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I have a question about billing?

I have a question about billing?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I have a charge showing as pending on my paypal account. it is using the name LEWIS ? I am pretty sure this isn't WA, but I am checking.
What date is my next yearly payment

You can go here


And check your last invoice.

it would tell you when it is due.

Any issues, you may write to Billing

I don't think it is WA, no invoice statement is appearing. I did send the email notice I got to the fraud department at Paypal


Didn't click any links either!

I would be wary of those especially if sent to your email inbox. However let us know the outcome, I hope you get it resolved sooner.

The date you paid should be you anniversary date.

I thought so, I was being billed in June, but grabbed the BF Sale last year. Either way, I shouldn't be getting a bill in May.

Here is the link to check your subscription date, when its paid.
Yes, you date due should be your anniversary date.

Yes, I was there, last pmt was in Nov, but it doesn't say anything about the due date. So, it should be in November?

Yes same time as last year because you paid for one year. Once you take advantage of a Black Friday deal your renewal date is that date which is Nov xx.

That's what I thought. Looks like a fraudulent charge is appearing on my PayPal account.

Oh No. Hope you can get it resolved.

It is still pending, and hasn't gone through. The invoice is not available. It is just so phony I don't think it will go through. I have reported it to them, so now I wait till Monday to talk to anyone.

I am not too worried, they claim they will refund fraudulent charges. But, as I said it is still pending, and I honestly don't think it should go through. But, you never know.
Enjoy your weekend,

Thanks. Looking forward to the weekend.
Enjoy yours too.

Yes, your yearly payments come once a year on the anniversary of the date you went yearly. If you go to your account settings under subscriptions you can see these charges. :)

I did go yearly in June, but then opted into the Black Friday Special in November.

Yes, anytime you take advantage of a new deal, that marks your new anniversary.

Ok, thanks Eric. I have contacted Paypal about a fraudulent charge on my account.

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Is this person real or a spammer?

Is this person real or a spammer?

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WA Affiliate Program

I received this in my email. it looks like he used to be a member, Did Anyone else get this? What did you do?

Ruyiddin Sharipov

Yes, looks like he is a WAer.
He may not have money to upgrade but wants to learn.
He could use the WA menu far to search and learn.

Also there are some free "classes" for starter members that can be found via the menu bar search.

No we have not received such an email..

It is a starter account, however should not have those details in their profile description.

Spam - delete it

My site h1 tag is missing, anyone know how I can fix that?

My site h1 tag is missing, anyone know how I can fix that?

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Website Development & Programming

I got this error in my bing webmaster tools site.

The <h1> tag is missing.

Add a header to the page by using a <h1> tag and place it within the <

Generate Press should be doing this automatically.

Here's a blog in Generate Press about this.

Hmmm, this could be what I need. Let me check it out.
I know something should be doing it automatically, because normally we aren't able to change the site heading.
Let me take a look.
Thank you, appreciate the help!

Hope it has an answer for you,.

That is exactly what I need to do, and I understand everything and how to do it. But, I am not sure what I am supposed to put in as code exactly. I was creating the hook, but not sure what they want.

I don't know if they(Bing) want my website addy with the http// or a brief description of my website??

I think I am going to get support to help on this one.

Thanks again, that info was spot on for what I am talking about!
Chas :-)

Well, I can make a guess, I hope it is right!

This code sounds like I can just put a nice sentence about my website, get a few keywords in, I think I have 150 characters allowed and then put

at the beginning and

at the end.

A precise and descriptive headline for the page

Where did your search the h1 info, inside Generate Press?
Thanks again,
Chas :-)

Yes, found this in inside GeneratePress.

Ok, I see that the H1 error was in the GP forum. I will have to talk with them about it, because now, I am not sure exactly what to do.
But, you got me on the right track!
Thanks Again,
Chas :-)

You are welcome.
We hope it gets resolved soon for you.

Excuse me I wanted to edit I clicked delete by error.

My apologies again.

However, Ronald's response makes great sense.

You may also review responses on below thread

Read my reply below. It's wrong!

WP will automatically put everything inside a body tag when creating a post.

Just make sure your post has a title; WP uses the title as your h1.

A domain name is your website address.

Thank You Ronald,
But, I AM talking about my domain name, my URL, MY website Addy!! Not a post, not a page, the home page for my site!
The php code is not putting an H1 tag in front of my website domain name.
The SEO plugin is supposed to do this! I had this issue before, I though it was fixed.

Maybe you having issues with Generate press, and hopefully, jghwebbrand guided you in the right direction to fix the issue.

But just for extra, I want to add this to hopefully help you understand what you are dealing with, in addition, re-read my first response on h1 and domain name.

Your URL is your domain name- this is only the address to your website. nothing else, once you have set your URL there's no need to do anything to it as long as you have HTTPS as the protocol

HTTP: is the protocol used when connecting your website (not secure).

HTTPS: same as above but secure. Your site should automatically have this when hosting here with WA.

(where your problem probably resides)
Your Home page with WordPress could be either the index of your blog posts OR if you change the settings to create a page to be your main page. If you have a page as your main page, make sure you have a heading there. that will be your h1, if its the blog post index it's likely not to have an h1.

An option to go around this is to create a page and make it your static page, inside that page, you can put in a blog index. On how to do it, I'm not sure with Gen Press.... but something you can look into.

Also, not having an h1 on your home page should not be a big deal. Instead, focus on your posts.

Google is powerful enough to read and index your website.

I hope this helps. Good luck

Hi Ronald, It was the TITLE of the SITE! Again, Bing was saying I had no h1 tag for my SITE TITLE.

I was not my settings, There was nothing I could do about it. It was not HTTP or HTTPS. My URL is Set to display HTTPS, yes so it IS SECURE!

I contacted Generate Press, and they did say like you are saying, the H1 tag was there, it's automatic and all that.

But, Bing webmaster reported the H1 Missing FOR MY SITE TITLE. The

tag is missing.

So what they did was give me some CSS code to add to the header to help the Bingbot find the h1 tag that is already there.
So it is there in the site code now and the BIngbot should be able to find it for sure.

The Bingbot also says I have no mega description for THE SITE, but it is right there in the code as well!.

They also said it wasn't a bid deal, but it is showing as an error for both my sites in Bing webmaster! Even though the tag is there!

So, I think we were adding a BLOG/Site Title under the header, with the site set to blog!

I didn't like the Title displaying twice, so we made it "No Display"

Now one suggestion (From Generate Press support) was that because I have a LOGO in the SITE TITLE Header, it might be blocking the Bingbot from reading it.

So we added the extra code to make sure it could not possible miss it.

The programmers at GP showed me an image of my code for the SITE TITLE and it is in there and displaying the H1 tag before and after the title.

Thank you,

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