Facebook Global Coin Currency To Launch In 2020

Last Update: May 25, 2019

What Do You Think Of Facebook's Launch In To Its Own Global Coin Crypto-Currency?

Mark Zuckerberg is firing on all cylinders for his launch in to Facebook's very own Global Coin in 2020. Negotiating with the Bank Of England and the US Treasury, he seems to be well on his way to making this happen by dotting all his 'i's' and crossing all his 't's' covering himself making sure it will become a success.

How Does Facebook's Global Coin Currency Affect Affiliate Marketers?

If the Global Coin Currency becomes the norm for a lot of purchasers, this will affect the way they make payment for the products we promote through affiliate programs.

Are you ready to provide this as an option for your buyers on your website, or do you have a lot of sceptisism about crypto-currencies in general?

Your thoughts on Facebook's launch in to their Global Coin Crypto-Currency in 2020 will make for very interesting reading and discussion.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts and comments!

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lynnsam61 Premium
This is yet another interesting development for FB. I'm not sure how I feel about it since I have very mixed feelings about FB.

TopAchiever Premium
Like you Erica, I am quite apprehensive with FB and this new development too.
I'm hoping the people in the know will be able to help shed some light on the subject.
Thanks for stopping by to comment.
PMindra Premium
Hi, Edu.
This is going to become a very hot topic over time.

The possibilities are very interesting. It is estimated that there are currently about 30 million users of cyrptocurrency. Now compare that to the fact that there are currently 2.4 billion users of Facebook monthly.


Regards from Canada.

maydv Premium
Good Edu, that you posted it here. Got this news about FB launching their own cryptocurrency over a news channel, yesterday only.

The payments are already being accepted by many website owners in form of cryptocurrencies including many small site owners too.

If the the Facebook's crypto coin will be based on something easy and fast processing technology other than POW of Bitcoin, people might like embracing use of ClobalCoin in their day to day life. And accordingly face of affiliate payments too might undergo a sea-change

Keep Updating. Thank You
TopAchiever Premium
I agree, I'm intrigued to see how it sets itself apart from the rest of the crypto currencies and why it would be better to use than others.
BorisRoman Premium
Time will tell about that...
Wish you a nice weekend!
Memorylaneuk Premium
Interesting information. I’m afraid I can’t comment yet but it’s definitely something to look into, so thanks for the post.
With Grace and Gratitude