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Hello to All My Online Friends,

My name is Jeremy Wilson. I was born in Missouri, graduated High School in Oklahoma and then graduated college back in Missouri where I studied Church Ministries and Performing Arts with a focus on Vocal Performance.

Before I say anything else about myself, I would like to pay respects to my late Grandfather, Dr. Art Wilson, of whom was a major influence in my life. So here's a wonderful piece of my family history...

Introducing my Grandfather, The Late Dr. Art Wilson. I hope you enjoy this, and if there's anybody out there that knew my grandfather, please comment below or email me and share with us the story...I'd sure love to hear it! Thank you! I miss him dearly!

Here's the youtube link, I think you'll enjoy this short video about him (you may have to Copy this link and Paste it into your browser)....


THANK YOU for watching that short video, it is an honor both to me and my Grandfather for you to take the time to get to know some of the Wilson family heritage.

Without any further ado, I will continue my story...

I began a sales career prior to and throughout college which ended up remaining my career course for many years (working as a sales professional for various companies ranging from independently owned businesses all the way up to Fortune 100 companies) until I decided to start my own business in 2006, Wilsonworks Construction, LLC, a general construction company focusing on both residential and commercial remodeling and repairs.

While still operating within the construction business but knowing that it was not something I wanted to do for the rest of my life (mainly because it is so hard on one's body plus the fact that that industry is always "up & down" throughout each year and I desired something more stable and consistent) I began seeking out other income and career options.


....My Story Continued Below....

First there was MLM...I didn't like harassing all my friends and family.

Then there were other professions I went after including becoming a Real Estate Agent, then on to an Insurance Agent, and also on to become a Mortgage Officer. I was working hard towards building a business around these professions and was just getting to a breakthrough point when the state of Oklahoma slapped a lien on all of my professional licenses due to a Tax Bill I had acquired via my construction company, Wilsonworks Construction. They would not release the lien unless I paid the tax bill in full. Long story short, it was a rather large bill (of which I'm still paying towards till this day) and I could not come up with the funds to do so. Therefore, they did NOT release the liens and that prevented me from being able to renew my licenses by the renewal deadline, ultimately resulting in my licenses expiring and the company I worked for had to let me go because they required all their employees to have and maintain active licenses.

WELL...Guess What???

That put me back in "Square One" all over again, for what felt like the hundredth time I've had to be in square one...Geez Louise!!!

So I'm in my early 40's and having to start all over again....What do I do?

At this point, I'm completely broke (with a large tax bill hanging over my head), I'm Divorced (because my wife left me, after all, my money ran out), I had been arrested and put in jail thanks to my “soon-to-be-ex-wife” calling the cops on me after a failed suicide attempt (which is a whole other story which I’ll be happy to share with you if you just absolutely want to hear it…lol), I had nothing of value (except for my house) left because I had to sell it all just to survive while trying to figure out what to do next, I’m confused, frustrated, depressed and almost friendless (it’s amazing how many “friends” seem to disappear whenever you go broke and get divorced…LOL!) and I had no clue at all what to do next.

I knew I had to go back to a “J. O. B. ” (Which in my brain and belief system means J. O. B. equals = “JUST OVER BROKE”) but what type of job do I try to get?

Well, I knew I wanted something I actually “LIKED” and could “ENJOY”…so that led me to the conclusion of, “Crap…I can’t think of a single J. O. B. that I would enjoy, much less that I would like!”

So then I thought that since “sales” is what I “knew already” and that the majority of my work history reflects fairly well in that area on my Resume, that I would just suck it up and go get me a sales job. I mean, it would be easy, right???

I’ve never, ever had a hard time getting a job in my entire life until now! Before running my own business, when I would go to an interview, most of the time the interviewer wanted to either hire me on the spot or within the second interview….well NOT THIS TIME around!

