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Hashtag and numbers in my url?
Can anyone tell me why this is appearing at the end of the page URLs in…
4 months ago 11 Replies
Home page not displaying my text?
I don't understand why my home page will display my featured image, but…
6 months ago 3 Replies
My auto- message system isn't working?
When I get new members, they get a welcome message and two more in a few…
7 months ago 14 Replies
2 free domains with wa premium plus?
How long are they free? 1year, or as long as we remain premium plus members?
8 months ago 2 Replies
Is anyone having issues with jaaxy rankings?
I have sent a support tag, and I am told they are checking into to it.…
1 year ago 17 Replies
Why won't my post display properly?
I published a post from site content yesterday, and it will not display…
2 years ago 9 Replies
Are links to pdf downloads placed in my site dangerous?
A comment was left on my site about a book I had recently reviewed as…
2 years ago 5 Replies
Comment needs approved and answered, but won't let me do it?
I have a comment in my dashboard, but when I click on it to open and read…
3 years ago 3 Replies
How do you contact support anymore?
Every question seems to be going public, and not allowing us to access…
3 years ago 11 Replies
Problem with my tasks and emails disappearing?
I answered 4 emails that were questions my referral had asked. They showed…
3 years ago 7 Replies
A new referral was not added to my refferal list,why?
I received a follow and found out that it was my own referral and I was…
3 years ago 3 Replies
My welcome to premium letter wasn't automatically sent, and others were automatically?
My other messages for my recruits were automatically sent 1 day welcome,…
5 years ago 2 Replies
I can not get an image to display on my home page?
I have two site currently with the same theme Expound, but one refuses…
5 years ago 10 Replies
What do I need to do for a title change on a post?
I changed the title and permalink of a post I published a few days ago…
5 years ago 4 Replies
3 day follow up letter was not posted?
I have a new recruit, and the automatic 3 day letter did not go out. I…
6 years ago 2 Replies
Do I want the free "are paypal" or the wp shopping cart?
I am looking for someone who has experience with the free shopping carts/and…
6 years ago 5 Replies