SEO For Images In Wordpress: Please Spell It Out For Me? - UPDATE-

Last Update: June 27, 2016

Hi everybody!

I am getting tied up in knots over the exact, proper procedure for getting the most out of images in Wordpress.

THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT RESIZING PICTURES... is about putting the correct text (attributes?) in the right places!

Make no mistake; we do have some excellent training from some of our very esteemed friends here at WA.

What I wish to do is consolidate the various contributions in one place.

I do see differing methods for applying the best SEO to our images we publish within our posts in Wordpress.

So I don't want to step on anybody's toes...mostly, it seems my own brain is squashed...and dense! lol

Here, I am setting up a screenshot just for the purpose of this post.

Again, the purpose is to set down the absolutely correct way to optimize our images for SEO in WP, to get the best ranking in the search engines.

Note: Sorry for a couple of confusing attributes there. I did not want to spam you good folks, but my site name got in there:(

So, can we all get together on the BEST, CORRECT WAY to optimize this photo image for SEO?

Here is our fun blog post example:

Post Title: Foam Pool Noodles For Summer Fun

Keyword: Foam Pool Noodles

Will you please fill in the blanks to help me wrap this around my brain?:)

So to recap, I need these boxes clarified please:

URL _____

Title _____

Caption _____

Alt Text _____

Description _____

Also I need to know in my numb head, where all the capital letters, and the hyphens go exactly. I'm not too high-maintenance, eh? LOL:))

This would be sooo appreciated!! Please let me know if I should supply more information. As always I am humbled and grateful first. What Kyle and Carson have set up for us with Wealthy Affiliate make it easy to feel so:)

This post may be just the sound of one man's brain malfunctioning;)!

Thanks to all,



Good day folks!:)

Again, a special shout out to Jovo, and thanks again for your great help in optimizing all our images in WP!

I always remembered that there was an ''Advanced Options" box to be found at the end of all the info boxes to fill in. Today I was re-visiting my images in older posts, (hence the bed image) and doing the proper SEO on them. When I right click on an image, right at the top of the image, icons appear. Second from the right, there is the little Edit pencil. When we click on this, a new box appears:

So what we see here is my post image, and what I have already filled in for best SEO.

Now I need to know please...what exactly do I put in the Image Title Attribute box at the bottom, under ADVANCED OPTIONS ?

You can't see it here, but back in the "Image File Name (URL)" (the first info box in the whole process), I filled in my keyword there. This of course is the correct placement for it, as in Jovo's excellent instructions.

Thank you!

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terry6 Premium
Just make sure the key word is in Alt Text. It is not case sensitive. I do not know if anything matters other than Alt Text.
terrberr Premium
So Terry...that Text is 'the be-Alt and the end-Alt' then?:)
Just joshin' ya. THANKS for zeroing in on this!
jvranjes Premium
URL: you cannot touch it, this is how the image is registered in the media library.

Title: use alternative keyword all HYPHENED.

Caption: never miss! Words which describe the picture, no keyword.

Alt text: you should use keyword here because you did not use it in image file name. This is NOT the optimal way. Better add keyword in image file name and use alt text for normal description WITHOUT keyword, 5-7 words.

Description: nothing.

This is all in my two trainings about images.
terrberr Premium
Dear Jovo;
I really appreciate you revisiting this topic for me; thank you.
Yes, your in-depth training on this is very good. I know one thing keeps hanging me up though: Is URL the same thing as Image file name, please?

Second question: You advise not to touch the URL.
Is it then important to name your media library image very carefully, right at the start of the process?

jvranjes Premium
First: No, the image file name is the name under which the image is stored, URL is its address.

Second: Yes, design the image file name properly before adding to the library. So make it with keyword plus extra info, all hyphened.

If you change url you are saying the image is in a wrong address. Just forget url, this is not image attribute.
terrberr Premium
Just saw this now...revisiting, as I'm making a post today;)
Clear now...appreciated, bro!
KatieMac Premium
this is what I do leave the url alone, try and get Keyword in the title do not always use the caption and try and get a good alt tag.. title and tag are what the search engines pick up
terrberr Premium
I appreciate your simple explanation, highlighting those 2 important features...thanks, Katie!:)
KatieMac Premium
I like to keep things simple, hope you have a good weekend
Dreamer56 Premium
Terry I will take a stab at this in this case

URL: leave it alone no change needed

Title: foam-pool-noodles-for-summer-fun

Caption: nothing needed

Alt text: foam pool noodles

Description: nothing needed

That is what I would do. I will be watching to see if I am wrong so I can learn something also. If you need some light reading.....

terrberr Premium
Hi Tim!
Thanks a lot...this is what I've done too, I think.
Glad you're looking in too, bro...hopefully we can all get an ultimate benefit out of this:)
And thanks for"light reading"...
Looks like a page-turner though!

terrberr Premium
Thank you, Dorina:)
dorina62 Premium
You welcome!