Knowing our audience

Last Update: January 24, 2015

Kyle teaches us from the start to learn about our audience. Many WA posts have also focused on this important element of our business.

It's not easy to do and it takes continuing research but we need to know our audience so we can provide the information they want and/or need.

Walt Disney certainly knew it. I want to share another great quote I saw when we were walking around DisneyWorld on our vacation a couple weeks ago.

Take a look:

He sure knew his audience and look what has happened.

Is it the happiest place on earth, as Disney advertises? Perhaps so! He built what he knew we wanted.

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Debbi26 Premium
Whether you're giving a speech, writing a blog or writing content, Disney had it right.
PhyllisE1 Premium
Good to know. Thanks Allyn!!!
Loes Premium
Great advice, I will think it over thouroughly, I think one of my niches is to broad, have to narrow it down and specify one subject
AllynBeekman Premium
Glad it's helping you think through that. Mine was too broad at first also.
MarieKi Premium
I think it is so important - but it's still hard since I am new to this. I try to remember who my audience is but suddenly I'm focusing on how to create my website or to write a new post. I have to remind myself I'm not doing this site for me - I'm doing it for others. Thanks for the reminder!
AllynBeekman Premium
Oh, I can relate to what you said. I can study my audience for a while but then I'm always falling back to the other stuff. I have to keep working at this aspect of the business.
WKnoepp Premium
Right. Good post.