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Can I import a domain name from truename?

Can I import a domain name from truename?

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Getting Started

I found a domain name I like, it is from TrueName...

The name is "see-you.cafe"

Can I buy it at WA or if not can I import it from TrueName?

Yes you can buy from WA .

How about bilang websites? german english,

How about bilang websites? german english,

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Search Engine Optimization

what do you suggest if I want to have bilang website? A subdomain, Another domain or a multi Linguage website?

I use the WPML plugin for multi-language sites that I build.

This plugin works on the principle that you're using human translators throughout the site, although it does offer machine translations in 40 languages, which you can then edit to improve the quality of the translations.

It is a sophisticated plugin with a number of optional modules. If you're doing the translations yourself you will not need the Translation Manager module, but I highly recommend you add the Strings Translation module as this enables you to translate the text strings generated by plugins and themes.

There is also a module for Gravity Forms and one for Contact Form 7, although if you use either of those you do need the Translation Manager module.

Without the Translation Manager module translating forms is done by simply duplicating the form and translating the field labels manually.

If you're looking for a bi-lingual site and you want professional quality translations I recommend you take a look at WPML.

If you have more specific questions do let me know - I'd be happy to explain in more detail. I also have a review of WPML on one of my sites and I can give you the link to that if you would be interested - PM me.



It's better you make a separate website for separate languages. If you write two languages, then instead of targeting worldwide, Google will target visitors of the countries who follow those languages. Means, your website ranking will be higher for the specific language country but at the same time, your website ranking will be lower for other countries.

So, if you are getting worldwide visitors on your website, then I never suggest you add other language articles on your website. Instead, just make completely separate website for separate languages. That will be better.

A bilingual site is never a good idea in my opinion especially if you're using an artificial intelligence translator. However creating a site in several languages independent of each other when they are translated by A human being is a fabulous idea

If you were trilingual or bilingual you would never ever use a translator plug-in because you realise what a nonsense the results are

I have installed the google translator plugin but realized not many people use or like it so I can write in two languages my self. I want to know, one language one website or one website offered in two languages or a subdomain website for the second language.

definitely two different websites and fabulous that you can write yourself. Way to go

*** Super idea! ... :) ***

You can sure do that.

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Do free member commissions upgrade when I upgrade?

Do free member commissions upgrade when I upgrade?

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WA Affiliate Program

I mean, If a free member has referrals and gets 50% of the premium comissions, does he, once eupgraded to premium membership, get 100% commissions for those referrals?

On a free referral, you'll get 25% commission and when he upgrades to premium, you'll get 50% commission. That's how commission is paid at WA.

You Get half as a starter member than what you would get if you are a premium member

No. It's not 50 and 100

It's 25 and 50

Ok, lol, but the question is do the commissions rise once a member upgrades to premium membership?
And if you read correctly, I wrote 50% of the premium commissions :)

Of course it does. See smartketeer's answer. You double your commission when you go from free to premium membership.

No. The commission received by a free member for a premium referral is 25% of the $49 monthly fee

Ok, this is what I wanted to know :)
As a free member, you get 25% of the fee and once you upgrade you get 50% for the same member.


Which is 50% of the commission a premium member gets or not?


I can see clearly now :)

Thanks to both of you :)

I'm lost here ...

As a free member you get 25% commission. From any sales. Premium referrals, domain purchases, etc

As a premium member you get 50% commission from the same amounts.


OK :) don't worry, we mean the same thing :)

You will not receive it with retroactive effect, only at the next payment

Thanks, that's good enough :)

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Why am I getting religious posts to comment in sitecomment?

Why am I getting religious posts to comment in sitecomment?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I don't want to comment on religious posts in SiteComments. I didn't mark the box because it is not something I'm interested in.

Still I regularly get such websites askin

Religious Post is not the only post that not all people want to comment.

There are several others, sorry, there is not an option to skip a post.

And on the other hand, some affiliates are RACIST and will PM you to not comment on their post.

Say something right if they disapprove well you have done your good part. Your conscience is free.

Hi Dorcas, I know, I don't want to comment on several topics and these I didn't mark so I don't get asked. There is a possibility to skip in fact but we can maximally skip 20% to stay certified.
The racist fact is shocking to me, I didn't know that :(

We're an international community, everything seems to be possible :)
All the best to you, see you :)

In Site Comments, you are going directly to the real sites of the WA community which they cannot expose here. That is the real world and that is anything.

But every one asking for comments has to define what the article is about. Like this we, the commenters don't get bothered with topics we are not interested in.
People asking for comments on religious posts are not really interested in different opinions, they prefer if we all agree, that's what I have learned anyway.

Good question. I get them occasionally as well. I suspect that they've ticked a category box, such as health, that I am interested in.

I imagine commenting that I'm an atheist and can't understand how they can believe so much stuff that's obviously untrue wouldn't go down all that well :-)

You don't have to skip it. Just close the comments window.

I agree I wrote comments before telling what I think about the content, relevant comment in fact and it was rejected because it would not fit into the discussion lol.
Now I don't want to comment anymore, they don't want to hear what I have to say anyway.

You may want to go back and check your selections. Maybe it got marked accidentally. Even though I am a religious person, I do not feel drawn to commenting on many of those because of slight disagreements. I was able to go back and "unselect" it. I have not gotten anymore since then.

If you see something pop up that you know you don't want to comment on, you can always just leave the commenting area completely for a while. That way you don't get penalized for skipping. When you come back, it will most likely be gone.

Thanks for the tip, I'll check that again :)

If I don't know anything about a subject, I don't try to answer...I just leave. If it's a topic I'm not interested in, I just click "I'm not interested."

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