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November 18, 2016
Hi everyone!Our beloved Chris Scott - the TeddyBear - dragged me onto Skype last night. He did so out of the goodness of his heart, with zero pressure from me. Freely hit me over the head with kindness, he did:) Well, I wrote some content for him, and I guess he wanted to pay me back. My word!What Chris taught me in the space of just ONE HOUR ... more website-building, knowledge-sharing POWER ... absolutely astonishing! And to my dismay, I didn't r
November 10, 2016
Because of the brave men and women who have fought in the world's wars, and those who are fighting this very minute - WE ARE FREE. For their selfless efforts, and ultimate sacrifice, we on the sidelines want to offer our humble gratitude. If not for you people of amazing character, would be be lucky enough to be HERE at WA? Would we be free to choose or niches, our businesses, ... or schedules to pursue our success? Now, November 11th, is another official Remembrance Day in a few parts of our w
November 08, 2016
My friends - here is my most fond farewell;It feels like I just got to know everybody, but my year's WA Premium membership is up as of November 15th. There'll be no more "terrberr" - lol - but I remain, Terrance Grundy, your humble servant.Well, all good things gotta come to an end ... Life has given me more urgent matters to take care of now.I want to thank the estimable Kyle, Carson, and Jay, without whom I would never have learned SO MUCH - nor gained such a good degree of confidence.Thank y
Hi everybody - Terry here:)Teddy Bear's wife, Sunshine, wanted me to tell you that the family is okay, and that Chris is fine and will be back with us soon. They want to thank everyone so much for your overwhelming support, prayers, and good wishes! Sunshine says, "Please give my best regards to so many who have commented, and I must admit I have logged on and cried at the responses from the blessed community at WA" .Also, they send a special big thank-you to Ultimateless (Michael:)So, our grea
Good day all,I just saw this news today about Dropbox having been hacked: new member, waian, just blogged the other day about the need for a strong, secure password: now think Ian's example is the best one...I previously used a long sentence which only made sense to me personally. But I've been using it with everything, and now I'm scared. Time to go and change things up!;)Take care out
June 25, 2016
...or, Went With My Gut Instinct!I was thinking about this song I wrote, "Took A Chance", and how it could apply to all the kindred spirits who've joined Wealthy Affiliate. We are all kicking ourselves in the collective bum, and GOING FOR IT!! Quite by chance, I came across WA, when looking to work from home. Now I feel I've taken an educated chance if you will, and every blessed day, I'm getting the education of a lifetime! If you're up for a bit of quirky inspiration, I'd be very honored if y
Hello, it's me again...always of questioning mind, never of questionable character -LOL. I guess I'm leaning on some of my more experienced Canadian WA friends again, to help sort out the all-important affiliate payout question! That would be US affiliate networks... and private affiliate programs, remitting payment to Canadian affiliate marketers.The choice we have in most cases, is:CheckPaypalDirect deposit into our bank accountWith checks, I guess there may be a service fee.Also the processi
Hi everybody! I am getting tied up in knots over the exact, proper procedure for getting the most out of images in Wordpress. THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT RESIZING is about putting the correct text (attributes?) in the right places! Make no mistake; we do have some excellent training from some of our very esteemed friends here at WA. What I wish to do is consolidate the various contributions in one place. I do see differing methods for applying the best SEO to our images we publish
Hello folks!So, as a Canadian, I was pursuing my "Tax Identification Number" to sign up to Affiliate Networks in the US. Example: turns out the CRA calls it your "Business Number". So, it is the exact same thing as a 'tax identification number'...9 digits. Below is the original WA Question I posted: So with good help there, a good hint from Annarella, and especially this spot-on advice from Bigbroian...I have now secured my 9-
Hi everybody;I'm writing this post with the intention of having a gathering place for this hugely important info. This post is to help get input from everyone who can share their particular country's tax form regulations with their own countrymen & women. I've seen that I'm not alone in my lack of of tax knowledge, concerning my affiliate commissions. I think more than a few of us are floundering here;)WE NEED TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT NUMBERS TO FILL OUT ON OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM REGISTRATION FO