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How do I change my website?

How do I change my website?

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How do I change my website?

Hi Rohan, thanks for comment and the follow. I mean like the niche that I choose for my website. Are you familiar with it?

how dramatic a change are you planning

that will help determine what should be done

Hi Adaba, thanks for the comment and the follow. Whenever I first started WA I had gone through the process of building a free website as a starter member, now when to amazon dot com website I had to come up with a niche which is my domain name. What I'm trying to say is I want to create a new site and talked to Kim a little while ago about this. She was told she did not think I would be able to change it and I had already published my "about me" page. I have been stuck on this for a while and need to find out what to do. Thanks!

anything can be changed, there is an expression about being carved in stone, well, even carvings in stone can be changed

let's get to substance,
- what is the niche you started with
- what is the niche you want to move to

glad to help as much as I can, you can pm me as well so that we can become more specific and get into the gorie details

all the best

My pleasure and thanks for the return :) Would you mind posting your link here so that I can get a better idea for your question. Thanks!

just to be clear, it is electric guitars that you want to build on, or was there something else that has attracted your attention

it does not have to be perfect, but it does have to genuine -- from your heart/passion

i left a comment on your blog

all the best,

Hi Adaba, When I built the website for my niche I made small error when typing in the word guitar. I put an s on the word guitar. I have on my site electric guitars advice which does not make any sense because I put an s on end of it. I will just create a new niche for my website so that way it will look right. Thanks for your help!

imho, leave it as it is,
when you are ready to register your own domain, that is when you can type it out correctly, while in test mode, don't worry

when you do get ready to register, have a notepad ready with the correct spelling the way you want it, and then copy and paste at that time

for now, just play!

all the best

Hi Adaba, thanks for your help with this. I will go back and make some corrections on this. Thanks!

Hi Caterina, thank you again. I'll let you know if I think of anything else.

Here is a video tutorial on how to change the look of your site:

Is that what you meant?

When you say change your website do you mean your website theme?

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How do I choose a domain name?

How do I choose a domain name?

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How Do I Choose A Domain Name?

Thanks for the comment and the advice. Cheers!

Hi Manny, thanks for the comment and helping me find a domain name for my website. Thanks!

Not following because you already have a website up and running that is named. If you are creating a second website, you would be doing the same thing. Seeing what names are available, registering the domain, etc. Might want to review the training again if you have questions. Good luck.

First, you need to go to a site that sells them such as namecheap.com, Godaddy.com or some other. After you go there you begin searching for a name which is relevant to what you will be working with and then you can purchase the name if it's available.

How can I use google to get traffic to my website?

How can I use google to get traffic to my website?

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How Can I Use Google To Get Traffic To My Website?

Thanks for the comment and the good advice on setting up keywords for my content.

I am happy to help.

Hi Elusian, thanks for the comment. I will go check out the site. I always appreciate the help I can from other members. Thanks!

My pleasure.

Start creating keyword rich content on your website - and keep doing so.

Do your keyword research for low competition well searched keywords. These terms have a good chance of getting on the first page of the search engines.

As your content gets ranked people using these keywords to do searches will see you content listed and have the opportunity to come to your site - this is known as organic traffic.

Use these keywords for your content. Have the keywords in your title and in the first paragraph if you can and then write naturally from there.

And keep in mind you are writing for people not the search engines.

In lessons 6 and 7 of the starters course it gets into SEO and Keywords:


Hope this helps

You have some great suggestions. I also post my blogs to Google Ping as well.

Thanks for adding that. If you need to ping multiple pages this is a nice free tool, as well: http://bulkping.com/index.php

Thank you, another good one to add...I use Ping Farm, Pingomatic, I also post to Digg, and Reddit....etc...

Oh, also make sure that you have a sitemap installed on your site. There are free plugins that can do this. Then submit it to Google and Bing.

You need to center your site around themes. I use the free plugin on the bottom of this page to do this: http://catstechtalk.com/wordpress-plugins-that-rock/

it divides topics into silos, categories and articles that are properly linked in my sites. This structure has a higher chance of being picked up by Google.

Also add videos on you tube and then put that code into your posts. Google rewards this behavior.

Set up a google plus account and begin to add your posts there as well.

Sign up for an onlywire account. Add your social media accts there. Any time you add content, submit it to only wire. It will blast it to your social media accts, which will be picked up by Google.

what is a siloed site?

A siloed site is one that is organized by theme, category and article. It is then linked in a certain way that tells google that all of these things are related.

Google believes that certain ideas and themes naturally go together so if your site is structured correctly the search engines will give more credence to your site and you will naturally rank higher with less effort.

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