I’ve spent nearly a solid NINE months accumulative over the last two years (and that’s averaging 50 to 60 hours per week during that time, treating the job-search just like I would an actual job) applying for a sales job with all sorts of companies, researching companies, researching job markets, applying for even just “sales-assistant" positions and even admin positions in effort to just get my foot in the door with these companies...only to receive ZERO reasonable offers.

There were a few that offered me an actual sales job but were super unreasonable in their offer. For instance, there was a “reputable” copier and document management company that put me through SIX various interviews over an EIGHT-WEEK period, and at the end of the sixth interview they stated,

Copier Company Quote: “Jeremy, we believe you are the perfect fit for our company given your passion for your clients, for business and for your previous experience and accomplishments. We would like to offer you the job and even though the starting salary is a tad bit higher than we normally offer, we believe that you are well worth it and we’d be happy to have you as a part of our team starting today. Now your salary will start at (remember they said it was higher than what they offer most people) $18,500. 00 USD per year but if you work hard you could earn a 5% increase within as little as twelve months and up to an 8% increase in as little as 24 months. Would you be able to start tomorrow or at the beginning of next week?”

That is NO JOKE!!!

WOW!!! $18,000 dollars per year! WHAT!!!??? After taxes I might, just might have enough left to make my house payment every month…but that would be all…how would I eat? How would I pay utilities?

The last company I worked for on a salary + commission basis was paying me $56,000. 00 per year, plus a $350. 00 per month car package, plus $125 per month to cover my car insurance, plus a laptop, plus a cell phone, plus 100% fuel reimbursement, plus stock options, 401k, retirement matches, etc. and plus commissions on top of that! Also, my last “good” year in my construction business personally paid me $92,000. 00, grossing nearly half a million in revenue (which is where the huge tax bill came from).

All of that information had already been revealed to this copier company throughout the interview process…plus, on my application, I clearly stated that I needed my starting salary to be no less than $45,000. 00 (this was a lower amount that what I believed I was worth, however, I was just trying to get my foot in the door so I was willing to take less to do so, plus this was the gross amount I needed just to be able to net enough after deductions to pay bills and survive).

Needless to say, I immediately stood up, shook their hand while thanking them for their time and then respectfully declined their offer. They then called me back a week later and offered to increase that salary to $21,000 if I were to join them…I still declined (and laugh-cried out loud once I hung up the phone.

The reason they issued me for the low salary was because they could get eager, money hungry, zealous recent college graduates to come work for them at that low salary point and since the salesperson retention rate at their company was less than 2. 5 years each, they could not afford to invest a larger salary into any single salesperson unless they had worked their way up to that (which would probably be like 10 – 20 years to just get to $45k…LOL!).

You’re probably “Laugh-Crying” right along with me at this point, right!?

To wrap all this up, after all, the time, money, energy and sleepless nights I spent fervently seeking a job over this two year period and while doing small handyman jobs along the way just to pay the bills, I finally realized that there IS a better way! And that's what lead me to here...to online affiliate marketing.

I would love to hear your story so please send me a message and let's connect.

All The Best,
Jeremy David Wilson

Q#1 – How much money would you be happy earning?
A#1 – At least $3,000. 00 per month on annual average.

Q#2 – How much would you be ecstatic earning?
A#2 – At least $20,000. 00 per month on annual average.

Q#3 – How much TIME are you willing to invest to achieve your goals?
A#3 – At least five (5) hours per day, six (6) days per week.

MY FIRST 10 Days Goals – Within my first ten days, I accomplished the following:

SUCCEEDED - 1. Built a fully functional and very attractive website of my own.

STILL IN PROGRESS - 2. Built & strategically organized fully functional sales funnel and follow up campaigns.

STILL IN PROGRESS - 3. Built a very attractive Lead Capture/Landing Page(s).

STILL IN PROGRESS - 4. Completed my W. A. “Getting Started” courses.

SUCCEEDED - 5. Completed a Daily action plan integrated with my calendar.

SUCCEEDED - 6. Begun Implementing strategies and activities learned within W. A. “Getting Started courses.

