Texas Two Step Results - Not Talking Lotto or Dance!

Last Update: December 06, 2014

I feel like my life has become a series of bad dance moves. One step forward, two steps back. This girl's Texas two step results have not been pretty lately.

What the heck are you talking about, Rayma?

Here's my dance:

The proper issue of images was very confusing when I started with Wealthy Affiliate. Being naive (or misled by other programs that do not hesitate to urge the use of Google images liberally), I found great images on Google and started building a great looking website.

That was my one step forward in the dance.

I was using free images. I was protected right?

Not exactly. Beware of copyright infringement.

What Google presents as free may not actually be so restriction free

After listening to some training this week, I realized that the use of these images (even the one's labeled free by Google) can put one's website in jeopardy of being completely shut down.

Here is a link to the training Jay presented a couple of weeks ago that I am referring to:


Please take the time to watch this if you are using borrowed images on your site.

Feel like playing the lottery with your website?

Note: Only Texans would understand the twist I am putting on this. We have a lottery game here called the Texas Two Step.

I am not willing to put my hard work in jeopardy. I have completely removed all the images from my website. I decided the risk of using Google images is too great for me. I am not one to play the lottery with my website. I am working too hard to use borrowed material.

The Google Images are fabulous, no doubt. The free photo choices are not as glittery or glamours as Google's. More incentive for me to make my website more personal with my own images like Kyle suggested in the first place. I have decided I will start being even more creative and bold; I will be taking some GREAT photos myself. Take that Google!

Two steps back . . .dancing away!

Although, I have taken some steps back in my dance put together with my next steps forward the dance will turn out to be a beautiful thing to behold.

This little setback will turn out to make my site better in the long run.

Did this training get you dancing, too?

Are you playing the lottery with your website?


This is the third edit of this blog for me today. I ran into the issue on my blog here that prevented me from adding credits directly with the link button above. WA does not allow links to others in their blog.

I put the photo credit link in but it would not show up on the blog.

Bummer! Life kicking me in the derriere again.

I wanted to use images on my blog because in order to pin my blog on Pinterest I needed it to contain images.

More dancing . . .backwards at first.

I got some great advice to put the credit in the photo itself as part of the image.

Here is the link to how to do this:


I tried using Canva like the original training said to do. I had no success.

I downloaded Inkscape and followed the example exactly.


The images above have the credit attached.

I am stepping forward again. Dance, dance, dance.

Here's to another productive day tomorrow.

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WKnoepp Premium
A very good and informative post. Thanks
todaymatters Premium
Thank you for reading. Have a great Saturday.
Loes Premium
I (or my husband) mostly take own pictures, You really blogged an eyeopener for me, thanks, for really 100% copyright free images go to freeimages.siterubix.com, (my husbands work:) and when you are there you might as well leave a comment:)
todaymatters Premium
Thank you for stopping by and giving us another great source for images, Loes.
Sui_generis Premium
Went there, checked it out, commented, bookmarked. :-)
todaymatters Premium
Me, too.
Sui_generis Premium
Yeah, that was a kick in the pants when Jay addresses "free" Google images. So disappointing but point taken although it didn't go so well on the webinar. LOL.
todaymatters Premium
Yes, it was a hard knock. That is why I wanted to blog about it so our newcomers get the message early. I was very confused about this at first. Google images seemed SO easy. :(

Thank you for stopping by my blog.
Judy-B Premium
Yes, I can relate to this. I had a website made by someone else who said oh, sure it's fine to use Google Images, no problem, and all that. And me not knowing any better did the same as you. Then I joined WA and found out differently. Well, those images came down fast and I actually just got rid of the site all together because it was not doing anything. Lesson learned. Now I take my own pictures for the most part. Thanks for a great post. :)
todaymatters Premium
Thank you, Judy. It's good to know I am not the only one.
stevio Premium
yes, I have been having the same struggle with images. I took short cuts early on and "borrowed" images that I should not have.

But wow, how short-sighted that was. I knew that if my site ever got any traction, those borrowed images were going to have to be replaced.

So, like you I'm on a mission to make my own images. Armed with a high-quality smart phone (man, these things take great pictures now!) and my Nikon Digital SLR, I'm just snapping pics anywhere and everywhere. Building up my own library.

Instead of seeking out images to fit my existing pages, I'm shooting anything that looks remotely interesting on the notion that it may fit some post down the road.

Good topic Rayma.

Remember the Alamo!
todaymatters Premium
Thanks, Steven. I am going to do the same. Start taking great photos. So much safer. I sure do not want to put so much effort into building a website that could be taken down because I borrowed images. Not good business sense in the long run.

Added bonus - the person touch of my own images will give my website a great boost.

Thank you for stopping by.