3 Years at Wealthy Affiliate (My Online Journey)

Last Update: Sep 26, 2018

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This feels strange.

Three years at Wealthy Affiliate online business community... Say what?

On one hand it feels like I've been here for ages, on the other hand, it feels like I am a newbie and there's always new things for me to learn (which there is).

My Online Journey Started in 2015

How and why did I decide to pursue online opportunities?

It all started during my university years.

I was a Law & Society student but had enough scholarship and decided to travel as a language student during summer time (France, Mexico, Quebec, British Columbia).

Not only did these experiences abroad expand my horizons but it made me realize that I don't want to be some lawyer, a profession I wasn't even interested in, and being stuck in one geographical place...

...thinking about it horrified me.

I made my decision that I will finish university with good grades to show my grandmother (who was a very respectable teacher) that Diploma paper. Just wanted her to feel proud.

But I knew I will NOT continue down that career path.

So, I started doing some research online.

Realized that people can make money being freelancers using whatever skills they have.

I graduated in 2015, did some freelance work and, frankly, I hated it.

I mean I felt like I was running after people to give me a job and just wasn't my thing.

Without too much success as a freelancer, I remembered some guy's website that was stuck somewhere there in the back of my mind.

It was Steve aka @IveTriedThat.

Joined his newsletter, joined Wealthy Affiliate, went through the free Online Entrepreneur Training course and I LOVED IT.

I went premium 2 days after I joined...

...And never left.

Crazy Ups and Downs in All Areas of Life

For me 2015 and 2017 were life-changing.

In 2015:

  • I graduated from York University
  • I met a person who I thought was my soulmate
  • Experienced traumatic event: my grandmother died
  • Was accepted in the French language program in Montreal (5 weeks)
  • Freelance + Wealthy Affiliate (my parents were NOT happy)

In 2016:

Nothing special, just kept trying to find myself and if I recall correctly that was when I nearly got caught in the Digital Altitude (was announced as scam by the FTC in 2018).

(Talk about Shiny Object Syndrome.)

Glad I continued being a WA member.

Even though I was slacking off a lot and didn't see much success, I knew that I was the reason it didn't work.

I mean I really didn't do much work, and I always realized that. I was just lazy. Period.

The bottom line:


In 2017:

I had MASSIVE emotional and physical pain that year.

  • Very unexpected break-up with that person I met in 2015
  • Accident/orthopedic surgery/foot and ankle fractures ... couldn't walk for MONTHS

Now... don't let that smile fool you.

I was crying EVERY. SINGLE.DAY for 3 months straight after the surgery...

...so much pain I wouldn't wish to my worst enemy. I mean even nearly narcotic painkillers didn't help.

(So glad, it's behind me now.)

I was very close to falling into deepest depression when I came across Dylan's posts @dylanrieger.

I got inspired, excited and thought it's a good way to keep my mind occupied since I was stuck in 1 room for months (still couldn't walk).

So I decided to start an Amazon site on October 29, 2017.

2018: Things Improving...

Needless to say, I was VERY slow with publishing on my Amazon site because, well, I needed the energy to recover.

And still with so little amount of posts, I started seeing progress with my site.

I started slowly walking again (literally baby steps!)

My main focus is health, massages, physiotherapy etc but at the same time I am working on my Amazon site and even have hired writers to help me.

Things started to improve.

I am more stable emotionally, physically and financially.

Now, with the Amazon site using "best of" strategy I have a CLEAR understanding how to grow my income (hint: website business + investing).

It's a long journey but I know I will build passive income but it's very well worth it.

I am now 27 and hopefully by July 31, 2021 (when I am 30) I can say:

"I really am financially free. I have the freedom to do anything I want, anytime I want, anywhere I want".

If you're new or not seeing success:

  • go through the training,
  • network and ask questions,
  • set realistic goals,
  • work your butt off,
  • be persistent.

Also, check out Dylan's posts. They will inspire you.

And if you're a free member now, I encourage you to go Premium. Wealthy Affiliate platform is second to none.

Don't give up.

Dig your way to success!