SUCCEEDED - 7. Engaged with at least one WA community member per day, every day.

SUCCEEDED - 8. Discovered, Clarified and Defined my Niche that I will be focusing on.

SUCCEEDED - 9. Began researching my Niche gleaning important analytics about the profile/avatar of the specific types of people within that Niche.

SUCCEEDED - 10. Shared my first 10-day goal experiences, obstacles and successes with the community and my sponsor.

MY FIRST 30 Days Goals - FAILURES & SUCCESSES - I accomplished the following:

FAILED - 1. Successfully generated a minimum average of at least ten (10) leads per day.

FAILED - 2. Successfully converted at least 20% of those leads into sales.

SUCCEEDED - 3. Begun research on a second Niche.

SUCCEEDED - 4. Shared my 30day successes and accomplishments with the community & my sponsor.

SUCCEEDED - 5. Helped at least one person within the community that is newer than me to overcome an obstacle like or similar to what I had, thus sharing the education I have learned.

SUCCEEDED - 6. Began to fully enjoy online marketing and a clearer vision of how it’s going to improve my lifestyle and those around me.

SUCCEEDED - 7. Successfully helped, at least, one person realize the benefits of online marketing and assisted them in getting started themselves.

The Next 6 Months – Within the next six months, I will accomplish the following:
1. Successfully “scaled up” my business investment at a rate of at least 10% per month.
2. Successfully helped at least 6 people in getting started and profiting at their own online business.
3. Successfully created six attractive campaigns around six new niches.
4. Increased my average incoming leads per day to at least 20 per day.
5. Mastered at least one Niche.
6. Mastered at least one marketing strategy and course of implementation.

The Next 12 Months – Within the next twelve months, I will accomplish the following:
1. Scaled up the investment into my business by at least 20% per month.
2. Helped at least 15 people in getting started and profiting from their own online business.
3. Created at least 15 new campaigns around fifteen new niches.
4. Increased average incoming leads per day to at least 50 per day.
5. Mastered at least three niche(s).
6. Mastered at least three marketing strategies and courses of implementation.
7. Fully completed and implemented at least three specific self-improvement plans.
8. Increased personal and business confidence levels by 100% on each.
9. Have taken at least one full week off to travel/vacation to a place I’ve never been that has natural wonders I can experience.
10. Paid it forward by finding someone in need and fulfilling that need without any expectation of gaining anything in return.
11. Successfully finished remodeling the exterior of my house.
12. Installed new windows and doors in my house.
13. Repaired my girlfriend’s car for her.
14. Sent my parents on a cruise.
15. Hosted a neighborhood cookout, inviting friends, and family, neighbors and business associates.
16. Volunteered at least one full day of my time to a local charity or outreach.
17. Finally began to truly enjoy life again!

Ahhhhh...Feels sooooo good to dwell on these goals!!! :-)




