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May 10, 2018
Hi! Dear WA supporting souls and helping hands,This is just a report sharing a spurt of being indexed by Google with seven posts today: How to Age Graciously?; Mystery of Food Supplements; Demystify Secrets of Foods for Sex; Wellness Newsletter-6, on Interpersonal Relationship; Interactions between Herbs and Medications; Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction; Wellness Newsletter - 3, on Multiple Drugs & See Doctor Timely.My articles have been indexed off and on since September 25, 2017
Hi! My Dear WA members, your proactive support and help are needed for the following three questions, which are from one of WA newbies who asked me but I like more pertinent answers from real experienced members; these three are:1) As a beginner, what was your strategy which leads you to this success?In my view, make sure to complete the 6-steps basic training courses by clicking "Get Started Here" button as shown at the second button at left upper corner of your WA profile/bio page. That is th
April 12, 2018
Hi! Good morning! Now is 7:19 am at the spot I am writing this post. Before beginning anything, I would like and love to say, "Thank you - all WA supporting souls and helping hands. Without you, I am out forever.In 9/2017, I joined WA Premium with passion and enthusiasm to build another chapter of success in life after retiring from a 47-yr study and a 38-yr practice with focus on urology as evidenced in my posts and contents of my sites, which could be found at the right lower corner of my WA
April 11, 2018
Hi! My fellow WA supporting souls and helping hands, Good morning and I am ready to roll and move on the adventure of E-marketing under the wings of WA Community University.Here I have a question to ask about how to write an E-book, which was posted as a question but I thought it would be useful so to gain a wider attention inside WA community. Hopefully, more ideas and suggestions could be incited to share more and quicker, and the story follows:Over the past 2 weeks, I have been wondering and
Hello, My Dear WA inspiring and supporting souls and hands,What should I start off to say? I guess, I would say thank-you because the abundance of supports inside WA has helped to rid the darkness of being down digitally and mentally over the past 6+ months since joining WA on 9/25/2017. Over the past few days, for the first time, I began being able to understand:How to add featured images for the posts. What is Pretty Links and how to use it.What a Pro version of a theme can do for easier site
Hi! All My Dear WA Supporters,Without shouting a phrace of Thank-You, I would not tell you my story of hurdling over another step of growing pain at 5:39 am on 4/8/2018.Over the past one week, I had been struggling to install the Pro StoreOne which I purchased on 3/31/2018 fromt Theme Farmer. However, its installation has not been as easy as what I thought - automatically. Then, I started baby-crying to shout "Wolk is comming..." to the world as many of you might have heard that annoying shouti
HI! All my WA supporting souls and helping hands, I need your help to solve my difficulty which is detailed as follows:Some 3-4 days ago, I found a theme - StoreOne in WP platform inside WA, which I liked a lot because of its excellent responsiveness and professional look for eCommerce. Then, I followed the suggestions to buy its Pro version with its related public and private keys, but I do not know how to install this Pro version so to replace its FREE version for bettering e-Commerce. To see
April 01, 2018
On April Fool's DayThe origin of April Fool's Day could be traced back in 1392 as in Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales. Since, its meaning and contents for commemorating this date has evolved and changed to signify, denote, and fit the nuance of various cultures over various location.The events to play practical jokes and spread hoaxes at personal and social levels comprise its intriguing contents. In a sense, such activities may result in embarrassment, inconvenience, and even chaos to t
Hi! WA members,Always, just want to greet all WA members with tons of thank-you for offering the unparalleled supports along my course of tough ride on WA roller-coaster journey. To witness the Richness of WA Supports, I would like to share the responses to my two questions, which have helped me a lot to finalize my decision.First one asked, "How do you think to use subdomains for different niches?"Within 2 hours, I got 6 replies from Jimmy, Joe, Vera, Richard, Jeannine, and Eden. The Second on
Hi! My dear WA supporting members,Here comes a short follow-up after my yesterday's WA post to report my leap in WA ranking by 89 just after one day's work as stated. Last night, I put a post on "What is a healthy, long, happy life?" in my site, which could be found at the right lower corner of my WA profile page, to share my thoughts with our world.Any comments/suggestions, positive or negative, are welcome and ppreciated so I can do better to benefit more others before personal permanent depa