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Added Nov 22, 2015

Author MoritzS
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Hello everybody.

I decided to make a quick tutorial for the SiteComment system on WA.

I noticed that some people seem to do it wrong, so I want to make sure everybody knows how to use it correctly.

Remember that you can only use it, when your site is hosted on WA.

Have fun and get those comments! ;)

Leave comments below and tell me what you think about the SiteComment system.
Feedback on my new microphone would be welcomed as well. ;)

Please watch in "Full Screen" for best video quality.

All the best.


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MBrownie Premium
Very useful training Not too long and to the point. Thank-you
MoritzS Premium
You are welcome.
I like to keep my trainings as short as possible but still give all the information that is needed. :)
KatieMac Premium
This is useful training as I originally kept making comments on the site directly so did not get the credits, thank you
MoritzS Premium
I noticed that some are doing that mistake.
You are welcome. :)
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Moritz, thank you for creating this video , I found it very useful and I am sure many others will as well.
MoritzS Premium
You are welcome. I hope it does help some people here.
PIOFJR Premium
Thanks Moritz. Liked and Bookmarked.
MoritzS Premium
You are welcome and thank you for the bookmark. :)
MarionBlack Premium
This is a very good tutorial Moritz. I'm sure it will help everyone who watches the video. Now, please tell me what microphone you're using because the sound is great with no background hum or echo like you had before. ~Marion
MoritzS Premium
Thank you Marion.
And thanks for commenting on my microphone, too.
I agree that the sound quality of my older trainings was not very good. ;)

I am using a headset for recording now.
It's the "Razer Kraken USB".
But I'd only recommend it to people who play games on their PC.
I am sure that there are other microphones in a similar price range for those who don't need it for gaming. :)
MarionBlack Premium
Thank you for letting me know about your microphone. I use a Logitech h390 USB Headset. It took me quite a few tries to improve the sound and cut out the background hum from the computer. You'll notice that my latest videos sound heaps better than my earlier ones.
MoritzS Premium
You're welcome. :)

Yes, I compared some of your older videos with the new ones.
A good microphone does make big difference!