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Have you heard of Ubersuggest? It's an amazing tool that will find hidden keywords in Google, including many that you may never find using our keyword tools. I just discovered it tonight for myself. Then I searched within WA and found a training resource from 2012 that shows how to use it.Alphabet Soup Technique Kyle teaches us how to use the "alphabet soup" technique in Google to find keywords. Ubersuggest performs half of that technique quickly and easily by adding every letter of the alphabe
I always enjoy reading the "fortune cookie" sayings after having Chinese food for dinner. Tonight I actually got one that made sense.Fortune Cookie Logic The "fortune" said, "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." When I read this I began to wonder if it was a quote from someone. So, I entered it into Google. Come to find out, it's a quote from Albert Einstein. Imagination is very important in this business. We need to see ourselves, imagine ourselves, as be
February 14, 2015
For the last several weeks we've had a small pile of broken bricks and mortar pieces in the backyard. They were the result of knocking out our fireplace mantel as part of a much larger remodeling plan. Since we are limited on what we can dispose of each week due to the size of our trash can, we've been getting rid of the debris by placing a little bit of it into the trash can each week. This means perhaps 3-4 bricks and a few handfuls of the broken pieces plus some of the "dust".Building a Busi
January 24, 2015
Kyle teaches us from the start to learn about our audience. Many WA posts have also focused on this important element of our business. It's not easy to do and it takes continuing research but we need to know our audience so we can provide the information they want and/or need. Walt Disney certainly knew it. I want to share another great quote I saw when we were walking around DisneyWorld on our vacation a couple weeks ago. Take a look: He sure knew his audience and look what has happened. I
January 23, 2015
One of the first ways we are encouraged to begin building community here within Wealthy Affiliate is to read other's profiles and follow them. In turn, others read our profile and follow us. Though having a certain number of fellow WA'ers follow me has not been a goal of mine, it was very enjoyable to reach the point yesterday (1/22/15) when I responded back to my 1,000th follower. I'm just shy of six months in the WA community. Thanks to each of you who have helped me in so many different ways
January 19, 2015
Last month I spent quite a bit of time researching niches. I found one that appeared to have a very good amount of traffic and was trending upward so I investigated further. As I delved further into the topic of plantar fasciitis (often called jogger's heel) I became very intrigued with what I was reading.I Know a Runner You see, my son-in-law Eric is a runner. He competes in half- and full-marathons regularly. So, when he and my daughter came down for a week after Christmas, I asked him what h
January 15, 2015
I just returned yesterday from a wonderful family vacation at Disney World in Florida. If you have ever been there, or to any Disney park, you know the kind of excellence that Disney builds into all their projects. Most everything is extremely appealing visually and is always high quality. We had a grand vacation! It included my two children, their spouses, and my four grandchildren, along with me and my wife. It was a first-time plane flight for our 3-year-old grandson, so he was excited about
Back in August a lady brought her trove of Boston Red Stockings cards to a taping for Antiques Roadshow. Not only did she have a number of very rare baseball cards, she also had a letter, hand-written by the players of the team, addressed to her great-great-great grandmother.Who was Grandma? Apparently, her ancestor had been the landlady for a nice boarding house in Boston back in the 1870s. The players from the Boston team stayed at this boarding house, making it their home in Boston during th
December 30, 2014
As 2014 comes to a close, I can't help but think on how fortunate I am. I come from a line of humble, hard workers. Since the early 1700s, every ancestor from each and every line, prior to coming to the United States, lived in the Netherlands. None that I know of ever really made it big. In fact, as far as I know, I've been the wealthiest Beekman ever in my line of ancestry. When I graduated from college and started my first job in the computer industry at a whopping $12,000 per year salary in
This past week I've seen a number of posts declaring that someone had just achieved their first-ever sale. It's wonderful to hear these proclamations and know that the process works.Overcoming a natural reaction At the same time, I'll admit that I read some of those posts with a tinge of jealousy because I had been here in WA for 5 months and hadn't yet had my first sale. It was especially tough to read about those who felt very frustrated, having been in WA for just 3 months, before they final