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Recent Comments


Hey Zarina,

Great Post!! I love seeing success stories and the ones that have adversity show how hard and willing you are to succeed.

If everybody can just grasp that concept they will make it in this business.

I simply love the diamond mine graphics..

- Glen B

Thank you for your support, Glen! I appreciate it :)

My Pleasure!

- Glen B

Hi Zarina,
Firstly, I must congratulate you on your 3 year anniversary!

Well done for sticking and staying.
In spite of all that you've been through you still kept going.

You are now beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it will shine even brighter as you continue to dig your way to success.

Wishing you all the best with your online ventures!

Take care!

Thank you Jackie! And yeah, you said it right: "see the light at the end of the tunnel" - that's exactly how I feel now!

Hi Zarina,

I really enjoyed reading your post and really it shows such a sense of determination having to deal with emotional ups and downs but I know these kind of things just makes people stronger.

I wish you much success here with your business and the fact that we share the same birthday (albeit a significant number of years apart) only strengthens that statement.

Kind regards,


Hi Paul,

Well, sometimes it feels like I became emotionally weaker but probably it's a temporary thing (given that all things happened at once). But I know these challenges will definitely make me a stronger person.

I swear there are like 2 people I met in my life who shared the same birthday as me... July 31 is such a rare birth date compared to September 4th, for example, lol.

Thank you for stopping by!

Life walking in betWeen
And We all pursue our dream...

Thank you for a heartfelt testimony.

Pleasure :)

It's a pleasure to have your friendship here Zarina. Life has its pain and you have dealt with it handsomely.

Thanks for your support, Michael, appreciate it :)

And congratulations on your rise last night. No surprise to me! :)

Wow, what a life you have led so far. Makes my issues seem small.

Thanks for the encouragement and knowledge to know we can succeed at this thing WA.

Thank you for your support, Donald.

Hello Zarina,

Great blog. It seems that you have being through a lot of challenges and tribulations within a short period of time. But the good news is that you never gave up and kept fighting. This shows that you have a champion mindset and aura. You should be very proud of yourself that you have seen the light and more success are flowing towards you.

I hope you can achieve financial freedom by the time and age you have set for yourself. Thanks for sharing your story with us because you are an inspiration to all of us especially newbies to online business.


Hi Kuu,

Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it. Having the right mindset definitely is important, that's for sure. I do feel that things are improving, it will take some time but there's a progress and that's what matters.

Thank you for stopping by!

This is a wonderful story. Thank you.

Pleasure :) It actually feels good to share moments of my life I rarely share with others.

Hi Zarina,
Very inspirational update post. Happy to hear you physical roadblocks are behind you now and you're building a real business for your future.
I will definitely be checking out Dylan's training too.
Thanks..all the best to you.

Thank you KyleAnn, appreciate you stopping by to support. Definitely on the mend, though it's a painfully slow recovery (I want to go back to traveling again! Lol). But on the bright side, this situation forces me to work on my business.

Way to go Zarina, Keep your life moving forward the past is the past and your future will get brighter each day moving forward.

Best wishes and a bright and positive future!


Thank you very much for your well wishes, Rob! Appreciate it.

Thanks Zarina, I needed a boost, It is great to read about how you have worked your way through the obstacles of life to get the opportunities we are all seeking through WA. I have never been a good writer and have always been put down for my writing ability, Since I started in WA I have been doing something I have done very little of in my life and that is writing for other people to see.
I have enjoyed it immensely but have been at a bit of a stalemate for a while.
I started in July 16 and got off to a good start and had many ups and downs since then, I need this great opportunity to work, I do not want to rely on the pension for the rest of my life, My wife and I have things we want to do like cruising.
We are both in our 60s and still want to see more of life and be able to help our lovely family, 1 married daughter and husband and two beautiful grandchildren 18 months and nearly five years, love them to bits. We are permanent house sitters for the last two and a half years which we love doing looking after animals and for home security as well, when we are not house sitting we stay with our daughter and look after the grand kids for them. I have obstacles in front of me but I plan to negotiate around all of them.

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