What can happen in a month?

Last Update: September 12, 2014

Thank you all for reading my blogs here at WA. One commitment I made early on was to post "accountability blogs" at certain times... little progress reports, that keep me honest and motivated.

I hesitated to write this one. I thought I might skip it because I'd envisioned having more to brag about at the one month mark.

But then I heard myself telling someone about WA today, because he has a degree in marketing that he isn't using, and, like me, he has a fulfilling job but could use some extra cash. And in the telling, I realized by his reaction that I now have a lot of knowledge I didn't formerly have. He asked how to make money online, and I explained there are a lot of ways. And I explained the basics of website, blog, traffic, income... I realized I now know something about keywords and SEO that I didn't know before. He wrote down "wealthy affiliate."

I think I am having some success with the rank system here, and I think that will be helpful to me in the future, but I haven't even tried to do anything with that: I simply enjoyed interacting with all the people here, expressing opinions, asking questions, offering help when I can...and somehow that number kept dropping.

And I had with-held my WA pursuits from a daughter I thought would immediately worry about online scams: my plan was to tell her after I'd had some tangible success. But it came up somehow, and I said, in my humble-pie voice, "I've just started. I haven't made any money yet, because I am building and that takes a little time, but I have a basic website..."

"What, you hired someone?" (I know she was about to lecture me on what people charge for that, and that it can be done free...)

"No, I got the information, amazing videos and, well, lots of information, and I did it..."

"You did it?" There was no lecture from my loving offspring this day.

That, my friends, is success!

And I decided I had something to share here after all.

I wish you success. Thanks for reading.

If you are new, or even if you're not, why not post the following:

1) In one month, I would like to be..

2) In one month, my wildest WA success dream looks like...

3) Practically and realistically, in one month from now I think I can expect...

I will post again in a month, and remind you to re-read this blog and the comments you left, and you can see what happened. Like me, you might be pleasantly surprised!

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Bethamy Premium
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Hi Alice, Congratulations! It's almost like having a dirty little secret, then when the big reveal happens, and the naysayer's are left dropped-jawed, you kinda wish you had filmed it to play it back at your leisure. It proves that the baby boomers and tail-gating post babyboomers still rule! Go Girl! Blessings Bethamy.
AliceC Premium
LOL. I will have to keep going. But breaks are allowed. Thanks for sharing, Bethamy.
Kathy331 Premium
Great post Alice, love your daughters reaction!
AliceC Premium
Hello my friend! Nice to hear from you. I am sure you can relate. :) Sounds like we have both raised self-assured daughters.
LornaAllen Premium
Hi Alice - been beating myself up a bit lately cos I have a lot of other stuff going on that needs tending to and have only done a small amount of work on my site - but hey you are so right - I have done SO much since I started here - I showed my latest update to my own daughter last night and she responded 'that's really cool'.... indeed it is success!
AliceC Premium
I think this has an ebb and flow like most things. The first while was SUCH exhilaration! But, even when something is exciting, it is also, for me, a great deal of learning and i guess I need breaks... I beat myself up too sometimes, but i am doing this FOR ME after all. LOL I am really pleased that you could relate to my post. Thanks for the comment.
KatieMac Premium
lol you are right it can be done and here we learn how to !! have a great weekend
AliceC Premium
Thanks Katie. Success to us! :)
Eddie C Premium
Awesome Alice. That is definitely success. Look forward to next month.
AliceC Premium
I'm glad you liked it. But you didn't post any replies. :( I would really like to see how people do. Is that too pushy?