Indexed in Google?

Last Update: May 10, 2018

Hi! Dear WA supporting souls and helping hands,

This is just a report sharing a spurt of being indexed by Google with seven posts today:

  1. How to Age Graciously?;
  2. Mystery of Food Supplements;
  3. Demystify Secrets of Foods for Sex;
  4. Wellness Newsletter-6, on Interpersonal Relationship;
  5. Interactions between Herbs and Medications;
  6. Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction;
  7. Wellness Newsletter - 3, on Multiple Drugs & See Doctor Timely.

My articles have been indexed off and on since September 25, 2017 to begin buidling my site which is listed at the right lower corner of my WA profile page, but never before, seven articles were indexed on the same day in a spurt.

I would not conjecture and say anthing indicative of how Google indexes online articles, but such spurt of indexing may serve as a reminder to all WA members of not giving up in writing and posting in the website. Of course, for a novice, this is enough to excite me and rouse me to write more if my capital of life could be apporpriated for better productivity for survival and growth to live on. And I welcome all the others in the WA community to share and elaborate what they may know of such a Google indexing experience.

Though not making a dime yet in six months, my fun and passion to act in WA community still exist to move on, hoping to see a gleamering light of monetizing the contents appears ahead soon.

So, do not give up, just keep writing and see.

All the best to your success,


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phakacha8 Premium
Congrats Urolin. You are well on your way to see results soon.
No doubt about it.

keep rolling on.

Urolin1981 Premium
H, appreciate warm words of encouragement.
Best to your adventure as well and keep in touch.

RikaSF Premium
Congrats Chin-ti. May you hit many posts on Google's first page:)
Urolin1981 Premium
Yes, Rika, that is the key to hit the first page in Google search.
Thanks for support.

MKearns Premium
Like your new professional image Chin Ti. Jimmy has done likewise
Urolin1981 Premium
Hi! Mike, Your wise words have always worked in my back burner and your warm words have been counted. Thanks-a-million!

Glad you back, and have you been well and sound?

Best to health and success.

accad Premium
I don't question why they are indexed, but it's important to celebrate that success.
haroda Premium
Way to go! Every little bit counts. Congratulations.
Urolin1981 Premium
Hi! Ha, indeed, life is a one-way street of continual accumulation and modification.

Much appreciated your support.

Best to success,