A to Z Analogy: Temperature

Last Update: May 17, 2018

In my A to Z Analogy, I will take places, things and people and relate them to developing our online business. This is just for fun, but perhaps, you'll be able to see something from a different perspective.

Yes... I'm still doing that darn analogy series. I had some hiccups in the last 2 months that caused me to press "pause. As tempted as I was to just call it a day, I knew it was important for me to finishd what I started. So here I am...

Today's Analogy: T for Temperature

Temperature can refer to degrees of hotness or coldness in your body or the weather; I'd like to focus on the latter as it can relate to our business.


In extreme cold weather, things are rigid, frozen, immovable (is that award?), stiff, without growth... See where this is going?

Let's look at some warning signs that may indicate you have become a bit "cold" in your business:

* You've started the Certification or Bootcamp, but it's been weeks since you went through the last lesson... and there's no reasonable explanation for your absence.

* You're going through the training...but not really. You skip over tasks thinking it's not that important.

* You're stuck but you just haven't taken the time to ask for help.

* You have no desire to help anyone.

* You're easily distracted.


You're neither hot nor cold... things feel just right. Then again...

The problem about that "comfort zone" is that it's...ah...comfortable. Yeah, it feels great and seems harmless, and having days of relaxation is always a good thing... until it becomes the norm.

Only you can tell when you've become too comfortable. This is a tricky one because you're actually doing work, so on the surface, it seems productive. But if you're not moving forward or advancing from where you were a month ago, or weeks go by and you haven't learned anything new or helped anyone, perhaps it's time to...


Here's the thing about fire: if you stand close enough, you notice. It causes you to react...quickly! Unless you're a professional stunt person, you're not going to just walk through fire without feeling it!

One of the things that used to annoy me about those MLM massive conventions was the constant shouts from the speakers, "Are you excited? Who's fired up!" It was all I could do to keep from leaping to the stage and strangling them. I held my composure for two reasons: first, the obvious legal ramifications my actions would have; two, my fear that my jump would be a bit short and I'd land on someone's head instead...

But, back to the heat...

As annoying as I found that question, they made a good point: When you're "on fire", regardless of the roadblocks, glitches, hurdles, setbacks, disappointments, and frustrations, you just figure it out! You find or create a way to move forward, even with the scraps, bruises and burns.

I believe there's a season for everything and in everything. There were countless times when I was just feeling cold and everything just seemed frozen in time; I had many moments of appearing busy when in fact, I wasn't doing much of anything; then there were those precious moments when I truly was on fire!!! Where am I now?


This is not to say that everything is exactly where I want it to be. The temperature I'm referring to is less about what your business looks like physically, and more about where you are mentally. Because ultimately, it's the invisible "temperature" that shapes the visible or tangible elements of your business.

So if you're feeling cold, engage in some activity to warm up! Feeling too warm? Put some fire under your feet (figuratively not literally)! And if you're on fire, find out what you can do to keep those "embers" burning.

And always...

Strive to Thrive,


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SachiKashi Premium
Gotta keep that fire going! Love the analogy!
VeronicasLuv Premium
But it's OK if the fire dies down a bit... just make sure you have matches nearby!

Thanks for your comment, Pamela.
wendyg53 Premium
I like your analogy. It's true. Sometimes I can't do anything, and other times I'm cranking out the writing. I wish it was more level - something to work on. :-)
VeronicasLuv Premium
Sometimes I can experience all 3 temperatures in one day, Wendy!
wendyg53 Premium
LOL! Me too. :-)
MarkBa Premium
V this was a hot read !!!!! :)

~Mark :)
VeronicasLuv Premium
LOL...glad you enjoyed this, Mark.

I'm looking forward to doing "Z"...Ze End!!!
Jay Gumbs Premium
Yay! Temperature...

I've had my cold days, my warm days and my hot days. The reason I started doing the daily posts was because, just like you said, you can appear busy but you're actually not doing much to move forward. That was me for most of this year. Its like I'm too comfortable.

But I'm heating up. Just need to keep turning up that heat.
VeronicasLuv Premium
Absolutely, Jay!

And your "fire" is warming others, so thanks for turning up the heat!

And keep those jams coming! That was the best lunch break I had from class ever!
onmyownterms Premium
Great post! I'm hot, hot, hot, but mostly because it's over 90F outside. LOL
VeronicasLuv Premium
You'd be hot in Antartica, Mel!!!