My son is telling me to quit!

Last Update: June 22, 2018

My son, a newly minted college grad, asked me about WA, and I took him through my profile, and showed him all about the training, support, community, classrooms, Jaxxy, etc. I explained all I could about affiliate marketing and how it has taken me 15 months to get to this place with my website.

He then asked me what I pay to belong here and I told him, and knowing my financial situation, he freaked out, and asked me how I could pay out almost $600 a year, without even making back the monthly fees. I had no answer except to say that I am building out the site and hope to -- at the very least -- try to earn back my monthly outlay.

I explained all about how people here are making tons of money, collectively, and he just wasn't buying it. Not that I have to answer to a 22 y/o, but in his young age he is very practical and saves every dime he earns, unlike his mother...!

Point being, of course, is he right? How do you explain to your young adult kids what this is all about without getting a huge eyeroll in return?

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halinphilly Premium
Being an entrepreneur means working for yourself, with no guarantees you'll succeed. If you're like me, You're doing this for reasons beyond the return on investment. There is something inside you that is driving you to do this, and an enjoyment you derive from doing this

I do agree that you should go annual first chance you get. Maybe this November, sign up on Black Friday and lock in the 299 annual fee. Also, I know there are other costs involved, such as an email autoresponder and maybe a professional membership to LinkedIn or? But here's the thing...

How much does the average kid owe after graduating college? You are in effect doing the equivalent of getting a college education here. WA is your campus. We are your fellow students and in some cases - mentors. Kyle,Carson and Jay are professors.

Just my 2 cents.

amyr2017 Premium
Hi Hal -- great points, and this IS an online college campus. I get what you are saying. Great perspective and thank you...!
ORMartinez Premium Plus
I think it's always good to get feedback, particularly those you care about. It makes us re-examine our decisions. I often suffer anxiety when goals are not met or objectives not achieved on time or within budget. But, I have learned to ask myself, although I may not have reached my goal, am I at least walking in the right direction? If my answer is yes, I take pressure off myself and just make sure to put one foot in front of the other.

Best wishes in your endeavors.
amyr2017 Premium
Thank you -- and yes, gathering feedback gives us a larger perspective for sure... I need to trust my instinct more, though, and know that this is the right thing for me, at this point in my life. Thank you, and to you.
newmarketpro Premium
You have a caring son! Putting myself in his shoe, I might say the same thing. Definitely it's a challenging to make him understand that what you are doing now is important to you.

It might be a not-so-bad idea to get him involved in your project (site). You can even let him explore WA with your access.

Bad idea?

amyr2017 Premium
Not a bad idea at all. Maybe I can drag him down with me....!
sgregcrx Premium Plus
First...Stop paying $600 a year!

Go yearly and save a bundle!

Second, Explain you enjoy it and see it more as a hobby that "could" turn into an income. But you are primarily in it for the enjoyment.

We all need a hobby and an outlet, and the cost per year is quite modest compared to some

I am not advising you to "treat" this as a hobby. Continue to focus on your site as if it is a business because it is! But you are not going to be able to convince everyone this isn't a scam. And it might just be easier to explain you are doing it for enjoyment!

amyr2017 Premium
I wish I could afford to pay the yearly fee which would save me $$ every month but I just don’t have it.
I like to tell people that this is my “pet project” which seems to satisfy the curious.
Too bad affiliate marketing has such a bad rap.
Memorylaneuk Premium
I have 3 young adults that roll their eyes at me. I just roll my eyes back..... I remember being that age too and thought I knew it all... I definitely didn’t.
He doesn’t know everything either so practise your eye rolls... lol

With Grace and Gratitude
amyr2017 Premium
Hah — great suggestion and thanks for the reminder....!