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50 Years in Business.I have known this day is coming. I have known it's been coming for 65 years. Yet today, my 65th birthday has still come as a bit of a shock.Until about five years ago, 60 years was the retirement age for women in Spain and 65 for men. Now I am planning my next and last five years in business.50 years agoFifty years ago, I celebrated my 15th birthday. The day started a happy, carefree day. A typical cold day at the end of March. However, I was about to get an even more frigi
.As the weather becomes warmer for a lot of us we will benefit from taking some sort of outdoor exercises. Whilst cross-country training may be great, a walk outside in the fresh air will do everyone good in these uncertain times.Many ER physicians across the world are stressing the importance of outdoor exercise if we are healthy and symptom-free. Medical research shows that people who are physically active have a 50% reduction in the number of days they are ill when they have acute respirator
March 20, 2020
Leonardo da Vinci was blessed with an intellectual curiosity. That was an extremely useful trait during the Renaissance. It allowed him to visualize Create and draw different types of things, including helicopters, diving masks.While it was an incredibly innovative and exciting trait in 1520, it isn't great in today's world. Today the title genius responded about quite often. They describe celebrities, sportspeople and uncle Tom Cobly and all. In Leonardo da Vinci's time he earned the title.Man
I think we've all had the frustration in the past of seeing an image with writing on it, and we want to know what the font is?Although there are several tools to do this there are drawbacks.If your image isn't easily readable, the font finder will struggle to identify the font. The image font won't be read for instance the text is vertical. Another limiting factor is the size of the font database within the tool of choice.when you are using images crop the images so that they only show one Font
Dear Harry,Yesterday we came to an agreement about your birthday and Christmas present. I promised I would teach you how to create your own YouTube channel. I will show you all I know about marketing, and also I will pay for your domain name, your hosting, your microphone, and your camera for the first year of the life of your YouTube channel. You are not a member here, so you can't read this from your login because you are too young to join wealthy affiliates. Your mother has joined, and you w
There is something both comforting and stable about a routine. Yet, we often feel life is going stale when we get too settled into our routines. Getting outside of your comfort zone, it isn't about jumping from a plane (though, feel free to do so if you wish). It's about recognizing the power in doing something new, different and outside of our normal routine."Are you really happy or just comfortable?" - Anonymous It's about finding out what life is really about – because the chances are
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http://abovethecompetition.comAgreat brandable domain It can be used for your own brand or in the make money online nicheacdkids.comAlthough this can be used for a kids medical site it can be branded as well. It is short and memorablehttp://actionhobbys.comWhat a great idea it can be used for action dayh outs Kayaking ot hot air balloon. It can be used for models. Many uses for this great domain namehttp://alicantecoast.comWonderful sitte to showcase the beautiful Aklicante area of Spain. Can
What makes a great domain name?Generally in my world I like to buy two domain names because they are short and they are brandable. I don't think that having the Keywords in your domain is as important as it used to be. Years ago it was a search engine optimisation tool. Today the emphasis is on branding a domain name. The domains below are all available at the time of writing this article.In this article I'm going to split it into brandable domain names and niche specific domain names so you
Just a reminder that everything has its time. If Mercedes-Benz came back now he wouldn't be inventing the motorcar. Tesla left cars behind and went on to be involved in the space race, I doubt Mark Zuckerberg would invent the social media if he were starting tomorrow.There's a lot of argument for saying after all why reinvent the wheel. But however you look at it some of the biggest companies can go bankrupt just look at Rank Xerox.Beavers build dams, bees build honeycombs but humans build tech