Are Inspired Or Already Expired?

Last Update: July 30, 2018


Inspiration is originally a divine ability to do things, to say things, to perceive and receive them in a way that baffles any other person out there.

It's a supernatural capacity to think deeper, and as a result, you end up to seeing further and flying higher beyond all natural efforts.


Because we all as human beings enjoy the same number of body organs and same mental faculties, we're all potential candidates to be inspired.


  1. Learn to practice inner quietness.

Some people look very quiet outwardly but inside of them, more than stars war is happening, with all kind of blasts you could imagine!

Inner quietness is a chose, for it's all about being voluntarily cut off from any life affairs or worries about a while in order to focus on what is behond the natural.

As I said earlier, it's a choice, and everybody can practice inner quietness. It's no brainer.

To do so, you need to retire completely or isolate yourself to a quiet place.

Preferably, you can go to natural areas such as to a river side, to a mountain top or to a forest or to a botanical garden. Also, if you can afford to, you can go to some holiday hotel resorts.

I went for intense to Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort Malaysia ; I tell you, within just 10 days, I recieved a lot because the place itself is built out of inspiration almost upon the sea!

2. Begin to befriend books.

You're used to the common adage that says that Readers are Leaders and Leaders are Readers.

3. Write any good thought that crosses your mind

Note this; untill what you think you know is written, it's not yet real!

4. Learn to meditate

Meditation is the art of pondering upon a thought, a subject or an idea till it comes into reality. Almost everything you see in this world is created out of a deep meditation.

Following this, you are the next pacesetter to your generation!

So, from this time forwards, start to be inspired if you don't want to expire like a tin food can!

Friendly yours,

Boaz Ethan

PS: If you catch a glimpse of inspiration through this short post, leave a comment or simply like it.

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bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Boaz.
Karin13 Premium
Thank you for sharing this. I love #3. I have found a long time ago that if I do not write something down, I will not remember it! Some of my "best" thoughts have gone by the wayside because I didn't write them down and then forgot what it was.

Best Wishes,
CandP Premium
We practice yoga and go to the local gym by the ocean here on the coast in Ecuador. We also get into this beautiful ocean which soothes the mind and body.
All of this helps us with our work with WA. We need to practice inner peace and share it with others.
Thank you for your post, Boaz Ethan.
Colette and Philip
firstlearn Premium
Some very good points made here.

Sammy-B Premium
These are fantastic ways to get inspired, Boaz. They may not work for everyone but where they do, they will be very powerful.
Hope you find a lot of inspiration every day.