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Learning Is Still In Process.We can never reach out to an uttermost top as long as life continues but it's better to keep on moving as long as there'll still be a some place called "FORWARDS".I've achieved by the way, my 2nd level Entrepreneurial course Badge.I know more still remains to learn, and the best of it all is to practicality the acquired knowledge to our own success.May we all be encouraged.Also, by the grace of God, I've now been able to walk a little without crutches after my car a
I will always be thankful for the social medias like Facebook, WhatsApp, Linkedin, YouTube and many others because thanks to them, the world has really succeeding in fullfiling the coming saying that this earth is a planetary village!Of course yes but the news we've heard these last days about social networks are thrilling and horrible.WHAT ARE THE COMMONEST EVIL REPORTS SINCE THE OUTBREAK OF SOCIAL MEDIA?1) Lot of millenials's moral behaviors have gone worstIn my youth, to watch a blue movie,
WHAT IS INSPIRATION?Inspiration is originally a divine ability to do things, to say things, to perceive and receive them in a way that baffles any other person out there.It's a supernatural capacity to think deeper, and as a result, you end up to seeing further and flying higher beyond all natural efforts.WHO IS CANDIDATE FOR INSPIRATION?Because we all as human beings enjoy the same number of body organs and same mental faculties, we're all potential candidates to be inspired.CONDITIONS TO QU
Ouf, I don't have much to say, only that I'm so happy to have climbed a little bit higher again in the process of my training towards perfection!I've achieved my entrepreneurial Certificate!The journey is just starting.Thank you so much you'll Family, for all your supports loaded with kind words of encouragement.God bless and catapult anyone of us who truly believes in what he/she is doing here, right to the top in a very short while!Cheers!Boaz Ethan
The world in which we are living is an opportunity galore. But if many people are not taking advantage of them, it's because opportunities are always in a disguise and thus, they often appear in the form of a threat or a great danger.Therefore, who is qualified to benefit from such opportunities?REQUIREMENTS TO TURN AN OPPORTUNITY INTO SUCCESSHave eyes that seek and hunt for problems to solve Have Courage to face opportunitiesFearlessness BoldnessHave a do-or-die spirit A RECENT EXAMPLE ABOUT
WHAT I'VE NOTICEDI love always smelling good. That's why I did care less about what it can cost me to obtain the best designer perfume provided it smells mighty fine!But the most disappointed remark I've made over the years is that out of 10 different fragrances, at least 3 among them would smell alike!Have you noticed the same thing I'm talking about???Last year, I was at Muscat, Oman where I came across a brand of fragrances called AMUAGE. It was my first time to see that new trade mark. And
Hi beloved!DISCOVER THE SIMPLEST LIFE PRINCIPLE One of the greatest life principle is Joyfulness in doing what one is assigned to do per time.May I ask you these simple questions:-Are you happy with Wealthy Affiliate?-Are you happy with what you've been doing here or you're just bitterly hanging here?-Are you happy when you're LIKING someone else's post or your anger won't permit you to like or to comment on others posts?Joy is the first most powerful antidot you can ever imagine!That's why the
MAJOR OBJECTIVE OF THIS POSTI will keep this post very short and straight forwards! I'd like to remind us all the reason why we are here; It's simply to succeed. And in the process thereof, there're lot of challenges and roadblocks. That's why to make the journey easier, Kyle and Carson, out of wisdom have put a whole lot of tools and training facilities together here on the platform of WA for our usage.If one is making use of them or not, it shows in his/her activities.For sure, a great numbe
OVERVIEW OF THE WORLD OF ADVERTS Today, we count more than 500 Millions advertising companies and agencies online alone. We are not making mention of offline or traditional advert companies such as Above-The-Line, Below-The-Line or Outdoor Agencies!Meaning that there are billions of advert companies altogather on this planet. And as a result, we're totally overwhelmed, bombarded, even battered and flooded with all kind of them every single minute! The major intricacies of that incident are tha
Somebody recently said during a telecast that there're five physical or geographical continents on earth but there's a fifth one which is the worldwide web, commonly known as "WWW".Without controversy, we know that on each continent, there are prevailing languages that every inhabitant speak more or less fluently and do also read and write. Otherwise, you might feel frustrated to live and excel there.The same way, if anyone wishes to survive or enjoy life to the fullest on worldwide web; it's a