1. Promoting Local Bands & helping them sell their music and merchandise.
2. Promoting Venues helping them to “always have a show” to stage.
3. Exotic Homes.
4. Exotic Vacations.
5. Exotic cars.
6. Small Homes.
7. Real Estate Training.
8. Flip This House Training.
9. Living Off the Grid.
10. Exercise
11. Dating.
12. E-Cigs.
13. Exotic Beers.
14. Exotic Wines.
15. Natural Wonders.
16. Exotic Planes.
17. Diamonds.
18. Gold.
19. Silver.
20. Precious Metals.
21. Mortgage Training.
22. Insurance.
23. Wills & Trusts.
24. Making Money Online.
25. Career Searching / Finding the right career.
26. Second Career Advice for people over 30/40/50/60/70 (each age group)
27. Retirement Strategies.
28. Rare Musical Instruments.
29. Musical Instruments.
30. Off-Roading.
31. Extreme Sports.
32. Breast Cancer.
33. Dental Care.
34. Health Care.
35. Video Games.
36. Amazing Electronics.
37. Recording Studios.
38. Video Production.
39. Photography.
40. Residential Remodeling.
41. Commercial Remodeling.
42. Home Organization.
43. Office Organization.
44. Work Efficiency.
45. Home Life Efficiency.
46. Time Management.
47. Money Management.
48. Motorcycles.
49. Motorcycling.
50. Bicycling/Bicycles.
51. Fancy Restaurants.
52. Healthy Fast Food.
53. Meals to Go.
54. Hospice.
55. Retirement Homes.
56. Long term care & facilities.
57. Online Education.
58. Furthering Education.
59. Best Universities.
60. Learning to play specific instruments.
61. Becoming a viral YouTube sensation.
62. Comedy/Comedians.
63. Kayaking.
64. Canoeing.
65. Camping.
66. Hiking.
67. Surfing.
68. Motorsports.
69. Boating.
70. Water Skiing.
71. Jet skiing.
72. Charities.
73. Hot Rods.
74. Car Shows.
75. Hot Rod Garages/Restoration Shops.
76. Exotic Watches.
77. Things Mom would love.
78. Things Dad would love.
79. Childcare.
80. Raising Happy, Obedient & Smart Kids.
81. Preparing Kids for a Successful Future.
82. Natural Remedies.
83. Gardening.
84. Energy Efficiency.
85. Cooking.
86. Healthy Living.
87. Weight Loss.
88. Helping Small Business Owners Grow their online business presence, customer base, and internet sales and repeat business.
89. Helping Small Business Owners create a successful Affiliate Program of their own.
90. Helping Small Business Owners create a successful Website (goes with #88 above, just more specific).
91. Whole Foods.
92. High-End Home Theatre Systems
93. Ending Human Trafficking!

- Have earned the trust of peers, colleagues, clients, vendors sub-contractors, and business-owners abroad, in both residential and commercial / personal and business application, due to an unwavering commitment to upholding the highest of ethical standards and moral conduct.
Lives by the statement, "Do it right or don't do it at all." - Ray Charles.

- Built a successful general construction business from scratch, encumbering all aspects, roles and positions of business: customer service, sales, business management and employee management; all while doing the actual physical labor necessary to "get the job done right the first time" and managing a crew of seven to ten laborers along with obtaining an Oklahoma State (Producer Life License. Continuously worked an average of 50-70+ hours per week in outside sales while completing required education for and obtaining a Florida Real Estate License, and being commissioned by Century 21 Realty as an Authorized Real Estate Agent. In addition, directed and assembled multiple performing bands and prepared a music program for a college/church class while enrolled and attending college as well as diligently working a full-time job. Currently looking to enroll in online college courses to finish Associates Degree in Business and/or Communications.

- Always seeking opportunities to learn and develop by completing advanced sales training courses, attending sales seminars and constantly reading business and trade periodicals. Also seeking personal, marital and parenting growth by attending and completing continuous personal growth seminars, training, marital counseling and parenting courses through Family and Children Services. Continuously seeking better communication skills & growing relationships.

- Consistently meets sales quotas, however, always striving to exceed both personal and managerial financial goals. Never satisfied with current accomplishments. Always seeking to improve and excel.

Building Lasting Relationships, Wood-working, Songwriting, Performing, Public Speaking, Guitar Playing, Hardest Worker I've ever met, Compassionate, Excellent Communicator, Cooking, Grilling, Sales Strategies


Please connect with me on all my other social media sites and websites....
You can find a list of all of them on this page/link here below...

