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Computer Slow Start Up Alert - Not the machine the operator is malfunctioning! I just can't seem to get geared up for action this new year. To say I have had a slow start on my business is an understatement. Time for action! I have not been totally "inactive" these first couple of weeks so I don't feel worthless. I have read two books on diet. Specifically, eating correctly for my blood type. I have read the books before and they required a pretty drastic change in eating habits for me. My bloo
I was reading this morning about being mastered by others. The question asked was "What is mastering you?" It was just three little paragraphs in a book called Simple Suggestions for a Sensational Life by Paula White. I felt compared to share because it opens so many doors in the mind about how we allow ourselves to be mastered sometimes. When I started searching Jaaxy for a great key word combination for this post, I came across roadblocks. Okay, I did not spend more than five minutes beca
Merry Christmas to one and all! I have been having fun and learning about images and how to import them to WordPress because I want to start using my own images as I have blogged about before here. I wanted to share a few for your Christmas delight: My mother's nativity scene passed down to me by my father. Hand-painted by me when my kids were small. Hand-painted by my mother when I was small. Our fireplace. Wishing you all happy holidays. Rayma
Hi, Everyone: I have been absent a little while here at WA. Been indulging my creative side a bit. I decided I wanted to get started promoting WA full-time with a new website. So I created Why do this in the middle of Christmas season? Because I am a glutton for punishment. :)) It has been a little crazy as I will explain in a minute. I would love a little feedback because the website is a little different. If you have the time please take a look and leave
I feel like my life has become a series of bad dance moves. One step forward, two steps back. This girl's Texas two step results have not been pretty lately. What the heck are you talking about, Rayma? Here's my dance: The proper issue of images was very confusing when I started with Wealthy Affiliate. Being naive (or misled by other programs that do not hesitate to urge the use of Google images liberally), I found great images on Google and started building a great looking website. That wa
So, you want to start your own business with an affiliate making money program? Or as we call it at Wealthy Affiliate - affiliate marketing. Great decision! Thousands of people are starting everyday. I started a year and a half ago. But guess what? I started with the WRONG program. I learned some (mostly what not to do) but more importantly I wasted valuable time. Don't be like me and get off on the wrong foot right off the bat. Start and stick with a great program. https://my.wealthyaffiliate
Marketing for a home based business got a little easier today. I have all I need to create and maximize my online business for less than $0.82 a day this year! Full access to the best online marketing program on the internet hands down! I took advantage of the best program in the business for $299. Wealthy Affiliate is the best and when you can get a year membership for $299 a year it is a steal. You say you missed our Black Friday deal. No problem. Take advantage of our free starting program t
Is everything a scam online? Surprisingly no. But you must be careful and selective. When you go it alone online most likely you will run into many online scams. Schemes to make you pay increasing amounts of money for each little morsel of training. I know because I did before I found Wealthy Affiliate. The concept of online marketing is not complicated. You build a website. You write a blog. You use that website and blog to attract companies that want to market on your site. That being said. T
The best work from home business opportunities - have competitive advantages. If you don't have a competitive advantage, don't compete. - Jack Welch Simple enough. Unless your business is partnered with the best program out there today - Wealthy Affiliate - don't even think of competing. Home businesses are hard work. They are not for the faint of heart. If you are willing to work hard, have discipline, and you write fairly well than online marketing may be for you. Make no mistake to be a succ
Turkey recipes for leftovers are not the only thing on the plate here at WA. Kyle and Carson have given us a get chance to get a year of WA for $299. Talk about getting out of the red and into the Black this Friday with our businesses! Don't have the money at Christmas time? Me either, so I am out promoting, promoting, promoting today. I can't afford to let this deal pass me by. So for the next three days and counting, I will be promoting WA and my website to see if I can make some progress tha