England Vs Sweden And The Great Thing About Blogging.

Last Update: July 07, 2018

I'm not a great fan of football. But here in the UK its a big deal to a lot of people. Right now I find myself waiting for the 3PM kick off. Today its England Vs Sweden.

I've lived in the UK all of my life, so I have to support England in the quarter finals!

I was going to be updating my website this afternoon... Instead, I'm watching the match with a cold beer...

Thats the great thing about owning your own website. You can work where and when ever you like!

Good Luck England!

What have you avoided doing today? It's ok to take a rest... Just get back to it as quickly as possible...

Have a great day guys!

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EKaye1 Premium
Hopefully England can get to the final.
Andrew-74 Premium
Fingers crossed!
RayAleksandr Premium
It's coming home ~ it's coming home ~! Yeah!!!!!!!
Andrew-74 Premium
It certainly is coming home! Woohoo!
verazhelvis Premium
Waiting for my team playing this evening. Fingers crossed and praying.:)
Andrew-74 Premium
Good luck!
verazhelvis Premium
Alas... But it was a very good game...:)
PMindra Premium
England 2, Sweden Nil.

I was in England as a young lad when last they won the World Cup in 1966.

Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton and a Hatrick from Geoff Hurst.

It was a great match.

Russia vs. Croatia coming up in a few hours.

France and Belgium have moved on the next round.

I predict England vs. Belgium in the finals.

Cheers, Andrew,

Nice to hear from you.

Paul from Canada.
Andrew-74 Premium
Hi Paul. What a moment that must have been in 66! Wow! Who knows maybe it could happen all over again?

Great to hear from you Paul.

tommo1968 Premium Plus
Watching it myself with a tablet on my knee answering a few questions during the breaks. I got Sweden in the family sweep so I'm going that way.