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Should I cite my sources?

Should I cite my sources?

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I do not currently have any sources on my website posts. I am struggling a bit whether I need to have them. I have typed in my own words as well as using my own opinions and ex

that would be fair I guess...

A good practice. Fits the spirit of attribution!

I find this question and the answers funny and refreshing at the same time because I nearly got into an argument over it earlier today. I asked the very same question and was pretty much told if I had to ask, I was plagiarizing. Imagine!!!!! I'm a college graduate, used to citing my sources and unfamiliar with how things are cited in this venue. I just had to walk away from my computer. I'm glad you got better answers than I did, as it helped me as well.

It was actually from your conversation that got me thinking about crediting sources. I am glad the answers here have helped.

The answers you got were more helpful than some of the ones I got. So thank you. I am glad they helped you as well.


This was a great discussion, as I have had similar questions. Good answers from members -- thank you!

I myself use 4 types of sourcing:
- hyperlink into the text
- hyperlink the word "source" or "read more here" emboldened or embolden "sources" and hyperlink 1,2,3 at the bottom of a subsection or paragraph
- at the end of a quote parenthesized in italics hyperlinked "read here" or "source"
- list all of the the sources used to as references that i researched for the post/page at the end.

i don't want readers to think i'm pulling my findings out of thin air.

Cheers, Brad

EXACTLY!!!!! Thank you for adding that last line. When I posed this question, I was told to seek a lawyers advice, to not worry about it - I won't sound like a pro if I give someone else credit, all sorts of crazy answers. I am glad I participated in this string as it gave me the answers I was seeking. I went to college and if we didn't cite our sources correctly, it was considered plagiarism. Not good.

Thanks for your answer Brad,

Hi, when in doubt citing sources should be routine practice which can add credibility to your document. Best Regards, George

I noticed that Kyle used sources on his Site, howtolosebellyfattoday.com

For SEO purposes it is usually a good idea to link out to at least ONE authority site in addition to your own related posts, etc. So maybe pull a direct quote from someone you have studied and give them credit for that. It's a nice win-win.

It adds to your credibility and authority when you cite sources. It also leads to less trouble of someone accusing you of copying their work. It's a bit more work, but worth it in the long run.

Best Regards,

If it is general info then it's a bit of a coin toss on whether to do it. However, it can build a rapport from other website owners when you cite their work.

So should I just use one main website, I can't remember all of the ones I used. Some may be further down googles rankings. Many thanks

I use the exact URL that I pulled the info from, just like print publishing... but that's just me.

Ok thank you. I shall start adding the sources on all my 26 articles :)

It depends on what you are writing about. At this point, if you don't remember the sources and you feel the information is general purpose and found everywhere, I wouldn't worry about citing as much. However, if you feel you want to cite, find those resources that are on the first page of Google for the keyword, and you can retro-cite (for the lack of a better term) those sources. Again, don't go crazy with it but think about citing future articles.

thank you for your help on this.

Hey Eden,

Just like in print publishing, citing our sources can give our information credibility... yes.

What I do is offer a list at the end of my posts and offer dead links... in other words, the URL is there plan as day but NOT live. Some links I have shared like that became live anyway. For those, I simply inserted a few HTML characters for the punctuation so those links would not be displayed as live links.

Google gives their sites credit for my using their URLs live linked or not... AND... I do not offer my website visitors an easy method of leaving my website. :-))

If I use an actual quote, I make sure to put their quote in blockquotes and include the source directly below that, without making the URL live.

Hope this helps you.

Thank you that is a good tip, which I will do.

My image below is an example of a quote I used on one of my websites and how I credited the author. This site uses an odd way of displaying blockquotes but it works to make it set apart from the body of the blog.

It is a good example, thank you Trish

LOL, I had to go hunt for that example because I do not necessarily quote others. However the list of sources at the end are used when proof for what I have stated needs backing up with what I discovered.

Great example I got so much to learn thanks you Trish

One step at a time Todd. I did not learn all that I know in a day (shuckers darn any ole' way). ;-))

You're very welcome and thank YOU for letting me know this helped you too. Much appreciated.

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