WilsonJeremy's Goals 3
Money Goals
#1. My 30-day goal is to be making at least $3000.00 USD per month. 90-day goal is to be netting over $5000.00 USD per month. 12-month goal is to average over $10k per month or higher from there on out.
#2. I would be ecstatic earning at least $20,000.00 per month.
#3. I can invest at least 5 hours per day everyday until I hit my goals and am willing to find more time to invest as need be to succeed.
Money I would be happy earning
Money I would be ecstatic earning
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
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Dec 19, 2016
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WilsonJeremy Premium
#1. My 30-day goal is to be making at least $3000.00 USD per month. 90-day goal is to be netting over $5000.00 USD per month. 12-month goal is to average over $10k per month or higher from there on out.
#2. I would be ecstatic earning at least $20,000.00 per month.
#3. I can invest at least 5 hours per day everyday until I hit my goals and am willing to find more time to invest as need be to succeed.
Carson Premium
Hey Jeremy,

I'm glad to see that you are taking action here at WA by adding your goals. Success starts with a goal and we encourage everyone who is serious about earning money online and building an online business, to add their goals. Great work!

I know that you will be able to achieve these and I'll do everything I can to help out :)

keeper121 Premium
great goals... get them wrote down were you can read them everyday!
PattT Premium
Great goals and great way to break them down into smaller mini-goals. I'm sure you'll do great. Best of luck to you.
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Tw1 Premium
Greetings Jeremy! Wow! you do certainly have a story to tell! I'll be looking forward to reading the next few chapters as you check off some of those other goals on your list. I am buoyed by your resilience! Thanks for the inspiration! Thanks for being "real".
I'll be following. Good luck in all your endeavors!

WilsonJeremy Premium
Hey Tw1,

great to meet you and thanks for connecting with me and for your super kind words...I'm so glad my story can inspire folks...who would have thought, right!? ;-)

Feel free to reach out to me anytime.

All The Best,
Jeremy Wilson
Jeremy, Thanks for the invitation to join Wealthy Affiliate!! I am stoked to be here and share my story, plus have the ability to finally use my Marketing Degree. Your story is a true inspiration & one of the most real things I have seen in quite a long time. Watching you work so diligently day in & day out has put a special spirit in my heart & a willingness to want to make myself a better individual for a more promising future. Keep up your hard work, I know it will pay off for you soon.
WilsonJeremy Premium
Hey Sweetie,

I'm thrilled to see you here at Wealthy Affiliate! :-)

I truly believe this educational platform along with the amazing support community here at WA is going to drastically amplify your Marketing skills and be a great addition to your Marketing Degree.

Thank you for all the support, encouragement, love and inspiration you bring into my life and I know that through teamwork, we'll make it to "the next level" in achieving our dreams of a "Freedom Lifestyle" and financial future that most would never believe possible.

You're the BEST! :-)

Much Love,
Thanks, I'm excited to give this a whirl & see where we end up :-) I know this will help build my self confidence with my Marketing skills & help brand myself.
WilsonJeremy Premium
You've got that right sweety! :-)
WilsonJeremy Premium
Wooo Hooo!

I just completed WA Bootcamp Course #4, Lesson #6....which is creating a detailed review of Jaaxy.

How did I do?

This took me three days to complete and I was starting to get a little cross-eyed, so I hope I did well, but I'm definitely open to suggestions for improvement if you care to help. Here's the link....


Thank you!

Your Friend,
Kyle Premium
Nice work Jeremy, you are making some awesome progress!
WilsonJeremy Premium
Thanks Kyle,

I've definitely been putting as many hours a day as I possibly can each day, that's for sure. :-)

Have an awesome day!

WilsonJeremy Premium
New Article just Published Now Titled:

"WalMart Closes Stores to Encourage WalMart Shopping Online – People of WalMart Panic!"


Feel free to use my idea of this blog post of WalMart Employees losing their jobs due to these store closures, and transitioning it into "WHY" they need to start their own Online Business and using Wealthy Affiliate to educate them on how to do so.

I hope this give you all some great ideas that help you grow your websites and articles!

All The Best,
Jeremy David Wilson
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If not....and if you're interested in getting more comments on your website pages and posts, then you should check it out now because it's only running for 24 hours from the time stamp of the post.

Get the details here: All The Best,
Jeremy David Wilson
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Thanks for sharing this, I somehow missed this before.