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June 13, 2016
Over the last three months I have not spent much time working on my Online Businesses at all...however, today I checked my Google Stats on my FiredOrDenied website and was completely SHOCKED to see that my site traffic has increased significantly......and that's WITHOUT me even posting any new content for at least three months now!WOW!!!I was very excited about this so I thought I'd share my excitement with my WA Family with this screenshot....Check it out and Comment Below....Then Like & S
March 14, 2016
Good Morning WA Friends!I wanted to share this Good News with you because it completely "Made My Day" right out of the gate. As soon as I opened my email up this morning, I found a WA Notification email from Kyle & Carson that I had just received a New Annual Member (and my 1st Annual Member Ever!) and that I earned $175.00 USD!!!And this all happened while I had been "Taking a Break" for the last several weeks!So do sales happen on "Auto-Pilot?"YES.....THEY DO!.....and I've attached a scr
February 25, 2016
What is the Best Facebook "Page-Type" to Start for Affiliate Marketers? Any idea?In this post, I'm going to break down the various types of Facebook Pages you can start to represent your website and/or your online business and at the end of this post, I am going to ask you a question and I'd like for you to leave your answers in the comment box below....Deal?My Question For YOU:None of the descriptions of these Facebook Page Types mention anything about "Affiliate Marketers," so my question fo
February 18, 2016
Are You Frustrated or Overwhelmed with Too Many Message Notifications?If so, simplify your day and easily get rid of unwanted message notifications by following the simple steps in the following video...(you'll have to click the link to the video because I apparently saved it in a format that I could not upload to the WA platform)... Oh...and please excuse the background noise....I just did this quickly.If this was helpful to you, please come back to this post a
February 18, 2016
I Just received this comment on my WA Review via my website ( ).......and I need help in figuring out the "proper verbiage" to be used to proclaim on all my pages and posts that I am an affiliate of these products/services and I make a commission from them....if this is in fact an FCC Guideline.Here's the comment that was just left on my site.....And no mention of your affiliate links? To whit:
February 12, 2016
Hey Friends...GOOD NEWS!!!I just had my first "Truly/Purely Organic" WA Referral Upgrade to PREMIUM today, who originated from an organic web search then via my website (!!!That makes TWO first one was a good friend of mine that signed up after an "In-Person" discussion about WA. As exciting as that was, I must say that gaining an Organic sign up tops the charts in the "Excitement Arena!"Guess that means that I'm doing something right now...LOL!Everyone, pleas
February 04, 2016
Today is My 120th Day at Wealthy Affiliate! - WOW!Time flies by fast when you're working hard!So what have I accomplished thus far?1. Learned how to build my own websites...I have several now that I'm working on.2. Learned how to properly structure Blog/Article Content.3. Learned how to research Keywords and Keyword Phrases in effort to obtain Google Rankings.4. Achieved several 1st page Google Rankings!!!5. Now have a small, steady flow of "Organic Visitors" coming to my site.6. Successfully a
February 02, 2016
Good News Everyone!!!!I just received my first commission check from Wealthy Affiliate in the amount of $30.50....WooHoo, it works!I'm curious to know if you've earned commissions for referring Premium members to Wealthy Affiliate, how much was your first commission check and how long did it take you to get it from the time you became a WA member?It took me four months but my momentum is growing every single day and I'm getting more and more visits to my websites, so I expect to be able to repo
February 01, 2016
Are you confused about what type or what the name of your new domain should be?I understand your confusion completely!You may be getting suggestions by many others on "What type of domain name you should choose for your first domain name and your first website" and it can be very confusing and frustrating!I just got an email from someone asking me for help on this issue so I figured I'd write my answer in a blog format so it could be a help to many others as well.So in this article, we will dis
January 30, 2016
Hey Friends,I bet you'll LOVE this new feature I just added to my website!It's a "3-D Pin Map/Spinning Globe" that will record and show all the cities/towns and countries of visitors to my site, starting from the day that I installed it...which is today.WANT ONE FOR YOUR SITE TOO??If you really Like and Love it and you'd like to have one to install on your websites as well.......then visit my link below, leave me a comment on that page...and in that comment, state that you'd like to know how to