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Hello to you all! Hope you are all having a good day. Today I just wanted to reach out to the community to share a small problem that I am having. I Have been running The Make Money Online Zone website for a few years and I love to get comments on my posts from genuine readers. Normally comments are a good thing, but lately I'm getting some really annoying spam comments!I know that Security here at Wealthy Affiliate is pretty good and I understand that spammers are very good at what they do too
Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing very well and have had a productive week. Today I would like to give you a bit of an update of what I've been up to as well as giving you a bit of advice that might just help you get better rankings.As many of you will be aware the Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Challenge for 2019 has begun. I was fortunate enough to be one of the lucky ones who applied and was accepted for this course.The Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate TrainingFor those of you tha
Quite a few months ago I read something online about removing the date from your Wordpress posts. The idea was simple... Since people trust newer, more up to date content, then wouldn't it be better to just remove the date from our posts. This would make our content appear to be more "evergreen" right?Well, that was the subject of a post that I read several months ago. And after reading it I decided to give it a try. At the time I had made quite a few changes to my webs
If you are currently using the Yuzo Related Posts plugin, then you need to know about this! In fact, everyone should be aware of this...Today I started working on a new post for my website and at first everything appeared to be completely normal. However, on previewing the new post that I had just created I was shocked to see that my website was redirecting to a very spammy website with an equally spammy special offer.My heart instantly sank as I have been hacked previously and I know how hard
So I've not blogged on here for a while. So I thought I would just post a bit of an update. I am very much part of Wealthy Affiliate although I havn't blogged on here for some time now. In the background I have been working on my main "money Making" website. But recently I have reached a point where I am actually considering changing direction with my online business completely. I've worked on the same website now for about 3 years now! I chose a hard niche to tap into but I have no regrets. Th
I'm not a great fan of football. But here in the UK its a big deal to a lot of people. Right now I find myself waiting for the 3PM kick off. Today its England Vs Sweden. I've lived in the UK all of my life, so I have to support England in the quarter finals!I was going to be updating my website this afternoon... Instead, I'm watching the match with a cold beer...Thats the great thing about owning your own website. You can work where and when ever you like!Good Luck England! What have you avoide
Hello everyone! Today I just wanted to reach out and offer a little encouragement to all of you lovely people. I have now been working on my website for a couple of years. I've had ups and downs, problems that I have overcome and issues that I have had to work around. But I stuck with it and I'm so pleased that I did.Even after all this time, I still keep on learning new things that hopefully improve the site and make the user experience even better. Today I wrote a rev
Hi everyone! I just wanted to share something rather strange with you. I'm hoping that someone out there might be able to shine a bit of light on this subject, because it has me a little baffled. A few days ago I wrote a review page for a product that I have been researching. After publishing the post I shared it on social media, just as I would normally. Today I checked to see if the review had been indexed and where in the search results it was ranked. What I found was something that I had no
Wealthy Affiliate Websites Benefit Enormously With Site Feedback!Hi there! Today I just wanted to share something with you that I think you will all benefit from. Its called "Site Feedback".You will probably have used this service if you have progressed through the basic stages of the Wealthy Affiliate training. But here's the thing... I bet lots of people that have had their websites running for quite a while have progressed from getting Site Feedback and haven't bothered with it since. Well,
February 25, 2018
Today I just wanted to share some advice with you that you might find helpful. Over the past couple of years I have created lots of content for my website. And after a while you start to forget what you have written and what you have covered. For that reason I started going back over old posts and updating them where necessary. This is also very good for search engine optimization, as I mentioned in this training that I published some time ago. How to optimize content for seoBut my message to y