WOW! Look At These Results!

Last Update: June 13, 2016

Over the last three months I have not spent much time working on my Online Businesses at all...however, today I checked my Google Stats on my FiredOrDenied website and was completely SHOCKED to see that my site traffic has increased significantly...

...and that's WITHOUT me even posting any new content for at least three months now!


I was very excited about this so I thought I'd share my excitement with my WA Family with this screenshot....Check it out and Comment Below....Then Like & Share it to help encourage and inspire others! :-)


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BooBish Premium
Great! I'm wondering if you created the illustration that says "Fired! Denied!" on the homepage and if so, what did you use--Canva or some other? Also, It's interesting that you said you haven't posted anything in 3 months and yet still got traffic climbing; I had been wondering if one had to write content about once or twice a week nonstop continuously in order to be ranked by Google and, if that's the case, how could maintaining an affiliate website be considered "passive" income? (So it turns out that although it's ideal to churn out an article nonstop at least once a week, it's not a necessity to still be ranked by Google once you already have plenty of content on your site.)
CElie Premium
Great stuff.
Chrissies Premium
This great Jeremy :)
SadieChan Premium
Yes, we'll never know when the traffic start coming. Think good socialising networks whether it is the social media or WA help in some ways.
WilsonJeremy Premium
You know that's right Sadie! :-)
ChrisLaymon Premium
Amazing! That's nuts, yo! Can you tell where the traffic is originating?
WilsonJeremy Premium
Thanks bro,

I knew you'd love this!

Yes, it shows me where it originated from and what pages on my site are most viewed.

This is the link getting the most views right now:

Matter of fact, it's already had 14 views today and it's only 9:19am in the morning! :-)

Guess I did something right....LOL!