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2021 update: You now have to be a premium member for 90 days before you can become a certified commenter and earn credits.Wealthy Affiliate is great as you all know, but one of the issues is that the cost of Premium often prohibits perfectly capable people from continuing their training here.For many, $49/month (or ~ $30/month if you go yearly) is simply not doable. But if these same people had access to Premium, it could be life-changing if they put in the work (I speak from experience, having
New record for me!One of my posts just blew up today. I don't know the cause, but about 80% of that traffic is to one post that I created quite a while ago. Historically, that post has done well, with a couple hundred visits to it each day.I also rank #1 for my target keyword, and in the top three for many related keywords.And in case you're wondering, no, I did nothing "special" with this post. I gave thorough information, it's over 1,000 words, and I did all the on-page SEO which is taught he
While looking through my account settings, I discovered a section that shows you how many comments you've made in Wealthy Affiliate!To access this statistic, click your profile picture (top right) >> then click Account Settings >> and under Subscription Settings, click Membership. Under the list of your badges, it will show how many blog posts, discussions (I believe it means questions?) and comments you have made.Sorry if this was already widely-known. I just haven't seen it in my
I was playing around with SiteContent today, and watched Kyle's training on it as well. It's definitely a fantastic platform with huge potential.But it's not my go-to writing platform for a number of reasons. Before I use it exclusively instead of MS Word, I'd like to see several different enhancements introduced. These include:-------------------1. Option to make the text editor full screen (this will eliminate distractions such as a new notification).2. Text (code) tab like in WordPress. Grac
This morning I was checking my Google Analytics account. One of the things I always like to check is the source my visitors came from.Usually the sources consist of organic traffic from Google, and perhaps a couple from social media as well. But today, I saw this:2 visits from Wikipedia!?Natural backlinks from Wikipedia are extremely hard to get. The backlink is no-follow so it won't pass any "link juice", but it should still be a great relevancy signal to Google.More than anything, I'm just ha
I recently read an article by Brian Dean on viral marketing, and was inspired to try out everything he suggested.Well, I created a value-packed post, and then promoted it on several platforms, one being Reddit. I posted it on Reddit about half an hour ago and here are my results so far in Google Analytics:The visitors are fluctuating between 3 and 7 right now. So yeah, going out there and actually promoting your content really does work. As long as your content is insightful and packed with val
How many of you have seen blog posts here at WA that have a "Featured Comment" at the top? I know I have, and I've often wondered how a Featured Comment is chosen. Well, just now, I figured it out by personal experience. :)There was this one comment on a certain blog post here that had 9 likes, and I happily gave it a 10th because it was really, really good. Suddenly that comment jumped to the top of all the comments, and had assumed the position of "Featured Comment". So now I know: the first
I decided to check my Amazon Associates and Google Adsense accounts tonight, and to my delight, both had accumulated more earnings since the last time I checked them.Yesterday (January 2nd), one person bought 12 items on Amazon, and currently 7 of them have been shipped. So far I've earned $2.29, but we'll see what it ends up as once the remaining 5 items ship.With Google Adsense, I finally passed the $10 mark! I only have two ads on my site - one at the top of the right sidebar, and the other
As Mel mentioned here: a new Top Level Domain, .blog, was just recently released. .blog is expected to be about as popular as .com some day (in my opinion this will never happen, but who knows?), so it might be wise to pick up a few excellent domain names while the picking is good!I don't have any plans to purchase any .blog domain names as of now, but still went through and sought out some awesome ones that are still available. Since I won'
November 28, 2016
I've gone yearly.There were lots of personal reasons for why I shouldn't, and even why I should. It took a while, but I finally decided - and I know I made the right choice.I'm excited to be paid for the year, and really take my online business to new heights.Looking forward to working hard and achieving my goals in the coming year.Wishing you all success! :)