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Hey all! My name is Ali. I’ve joined WA in 2016 for the first time. Wow, 2 year ago…! ) I enjoyed every moments that





Why I can't see incomplete tasks?

Why I can't see incomplete tasks?

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WA Affiliate Program

Hello WA community! I have a question about WA affiliate program and I hope you can help me with.

When I go to the tasks section, it shows that I have 3 incomplete tasks

Tick the completed tasks.

Hi Ali :)

As the training gets updated, I believe the tasks associated with that training may become unchecked so you can revisit the update and then check off the task again.

Will go and check if I have any, to see if there is a way to find those updates easily.

Nicola :)

So when I click on TRAINING I can now see on level 4 there are two tasks that have been updated and are now showing as unchecked, that I need to complete.

Hope that helps :)

Nicola :)

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Publish many posts at once in wordpress. what do you think?

Publish many posts at once in wordpress. what do you think?

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Everything Wordpress

Hey guys! Hope you all doing well. I have a question about bulk publishing in Wordpress.

I have about 100 draft post and wanted to know is it ok for SEO if I publish all

Some excellent comments from our expert panelists below.

I would like to subscribe to what some one had said earlier that you try to ask Kyle first. My reasoning however is that Gogoole might look at that number of posts in one day as a desperate move of some one of someone who wants to get rich overnight.

As for publishing bulk posts together, I wouldn't be sure Google penalizes for this but would suggest you ask Kyle first before taking a step. Thanks for asking!

Israel Olatunji

You write that you have no SEO purposes. But everything has SEO purposes, this is not in your hands at all. Once you publish, it will be registered in search engines unless you specifically exclude them from indexing (though I doubt that this would help completely).

So I would not do this if I were in your shoes. Do it one per day.

I see suggestions to submit the sitemap, this is obsolete, no need for this. AIO (and probably Yoast as well) has dynamically updated sitemaps. In AIO you have one single click in settings for this.

You should know by now that quality content counts more than the number of articles published.

Therefore you can publish dozens of articles every day but if the content is crap then no amount of SEO will make a blind bit of difference.

However its your decision and you must do what you believe is best for you.

Enjoy your Tuesday.

Thank you Robert and I've mentioned that I want to use those articles for social network marketing not SEO.


No probs Ali, I was just pointing out the importance of quality content as opposed to run of the mill.

Won't be any SEO "consequences" Ali.

Thank you ) Actually I don't have any SEO purposes for them so I just wanted to know Google won't penalty my website for that.

So I can publish them and back to my normal (2,3 weekly) publishing right?


I'd make a sitemap update & re-submission too ...

re-submission is included in sitemap update? I'm not familiar with that )

If you are using AIO SEO or YOAST the update is enough.

If you aren't, you'll have to resubmit the sitemap in Google Search Console

Thanks )

My pleasure!

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How do you move your content strategy into the next level?

How do you move your content strategy into the next level?

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WA Affiliate Program

Hello everyone! Hope you all doing well with marketing business. My question may seem some complicated but I try to make it as clear as I can.

Imagine you've completed Bo

The best thing to do to strategize content marketing is creating useful and informative content every day while engaging the visitors. This is how far it has worked for me.

Israel Olatunji

Thanks Israel

Much welcome, friend!

Israel Olatunji

Hey Ali,

Sounds to me like you are definitely ready for the training that Grace has been kind enough to share with us all, here: Hope you find this as helpful as I have.

One way I like to promote my content after writing it is thru social media forms. Preferably Pinterest, I actually found WA thru Pinterest!
There is an app called Canva, where you can create beautiful “posters” for you to post as your image on your pin your posting.
You can create a free business Pinterest account, where you can connect your blog thru and promote it. Join some group boards and pin thru them as well.
Hope this helps!
If you need me to elaborate more feel free to message me!
Best of luck!

Have you tried your hand at guest-blogging?

yes somehow.

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