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WARNING: I WANT YOU to SUCCEED!!! I Am Very MILITARY MINDED!!! Nothing Personal Other Than I Actually Want to Make You Rich or at Least More Wealthy...

Continue at Your Own Wealth

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1. Today we will be going over;

  • Go Over Some Settings
  • Create a Terms & conditions
  • Start Creating Our posts
  • Create & Structure Our Menus

A. Click On Memberships In the Dark Left-Hand Sidebar in your Dashboard

  • Find Advanced Tab on top

  • In Filler Searches and Archives, check “NO”

  • Show Excerpt- check “Yes”

  • Require Terms of Service- check “No”

  • You’ll need to Create a “Terms of Service Page”.

  • Go to Dashboard> Membership> Select Terms of Service which appears under “Require Terms of Service upon Signup

  • At bottom Click Save Settings.

B. Create Your Primary Menu & Place Your Categories In it Along with the Home Page and Blog Page and Save.

C. Create Your Footer Menu and Place Your Terms and Conditions in it and Save.

D. Create Your Posts and Place them in the Primary Menu Structure Where Appropriate.

Honor List of Those Committed to Seeing This Thing Through;

  1. ArnoldH1
  2. bigrog44
  3. Carol46
  4. cbuffone
  5. CCraig3129
  6. celiacman
  7. ChrisScott
  8. cjtemple7273
  9. Claudioj
  10. CraigW315
  11. DaleMaz
  12. dalwhu
  13. DianneWB52
  14. DoubleTap
  15. Easy-Moneys
  16. elizabeth77
  17. Happy2Learn
  18. Hope10
  19. Howardc
  20. Isabella4198
  21. Jaunesk
  22. joejr49
  23. JooKwang
  24. julesnp
  25. kevonwilson
  26. Kickbacked
  27. kiliwia62
  28. KimberleyR
  29. ladyTD1
  30. laparra1
  31. LarrryN
  32. Lazyblogger
  33. LouisaB
  34. MarionBlack
  35. MCrim
  36. melpeace36
  37. Memorylaneuk
  38. mikewood1975
  39. misazag
  40. MKearns
  41. MMarcus
  42. musicgirl
  43. Nick-at-WA
  44. Nkaujzeb
  45. number1wastudent
  46. PaulaKeen
  47. rich6153
  48. Rich908
  49. RoseAnn1234
  50. rroesel
  51. rwaite3613
  52. sasselin
  53. schexjr
  54. Seth2
  55. Sftat
  56. sheikave
  57. sherlock77
  58. sofie1337
  59. subcpo14
  60. Sylvies
  61. TammiP
  62. TCraig1
  63. terrycarroll
  64. Tirolith
  65. Tjennings122
  66. zucko212

Reach Out to The Bear & Each Other if You Are

  • Confused
  • Excited
  • Discouraged
  • Needing Help
  • Willing to Help

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LouisaB Premium
Thanks Teddy bear!
ChrisScott Premium
You are very welcome, Louisa
LouisaB Premium
Have great night!
Nkaujzeb Premium
I got lots of brain storming to do! Thanks for the lots of homework Tebby Bear...
ChrisScott Premium
Well, that should not be too hard for such a beautiful mind.
Nkaujzeb Premium
I don't know about beautiful but regular mind works well to. /blush
cbuffone Premium
Another job well done Chris. Much appreciate this.
ChrisScott Premium
Thank you, Claudio. We are becoming OLD Friends here at the mighty WA. How have your first 6 months gone?
cbuffone Premium
Honoured to be your friend, on the horizon of 6 months, time flies.
MKearns Premium
Thank you for this training compendium Chris. Well done!
ChrisScott Premium
Awe...what a lovely thing to say, Michael. It is important to be to the point without leaving out details even in the smallest degree.

Thank you, my friend

kiliwia62 Premium
Thanks, Chris it's getting closer for sure, step by step. Very exciting to follow. :)
ChrisScott Premium
Thank you, buddy