Is Ezoic Worth It? (Vs. Mediavine Ads) - Need Your Feedback!

Last Update: Dec 3, 2018

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Hi guys,

So this just happened...

I was reached out by someone who works in Ezoic ads company.

Apparently he came across my info posts published on my Amazon niche site and that's how he found me.

(Do they always personally contact webmasters/bloggers?)

His email:

"My name is Kevin and I'm writing to let you know about Ezoic - a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

We've developed a machine learning platform that learns which ad sizes and locations work best for each of your users to increase ad revenue (typical lift is 50-200%) while improving engagement.

I'd love to connect; what's the best way to schedule some time to chat, or would you prefer some info via email?"


Ezoic vs. Mediavine Ads

Should I proceed with it?

Truth is:

I was waiting for my site to hit 25K/month so I can join Mediavine (heard good things about it from top Wealthy Affiliates).

Right now, I'm a bit under 10K/month.

I found out that Ezoic requires minimum 10K visitors to be able to join their program.

I mean I was actually approached by Ezoic representative (for whatever reason).


Should I take advantage of that or wait until I reach 25K to join Mediavine?

Is it an easy process? (Never done ANY ads, not even Adsense).

Also, a forum response regarding site load time:

"The second issue was downtime and site speed. Because your traffic is re-directed to the ezoic nameservers there is an inherent delay to site load time."

I'm already seeing site speed slowing down (don't know if it's the hosting or other factors), and last things I want is my rankings to drop because of this.

I have know idea what to do here...

Of course, I want to make extra cash with a hands-off ads system but I kind of made up my mind about Mediavine.

But the thing is that it'll take me more time before I can join Mediavine.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Looking to hear about your experience here:

  • Do you have experience with ads?
  • Do you think I should proceed with Ezoic before Mediavine?
  • How much money were you able to make per 1000 visitors with Ezoic?
  • Also, will Ezoic decrease my site speed???

Please share your thoughts in the comments!

- Zarina

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I don't know Ezoic.

Mediavine is the best, I made the same (maybe even a bit more) in my 1st week vs 3 weeks with Google Adsense.

I average a 4 digit income from them and all it took was just some set up time and the rest is 100% passive. You control how many ads, what kind of ads, etc. Placement is done by them.

If you use Ezoic or Google Adsense first, you will need to make sure that you can completely get rid of it easily off of your site as Mediavine is exclusive, you can't use anything else with it.

So don't manually add ad units to any posts or on your site, always add them through some kind of plugin that you can control your ads centrally.

Mediavine uses their own plugin.

For Adsense, I used Ads Inserter, I also use this to put the one sentence affiliate disclose on every page.

Make sure you are looking at the numbers correctly, for Mediavine, you need 25K SESSIONS, not users or page views.

Easy money display ads!


Thanks so much for your comment, Grace!!!

Yes I remember you really were happy with them (and that's why I took a note and kept watching my #s so that I can apply as well).

1) The fact that it's "sessions" certainly is better. I just checked G Analytics and I have 11K users for the last month and 13K sessions. Seems like I might get there faster than I thought!

2) In the comment below, Jovo suggested that I add Adsense first because MV looks whether I am in "good standing with Adsense". Do you think that's necessary?

I'd rather just wait until I hit 25K+ sessions and apply to their program. (And focus on other important stuff in the meantime.)

You're awesome, appreciate you getting back to me so quickly! 💖

No problem Zarina, always glad to help out if I can.

From what he said though, it sounds like it's good to have experience with Google Adsense to get into Mediavine, I didn't know about this before I applied there.

I know of someone else that got denied from Mediavine, and now I'm wondering if it's because of this Adsense thing, I know this site didn't have Adsense before.

It's not a guarantee shoe-in even if you have 25K sessions. Do you have good branding? Social media accounts? etc? I'm unsure if these factors are part of their approval process but the one they disapproved didn't have good branding. But, I was surprised someone can get denied.

With 10K visitors, I don't see why not start earning from Adsense. What? You don't like free money? LOL. You could probably earn $1-$2 a day on it or more. I was earning about $50 - $65/month at about 10K visitors with Adsense. I guess it's not that much after all, so it's up to you if you want to be bother with it.

You may want to just reach out to Mediavine or search if that's a thing you need to have Adsense before applying there.

I guess I can ask them too if you want me to. :)

Hmmm... Interesting. I guess I'll take your advice and email MV regarding Adsense.

As for my site, it's the Amazon niche site (I think I sent you a link before), I mean in my opinion it has a pretty good brand for a small website but I don't think it's up to me to judge, is it? :)

The only thing is that I don't really have social media accounts. I do pin to Pinterest but even my Pinterest account isn't optimized yet (I just add a bunch of pins from every niche).

Yeah if you’re going to email them anyway, then ask them about branding and social media accounts. I just looked back on your site but on mobile, I couldn’t see your Pinterest account even, it’s not added? The other thing you have going for you is your niche, that could be an attractive niche for them to have.

Ah, still yet to add buttons to mobile account! (I changed plugins some time ago). Awesome, thanks for your input Grace! :)

Hey Zarina,
About Ezoic ads, I don't know.
But about speed..
Check this first. I installed the plugin for site integration with Ezoic and activated site speed.
I was amazed to see my site speed going to top :D
I am suspicious when it came to solving an issue with a single click, and I keep digging.
This is the shared link about ;)
Apparently they just found a way to trick Page speed insights from google...
So, if they are tricking people and charge them at the same time, why should they trust them with the ads section?

