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What is CuriosityCuriosity is wonderment?Did you know we are hardwired to wonder. Children have an innate sense of wonder, awe and amazement about life. When you retain this wonderment your innate sense of curiosity will remain strong. This will lead you to be a life-long learner, with a thirst for knowledge, and an enriched life rather than a jaded one!Curiosity Brings Its Own RewardThe latest scientific findings in the field of cognitive neuroscience state that curiosity brings its own reward
There is no judgement in that question and there is no right and wrong answer. However it's not a rhetorical question! It does require you personally to answer it, not necessarily to the community but to yourselfWe as humans have the unique opportunity to evolve, progress and reach our full potential. Daily, we are met with various decisions that can directly impact our future. The concept of the human brain is fascinating. Intelligent beings have been able to push the boundaries of development
Write some Christmas contentCertainly if you are blogging in the toys niche you should be fully ready for Christmas 2019. Holiday traffic can be really important traffic. If you've done your keyword research properly you should be out of bump your traffic.Don't forget using the organic traffic methods taught here at wealthy affiliate's it takes time to get your content indexed. It should really be up there by mid-October at the latest.There is no point putting Christmas content up on 1 December
It's that time of year. I blog the other day that I'd been here for 13 years and every September I start to redo the training.Normally, I do this to refresh myself but this year is different. In the past I have created a test site but this year I have a review site that hasn't made any money for about seven years.Simply because most of the products will software simply no longer exist all the products of change beyond recognition.Am I the only one that does this? Could you benefit from doing th
Today I nearly lost my membership of wealthy affiliate's after 13 years. The last three years for some reason my annual payment went through twice. So for the last week I have ignored the warnings that my account would expire! It expired yesterday, luckily it's reinstated today.
If you’re just starting out on your online journey, blog about it. Be yourself. Check out products from people who are really making money online, find the best ones, and tell your readers about them. Interview people who are one or two levels above you. After all, your readers would like to know how to make their first $1,000. And if you find a school teacher with a neat little system for doing just that, you’ve got a winner. You don’t need to make promises of earning a gazil
Three Things to Do Now to Profit in Three Months.October, November and December are great months to make money online now is the time to prepare for it.1. Compile a Gift GuideThis is something not a lot of bloggers do and if you are creative with it you can make it specific to whatever niche you are in. In its broad sense it could be something like "best toys for Christmas 2019" or something as broad as the "most amazing gifts the world's best fathers" or "the 20 gifts every fisherman wants".Th
You may well have noticed when you are uncertain websites that a chat box and live chat box pops up. This is a free application which you can use to have your own live chat box don't have to have It connected 24 hours a day. You download the app onto your computer and then onto your phone and then it rings whenever someone visits your site and asks A question. If you don't use it for anything else it's great for compiling questions for a FAQs page
I have been a student of Tom Breeze for a long time. As far as I'm concerned he's the king of YouTube ads. He taught both Russell Brunson and Frank Kern.if you click on the first option below you will see a free class. This is a 70 minute presentation and although it was made in 2015 you will still find it relevant. If you're thinking of starting YouTube ads, it is well worth seeing
I really watch television and when I do it has to be something I'm particularly interested in. I don't watch television to relax and watch television to learn. For once I have watched something that took my breathe away. Brown has just brought out a one hour and 60 minutes special called the Call to Courage.Some of you may not have even heard of Brene Brown. If I were to tell you she has a PhD and she studies shame and vulnerab