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Yesterday I blogged about how to practice creativity I'm giving you a tool to increase your creativity.MY DAILY MEDITATION PRACTICEI think that 95% of my super creative breakthrough ideas are down to 20-minute meditation practices daily. This is not a spiritual practice it's purpose is to create new neural pathways. It's new neural pathways that give you new solutions to old problems.Basically, I'm putting my brain and my mind
I've always been fascinated by creativity. Creativity seems to come so easily to some, while others struggle constantly to be at least partly creative?I believe individual creativity is one of the decisive factors that help us stand out in our market, no matter:What we do;Who we help;What we're selling.Creativity is the magic key to help you do well!One of the things I've noticed over the years is that creativity is a limited resource. Once I have burned through it for the day, I have to wait
Do It or Ditch It In August ResultsI started a new plan in August. Whatever my goals are for this month I am either going to complete them every day or am going to ditch them.Tasks I planned to do every dayA thirty day tapping challenge DonWrite at least 2000 words a day DonePublish at least 1000 a day on a new blog.DoneStart a new Youtube channel DoneFinally get my IM membership site off the ground.DoneWalk for half an hour a day. ditchedBuy a house in Valencia not Done or ditchedUnpack and r
I received this in an email this morning AND it's funnyInternet Marketing and direct response simplified:Billie Jean: You have 2 cows. I know they retired for the 8th time this year but hear me out...Russel Brunson: You have 2 cows. Here's the secrets trilogy on how to raise, feed and breed them. Be sure to use my proprietary cow farming software, click cows to make it easier.Tony Robbins: You have 2 cows. The cows just convinced you to run over a pit of burning ashes and you haven't slept in 3
Do you know why people buy a lottery ticket?It’s not what everyone thinks.In fact, those who buy lottery tickets don’t really expect to win. They know the odds are stacked astronomically against them.So back to the question…Why do they do it?Well, here’s the truth…They’re buying permission to dream about winning something.If you think about it, $5 for a dream is well worth it.Given how most of us live a pretty boring life, $5 for the dream of becoming fabul
Start with What You Know Niche research is really very importantThe first thing you want to do is create a file or place where all of your research ideas are stored. This can be digital or tangible, if you prefer to write in a spiral notebook or notepad, then go ahead and do so. I use online tools like Google Drive or folders on our computer’s hard drive to track, store and work on my files. To create a file on my hard drive I create a folder with my domain name. Quite literally the full
The question newbies often ask is can I make money in my first month of premium membership here?Sadly, the answer to the question is not clear cut. I have a new site which is less than a month old and I've already made my first commissions. I know of multiple people who made money in their first month.So yes it clearly can be done.However, there are, as in most things caveats.I know how to build a website and I have a template build which I can import in less than five minutes. I have prewritte
These days you see infographics everywhere. There are lots of reasons why they are so effective. They are visually effective because they incorporate your brand, in terms of your fonts, your logos, your colors, etc. They are certainly not a new concept but they are great especially if you are a visual creator.Nonetheless even if you are a fantastic infographic creator it won't help you at all unless people really associate it with your brand. If you get it right infographics go a long way to do
1. Reevaluate your friendsI started to do this a little over a year ago. I weeded out everybody in my life who was negative and had brought me down. Granted, it was easy for me to do this because I could count the people I knew on two hands. I have changed countries only five years ago and I didn't know anybody for any longer than that five years.I do understand that it may be easier to evaluate your friends and quite complex to do so with family. Again here I'm lucky I only have one member of
What is PLR? PLR stands for private label rights, sometimes known as white label rights. The term private label rights comes from the initial name which was private labeling. It is ready-made done for you content which you buy the license rights to. Probably every PLR seller has different rights in different ways you can use it. Basically PLR is any type of premade content you purchase. It might be videos, articles, e-books, whatever, and it allows you to modify change or edit it to your requi