added benefit we can put to good use.That is CommentsAll you need t
Well that time has come when we celebrate part of our Dynamic Duo here in Wealthy Affiliate.YepIt's none other than KyleWishing you a wonderful Birthday and thank you for all you have done for us membersYou are so appreciatedEnjoy your day and cuppa or whatever you wish to put in your WA Mug because today is your day.Happy Birthday KyleAll the bestAndre (Apache1)
How the years have changed but Ariel will always be my AngelSo won't be on here today as I have more important things to do and that is to celebrate my Angel's birthday. My Daughter Ariel is turning 23 today 21 June to it's party party party Love her to bits.Years ago when she was born I went to a New Age bookstore and saw a Book of Angels and their associations with Names. When I looked up the Archangel Ariel I found that this angel is associated with my Name. Ironically when I looked up my s
Just received a message that two Dams in Michigan have burst due to the heavy rainfalls over the last few days. These are the Edenville and Sanford Dams.Residents have been told to evacuate regardless of the Covid-19 restrictions.It is stated that by areas around the dams in Michigan could be under 9 feet of water affecting over 40,000 residentsSending out prayer and thoughts to all concerned. I know we have some members past and present to live in Michigan.Please for your own safety and family
Wishing all Mother's a Wonderful and Happy Mother's DayHere in Australia it is May10 2020 already and we are now celebrating Mother's Day for some countries it will be tomorrow and some may not celebratate on the dayAt the moment it is a bit cool but sunny and beautiful and what a fitting day to celebrate a special person in your mother.We may be facing various current issues that is facingthe world, and as a result many not get the chance to be able to see their Mothers due to restrictions and
May 01, 2020
Came upon a wonderful message a friend sent to me which where you read the words are to true to all regardless of where, or who you are.There is music in the background if you wish to hear the relaxing sounds but that is said is what is important to note and realize.I felt this may give some piece of mine to all especially during this time of difficulity the World isi facing now.But also Know that we as individuals and also as a collective group willl continue along life's Journey.https://www.f