I hope this was useful, cheers

Thank you for this post, Zarina!
I was just approached by one Ezoic affiliate.
Then I searched it here on WA, before any Google search.
And here is a simple answer.
I'll apply to MV soon, that's it.

I think I wouldn’t even do ads at all on an amazon affiliate website. The amazon links are already ads and should have higher revenue than display ads.

Additional ads are too distracting in my opinion. Unless it’s possible to only ads to how to posts, then I’m fine with it.

I know but many says they make 4 figures with MV. So far my conversion for Amazon isn't THAT high, maybe because I'm in an expensive niche. Don't know. But having additional source of income certainly would be nice.

I was reluctant with ads for 3+ years, but for MV I'm willing to make an exception. Looks like they know what they are doing.

Just a short update:
Seems like WA and Ezoic just won't work together, WA seems to block requests from Ezoic.

It took me quite some time to setup Ezoic on my site, just to find out that it won't work.

As long as you're hosted @WA please don't bother with it. I'm going to switch hosting soon.

Thanks for the update! Also did the site support told you it doesn't work? (Sometimes I had to personally reach out to them to allow one plugin to work with some API stuff)

Both WA support and Ezoic support confirmed they won't work together. :(

Thanks for letting me know! Either way, I decided to wait until I get 25K visitors/mo and apply for MV instead.

That's a great decision.

Well done on getting 10k visitors. Glad to hear your seo is working. Good luck with your decision. Cheers

Thank you!

Go for it. Once you reach 25k/visits, move over to media vine

What's your experience with it? Is it good money? What about site speed issues?

lol, i have no experience with any ad networks. I shouldn't really be posting anything :)

I have a bit of experience with ads so here are my thoughts that you might consider. One phrase from Mediavine about their approval procedure "... you have to be in good standing with Google Adsense..."

They work together but Mediavine is far better. So go for Adsense AutoAds before you get the limit of traffic for Mediavine. This is very easy, you will not earn much with the present traffic, say a few $ per day, but this is still something, and you will get a feeling of how it works and you might be looked upon favorably when you apply for Mediavine. Their procedure is very long in any case, can take up to two months.

With Ezoic you would earn just a bit more than with AutoAds but the difference is not significant. They are surely legit but remember they have an affiliate program so do not trust reviews which you see around.

With Mediavine I have days with a 3-digits income per day (from two sites). If you get to thousands of visitors per day, this becomes a full-time income. Note that Mediavine has no affiliate program, and this is on purpose, they have integrity and this is what I appreciate with them.

Ezoic approached you because this is what they usually do. But it is not Ezoic vs. Mediavine, they are at different levels.

Thank you SO much for sharing your experience, Jovo! Very helpful tips indeed.

I didn't "versus" as in which one is better but more whether I should go with Ezoic before I can join MV. The title is probably misleading, apologies.

For some reason I didn't want to do Adsense, for some reason. Do I need to place ads myself or will they will take care of it for me? (Position etc).

Also what does "good standing with Adsense" mean exactly? Being with them for a while? Making money?

No need to apologize.

Not sure what they mean by 'good standing' but I think they mean that you were correct in using Adsense, no false clicks, never banned by them and such things.

I have used all types of ads by Adsense, forgot details a bit but as I remember, for AutoAds you will just put a piece of code in Header or Footer. If the theme does not have such options you will use a plugin, I am still using it in one site, Head and Footer Scripts Inserter plugin, but there are probably more of them. You will have some options to choose about positions.

Wrong info, just checked, I am using AdInserter plugin for AutoAds. There was some issue with the other plugin I mentioned, so I switched at some point.

I see! Thanks for clarifying this bit of info. I will think about it and perhaps will go for Adsense before applying to MV. As for Ezoic, so far I'm leaning against joining them.

As I am new to the system and in the learning stage, the bottom line understood by me is - this is one more way to earn money, which I have never come across.

Maybe I should concentrate more on the training. Thanks for the information through discussion.

Warm Regards,
Gaurav Gaur

Yes this is a passive income and I know somebody here who generates over $5000/month by Mediavine alone. So you do not have to sell anything, this is enough for a full-time income. But to get to such numbers with ads you have to have over 100000 sessions per month, this is a huge traffic and it implies hundreds of posts.

I know the folks at Mediavine personally. Good people, top quality product. I'd wait. Ezoic has countless recruiters like this. Mediavine gets the better gigs (merchants) for sure.

That's exactly what Steve from ITT (my referrer) told me. Appreciate your input!

I wonder how long it'll take me to get to 25K if I'm now getting close to 10K...

Keeping working hard at it, and you may be pleasantly surprised!

Haha good point :)

Zarina, never heard of Ezoic. I smell a stink. IMHO.



Haha Ezoic is pretty well known among bloggers (at least I heard about it from multiple WA members). But then I heard MV is a lot better.

Good so it appears safe! Merry Christmas and be safe over the holidays. I'm sure crazy drivers are around every country including yours, just watch out for them!

Take care!

Frank =)

Haha. Thank you Frank :)

personally, I would not sounds like a sales thing

I thought so too but it wasn't pushy or anything, besidesI've heard of Ezoic before.

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