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Last Update: November 28, 2014

Welcome to all the new members who have taken advantage of the incredible Wealthy Affiliate black Friday offer. It's a shame such a wonderful opportunity as such a bleak name but there you go, it's probably because I'm a European.

There is nothing special about a full-time Internet marketer. They go to work just like anybody else, but usually they don't leave the house to get to their office.

All the tools and training are laid out here for you to learn from. You might not realize if you're new here that the best part of Wealthy Affiliate's is the members - they rock!

The people who succeed always interact with the community because we are more than a community we are a family. There are many people here who have shared their life stories and success stories on these pages.

Some of those stories are heartbreaking, some are inspirational, some are amusing and some are tragic. Like life, everything is here, from every corner of the globe.

Some people learn fast and some people learn slow. None of these factors matter. The fact is we're stronger in Wealthy Affiliate's because the members feel confident enough to express their pain, their difficulties and also share their joy.

What really does matter is the fact we've taken the step to learn the skills we need to build a successful business. The road forward will not be without its challenges, no matter how much you already know, there will be times when you will want to tear your hair out and throw your computer out of the window.Some of you will, but DON'T GIVE UP.

We have all been there, and will be again.When that happens we are standing right behind you, to prop you up and believe me there are more of us than there are you, - so together we can do it.

To those of you who have been here a while and have upgraded you have a year to make it without having to worry about finding money for your subscription. You know what a fantastic opportunity the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday offer is.It does not take a year look at this fantastic post from Evelyn (You go girl)


To those that are new we welcome you into our family and hope to get to know you better. Eventually we will hear and respond to your stories, challenges and successes. Wealthy Affiliate's is so much more than an Internet marketing training program.

Thank you to everybody for their contribution I am so proud to be part of this group of amazingly inspirational people. If any of you have just joined and you haven't got your website together yet you can share this and get a commission from it. You do this by going to the top of the article and click the affiliate link and share this with your friends you can email it to them straight from here. Or you can put it on your Facebook page or social media.If you're not sure how to then ask in the comment box below.

To get your affiliate link to share this article go to the top of the post under the title it says blog by katkatskitchen underneath that is a star, to the right of that is a settings box to the right of that there is a white box which has a link to the left, and it says affiliate to the right of the box, click on this for your own affiliate link .

Come and join us we are a family that is what we do.

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AngelaHall Premium
I wish I could upgrade to yearly, wouldn't have to stress about it month to month. But in due time, I am here and will do whatever I have to do to make that monthly payment.
Thank you for the inspiring words as always Catherine....xx
TheCatherine Premium
My dear dear friend if anyone makes it you will
sophE Premium
I love this, nice post.
Cjcormier17 Premium
Great post very true and inspiring :)
BenORourke Premium
Very nice post, expresses the very essence of WA.
TheCatherine Premium
Why Thank you Ben my head is all in a dither now, oh sorry that;s getting up too quickly..................xx
Judy-B Premium
Been here six months and I just upgraded to the yearly, taking advantage of the Black Friday deal. I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing. :)