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Hi wealthy affiliate friends. Did you know that we are always creating our reality both consciously and unconsciously at every moment through not only our thoughts, but our emotions also. So if you are trying to think your way to the life that you desire, you also need to find out if your emotions and deeper beliefs are matching your new positive thoughts. Many people hold themselves back from the action required to achieving success because these deeper beliefs are not aligned with the consci
December 02, 2014
If we want to create a fruitful, lasting business, we first must establish goals that are clear and be willing to follow them through to the best of our ability. Without any goals, there is no structure at all in which to build anything upon to create real, lasting result. Just as a house need a solid foundation in order to be built and last, so does any last success story. Without goals, we have no defined purpose and nothing precise to strive for in life. This is why we may stagnate and stru
Begin each day in the most positive way possible; with affirmations! Using affirmations will assist in expanding your awareness of what is possible and align your energy with the same frequency of that you wish to attract. Create Success Now A little tip for when using affirmations is to say them in the present tense. Saying 'I AM' will make you more magnetic to creating your goals in the NOW rather than saying 'I will have,' which keeps your goals always locked somewhere in the future. Here a
November 15, 2014
Hello, Wealthy Afiliate friends. Even though I have been here for a while, I feel it is important to review my goals from time to time, so I stay on track and achieve success. I decided to review my initial goals and share them here so I can keep myself motivated in going forwards. It is amazing what I have achieved already in such a short space of time, and I feel excited about the possibilities that await. Here are my financial and nonfinancial goals at the moment: My financial goals 1.I w
Greetings to all WA friends. Today's insightful message is all about fresh air! Remember that your body needs and flourishes on fresh air! Allow yourself to get refreshment from oxygenated air that is generated by trees, plants, the ocean, flowers, dirt and grass! That's right!! I return to nature in order to be healed, soothed, and reconnect with my senses. Here I am during a lovely nature walk today and feeling refreshed and grounded after so much work I poured into my website. As much as cr
Hello everyone. It can be overwhelming when beginning our new on-line business. When we get to the point of choosing the right theme to showcase all of our beautiful content, there are so many decisions to make and it can leave us feeling somewhat frazzled and frustrated. So let's explore 6 simple steps that can help make this task a lot easier to handle. Ultimately this will be a deeply personal decision to make, but with these ideas we will be well on our way to creating the vision we had al
Dear WA friends, the exciting thing about having an online business is that it opens us up to the infinite possibilities of the universe. It teaches us that we are not limited by time, space or our own thoughts about what is possible. We don't even need thousands of dollars to get started like many other kinds of businesses out there. It is time to tell yourself that it is possible to make money doing something that you love. Tell yourself everyday until you really believe it, and it will star
October 20, 2014
Hello WA affiliate community. I just wanted to send out some positive energy to all my beautiful friends. I have a wonderful recipe we can all make and the end result equals an AWESOME LIFE! Simply put a large serving of these magical ingredients into your heart, add a dash of glitter, stir and enjoy. Live your life from the heart and to the fullest + Laugh and play, have fun, dance and remain innocent + Imagine the infinite possibilities and potential that is always available + Dare to step
October 18, 2014
Hello beautiful WA friends, I hope you are all enjoying this fine day or evening wherever you are in the world. I am feeling grateful to be connected. Today's success tip is... Take action! There is no failure, only lack of trying! Momentum will come by taking action towards creating your life goals. Be willing to take the first step, no matter how small it is. So called ‘failures’ are there to teach us as we learn and grow. Don’t be afraid of the learning process, for it is the only pat
Hello dear WA friends. I know one area that can leave many of us a little stumped going forwards is working out how to choose a fantastic domain name. Anyone thinking of starting an on-line business or blog will come to realise that choosing a great domain name can make all the difference in achieving long term success. Lets take a look and break down some awesome ideas to consider when making our choice. 1. Understand what a domain name is When starting out your website, it is good to really